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"1619" "1492"

Although these 2 dates have been seared into our minds we know our time is NOW to Arise. We shall never be slaves again.
Beaten but not Defeated.. Bruised but not Broken Hebrews by Birth but Slaved by Curse 12 Tribes of Israel One King
If my people that are called by my name REPENT and turn from their wicked ways I will heal them and their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

history timeline

We are the Biblical Jews the Children of Israel Scattered World Wide James 1:1

The Roman Catholic Church hunted the Israelites to the 4 corners of the earth. With this law they sought out our people and destroyed them Menially and Physically. To this very day the pain of that legacy still reverberates through the entire planet. Conquistadors of note - Magellan, Hernan Cortez and Columbus to name a few.
The wicked has been busy so we must also t diligent and keep up the hard work till Kingdom Come. Black Birding, Trans Pacific Slave Trade, Trans Atlantic Slave Trade and many other events such as these are being erased from our history books so we can "Forget what has happened but our father requires that which was past. Many people do not know the deep history the church is hiding True Israelite site was built for this reason so we can cry aloud and spare not.
Present Day
We survived the punishment the father laid out for us for our forefathers sins. We are repenting and getting Baptized with fire and water. Now the plagues are loosed on the world again and we are preparing for the 2nd Exodus will you join us?.

What about the True Israelites and why does Identity matter?

A little bit about us True Israelites  that you might not have known. We are a loving people and very understanding. You see us everyday at the local store or coming to get your trash in the AM. We are a strong people and forgiving almost to a fault, We are not called our biblical names by todays standard for that by prophecy was taken away for a time. Due to many various slave trades knowledge has been “Hidden” from us due to design