We are the REAL 12 Tribes of Israel Scattered WORLD WIDE James 1:1

The real Jews are people of color
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The Real Jews are People of Color

Exodus 4:5-8, Jeremiah 14:2 Job 30:30 and Hebrews 7:14 and many more scriptures

Hidden Truths Psalms 83:1-5

Iconoclasm Definition

   Means the destruction of art. During the renaissance era Millions of Images were either burned destroyed or “Whitewashed” to hide a deep secret. A secret so big it would destroy the fabric of the world. Controlling this information alone destroyed our sense of self.

We were scattered to the 4 corners of the earth for disobediance


Your Pastor told you that if it can fit on a fork you can eat it. But what did TMH say about the matter?

Leviticus is paint by numbers clear on the dietary law even in the New Testament Peter refused to eat anything unclean. (Leviticus 11:7). No Pork Crab Shrimp Lobster.

Your Pastor has Lied to you about a great many things

  • Tithing is OVER Let me guess did he tell you “Will a man Rob God”? Read (Deut 14:22) Then Hebrews 7:5-11
  • The Law is forever and is written on tablets in heaven so how can man cancel what TMH has commanded? Baruch 4:1 Matthew 5:17

They lied to you about the image of the father & the son Revelation 1:14-15, Daniel 10:5

Probably one of the most damaging lies ever told and to this day people still haven’t gotten the message. Christ (Yahawahshi) and his father look the SAME and he is a so called Black Man NOT THIS GUY

The Preacher says God has Abandoned the Israelites

Have God Cast Away HIS PEOPLE? God Forbid! 
They Say This To You For The Express Purpose To Usher Everyone To Salvation. When there is only 12 Gates into the Kingdom which belong to the 12 Tribes of Israel. They can cleave but they will not get the same prize as the promised seed. (Romans 11:1-2, Rev 21:12, Acts 5:29-31)

We are under the order of Melchizedek

On this site we teach some core principles
  • The Gospel of Christ not man though the holy ghost and we use ALL inspired books
  • Repentance and Baptism for the remission of sins
  • Faith in Yahawahshi and Yahawah
  • The Upliftment of the 12 tribes world wide


Still not sure if you are of the Israelite?

Yes I get it it’s a lot to digest so there is an absolutely free book you can get RIGHT NOW that you can take this info in at your leisure. Want to know why we keep getting shot or why people hate us just because?
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According to the Bible these are the 12 Tribes of Israel

(DISCLAIMER: Judah and Israel were oppressed together, and scattered across the entire GLOBE this includes the Isles of the sea. These listings are a Western Hemisphere general guideline according to scripture. Click through arrows to see all 12 Isaiah 11:11, James 1:1)

True Israelite History the tribe of Judah TRIBE OF JUDAH AFRICAN AMERICAN/NEGROES/BLACKS Most High scattered the tribe of Judah across the globe, because they broke the commandments of God. A Rather large gathering is in the Americas due to the 1619 slave trade. All gentile nations have had them in chattel slavery. Although greatness runs through their veins they know not that they share the same bloodline as the Black Messiah Christ. Yes the same "Negroes" that got hanged from trees all across Americas and across the globe are direct lineage of the Christ,whom Esau hung from a cross/tree. He that leads into captivity MUST go into captivity. True Israelite History the tribe of Benjamin TRIBE OF BENJAMIN JAMAICAN The atrocities that happened to the Jamaican people in slavery at the hands of their oppressors is hardly spoken of. They were worked to death in the sugar and tobacco fields. Needless to say they are definitely part of the 12 tribe family. Paul in the new testament was also an Israelite from the tribe of Benjamin. True Israelite History the tribe of Levi TRIBE OF LEVI HAITIANS The Haitians have long been oppressed and still to this day live in some of the worst conditions imaginable. The Haitian Revolution (1791–1804) was a slave revolt in the French colony of Saint-Domingue, which culminated in the elimination of slavery there and the founding of the Republic of Haiti. The Haitian Revolution was the only slave revolt which led to the founding of a state. The Most High has never deserted his people and never will. Moses, Arron were notable Israelites of this tribe. True Israelite Knowledge Ephraim are the so called Puerto Ricans TRIBE OF EPHRIAM Taino's/Puerto Rican's Christopher Columbus (Esau or white man) found where the Taino Indians lived by following the bible (2 Esdra 13 40). When he finally made it to the Islands he was met with kindness and the Tainos even showed Spaniards many traditions they held dear. Populated by as many as 50,000 Taíno or Arawak Indians the Island was truly blessed from god because his children were there and they lived in relative peace. The Taíno Indians who greeted Columbus made a big critical mistake when they showed him gold nuggets in the river and told him to take all he wanted because the Island was filled with gold. Columbus proceeded to rape,rob, and murder his way to conquest. He then renamed the Island city of Puerto Rico ("rich port") . The people of god now go by the byword Puerto Rican not Ephraim. If you were a beautiful woman you were made sex slaves or worse. True Israelite Knowledge Cubans from the mighty tribe of Manasseh TRIBE OF MANASSEH CUBANS Cuba is known for plenty of things sugar and tobacco are rather high on the list. This was a huge catalyst to the Spanish to take the land by force. More than a million African slaves were brought to Cuba as part of the Atlantic slave trade; Cuba did not end its participation in the slave trade until 1867. Those slaves who worked on sugar plantations and in sugar mills were often subject to the harshest of conditions. The field work was rigorous manual labor which the slaves began at an early age. The work days lasted close to 20 hours during harvest and processing, including cultivating and cutting the crops, hauling wagons, and processing sugarcane with dangerous machinery. Many young Cubans die from the toils of the work they were forced to do. Dominicans are Israelite True Israelite History TRIBE OF SIMEON Dominicans Although the "Haitians and Dominicans" share the same Island and, they abuse one another daily. Hidden from them is the fact they are brothers and sisters according to the bible. They were taught to hate one another through the same Spaniards that placed them in slavery. Dominicans belong to the tribe of Simeon and are a great people. Thus the struggle continues for those that still work to this day on sugar fields, the conditions are some of the worst on the planet. Other nations have exploited the Simeonites for decades and this includes selling their women as sex slaves and deporting them throughout the globe. The good news is we are in the last days and they are waking up daily. Panama Israelites are alive and well they are called Zebulon in the bible TRIBE OF ZEBULON Panamanian/Guatemalan If you have never heard or seen the documentary called "Panama Deception" it's a must watch. It will reveal atrocities that were done against the Panamanians that to this day people in high ranking government officials only whisper about (See Youtube). The Cimarrons in Panama were so called "African"slaves who abandoned their Spanish masters in the mid-16th century. When brought to Panama, they intermarried with the Indians and immediately learned the land in order to outsmart the Spanish. The harshest conditions were inacted against the slaves forced to work in the mines to make the Spanish an economic superpower of that day. Children at very young ages were not spared slavery either many were worked to death. Gad Israelites otherwise known as Native American Indians TRIBE OF GAD NATIVE AMERICAN INDIANS Where do we start? How do we convey all the loss that the Native Americans have suffered at the hands of Esau (Whiteman, Pale Face). They made over 400 treties with the natives and broke everyone of them. Let's not forget the Trail of Tears and after the Gadites showed them how to survive in the Americas they gave them Small Pox blankets as thanks. They have been pushed to reservations when the entire landmass was owned by them and the "Mexicans" . The Most High gave them what's known as America after the Assyrian Captivity (2 Esdra 13 40) and it remains theirs. ANYONE who celebrates Thanksgiving is celebrating the slaughter of your brothers and sisters if you are of the 12 tribes of Israel. Seminole Israelite today is called Reuben in the bible TRIBE OF REUBEN SEMINOLE INDIANS The United States government started to panic. What could be done to stop this increasingly growing and increasingly successful alliance? They came up with a plan to turn the Black Seminoles against the Native Seminoles by promising them that if they turned against their Native allies they would be granted freedom. Very few Black Seminole took this offer. The Black Seminole alliance fought alongside the Seminole Nation until the bitter end. In 1838, over 500 Black Seminoles joined the Seminole Nation on the Trail of Tears. Many Natives, Black Natives, and Black Seminoles died on the trail. This is one of the 10 Northern Kingdom Tribes of The Most High. History on the "Seminoles" is plentiful and the legendary story of John Horse should be made into a movie one day. Strong and courageous is the tribe of Reuben (Jacobs first born). . From the winter of 1835 to the summer of 1836 Black Seminoles, escaped slaves and Native peoples were fighting alongside one another, destroying sugar plantations and killing U.S. soldiers. For freedoms sake they ripped through masses of farms. In 1820, when Spain lost the rest of Florida to the United States, many of the Black Seminoles understood that is was dangerous to remain there. In 1821, many American Indian slaves and Black Seminoles escaped to Cape Florida and the Bahamas. During this exodus many Black Seminoles were killed or taken back into slavery. Columbian Israelites are from the tribe of Asher TRIBE OF ASHER COLUMBIANS Enslaved "Africans" (Israelites) were first brought by Spanish colonists to Cartagena in the sixteenth century, to replace the lost labour on the plantations and mines which occurred as a result of the decimation of the indigenous population due partly to the harsh working conditions. Slavery in Colombia can be traced back to the sixteenth century when African labor was brought to the European colonies to replace the declining native indigenous populations. African slaves were forced to work in different areas such as mining, cattle ranches, mills, textiles, tobacco, cotton, artisanry, domestic work, etc. Major concentrations of African labor were found mainly in two economic sectors: mining and coastal plantations. The Israelites fit all the curses of Deuteronomy 28 15. Issachar Israelites are the so called Mexicans today TRIBE OF ISSACHAR MEXICANS Such a wonderful and fruitful people you can truly see that inside and out these are The Most High's chosen people. Marginalized and called everything but their god given name they still manage to keep moving forward. When the Spanish Conquistadors (Edomites) landed on the island, the atrocities that were done to the indigenous people were so barbaric only the books of God have an complete record. It is estimated that when Hernan Cortes arrived in Mexico in 1519, the indigenous population was about 27.6 million inhabitants. By 1605 only 1.7 million indigenous people had survived. This was one part of history that the Europeans rather not talk about because these sins committed against Issachar will have to be paid for. Very spiritual "Mexicans" wear their religion on their sleeve but they do not know their lost lineage of greatness. Naphtali Israelites are from the Islands of the sea Filipinos and Peruvians Hawaiians TRIBE OF NAPHTALI ARGENTINA/ CHILEAN/PHILIPPINES/HAWAIIANS Millions were shipped to be slaves in Mexico and Peru. The atrocities done to the indigenous people was massive in the Islands. See also BlackBirding and Indian Ocean slave trade. The amount of Spiritual and Carnal damage left by the Roman Catholic Church is undeniable. See Deuteronomy 28 verse 64 to this day they have not recovered. The Transpacific Slave Trade is not talked about much when it comes to the Israelites. So called Filipinos were enslaved by many nations including the Spaniards. Magellan, Columbus and other conquistadors were acting on orders from the Roman Catholic Church. The Order was called the Papal Bull of 1492 which unleashed a global carnage to seek and destroy all Israelites or "Indios" the children of Yahawah

The research has already been done....

We are the True Israelite that the bible speaks of. Now much smarter people have been before me and have complied this proof.  See for Yourself!

Outside of the bible and inside (See Deuteronomy 28:15-68). Archeology Anthropology and artifacts were hidden from you and purposefully not taught in the Education System. Black History didn’t start with 1619 because we are history.
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Beware of the wolf dressed like a sheep.... You shall know them by their fruit - Matthew 7:15 - 20
You know in your spirit something is wrong but you cannot quite put your finger on it. Our articles of Biblical Truths shall make the darkness light (John 8:32)
Want to understand why we are STILL getting killed by Police, White Supremacists, ever wonder why we are hated for claiming our Identity or why we war against one another?
When they wrote the constitution in 1789 do you think they had the slaves in mind?

WAKE UP you are still in the land of your captivity.

Wicked History of the Patty Rollers


The So called "Police" of today came from armed racists of the past.

The Patty Rollers were organized groups of armed white men who monitored and enforced discipline upon black slaves in the antebellum U.S. southern states.

So from 1801 to 2020 what has changed?

Northern Kingdom Israelites have many Bywords

2 ESDRAS 13:40

In the Latin language of ecclesiastics and royalty of the time, [the word Indios translated to] “People or Children Of God”.

As Spaniards often referred to the Indigenous, translates freely as “Los Ninos’ de la Endeo” and consequently, Los Ninos de la Indios” [ more-literally “children of God”];the antebellum U.S. southern states.

Definition of Indios = a member of any of the indigenous peoples of America or eastern Asia in areas formerly Enslaved to Spain or Portugal. Isaiah 11:11-12

THe mascarade of Who's Edom is Over

They haved changed their Identity many times to hide from the wrath of TMH, but now Judgement has come Deuteronomy 30:1-7 has to come to pass.

(Edom also mixed with Japheth)

The Charade is OVER

Nat Turner knew the truth about the Israelites why do you not?

**The Trans Pacific Slave Trade**
**Manila Acapulco Slave Trade**

**The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade**

**Black Birding**

** Sub Saharan Slave Trade **


And many more are documented in the bible ALL nations have had us into captivity. 1 Maccabees 2:10

What part about scattered to the 4 corners is hard to understand Deuteronomy 32:26

Romans 9:10-22 2 Esdras 6:9, Isaiah 35:1-5

You thought Coronavirus and the economy failing was bad... The TMH and the 4 horsemen havent even begun to fight. Keep Oppressing Yah's Children and see what he does next. You better ask Egypt how that ended.....

Jews vs. Jewish "Antisemtic"?

Jews Definition

   Descendant from the 4th born son of Jacob. According to New Testament and Old Jacob and his sons were all people of color. Jeremiah 14:2, Job 30:30 among other scriptures.
Jewish means that you are “Something like” a Jew. There is no word as Semtic we come from Shem by birth and we make NO APOLOGIES. The word “Jew” is short for the tribe of Judah. The REAL JEWS were never pale faced, because the bible calls that Leprosy (Leviticus 13).
The Jewish people in Israel today are Converts from the Bulan Era and they “Acquired” the land of Israel in 1948. Thats not Anti-SHEMETIC that’s facts.

THERE CAN BE ONLY 1. Let the bible be true but every man a LIAR
True Israelite Vs Khazar Jew

True Israelite Articles

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Just in case you missed the memo

THE 400 YEARS ARE OVER Genesis 15:13




**Native** American



There are many more!

All these are Bywords see Isaiah 65:15

Truth Exposed Finally

Wait If these are "White People" or "Romans" who are they stealing from?

Learn what really happened in 70AD, because its not what you have been taught by your lower education institutions.
Christ said after after the Israelites fell in  70AD that Jerusalem would be ruled by Gentiles, SO WHOS THERE NOW?

Japheth and Esau are in Judah’s Land.



The slave markets were FULL of BLACK JEW SLAVES….


Babylon to Timbuktu (Quote)

Read the Josephus about what happened to the Negroes not much as changed.......

In the war of Jerusalem so many Israelites died they couldn't bury all the bodies.

The Dry Bones are Awakening the 12 Tribes are Uniting.

Will you wake up Child of the Light?

We know we are at the feet of Daniels Dream wake up now before it's too late

Yahawahshi gave the ultimate sacrifice... but for who? And who did "Jesus" come to save?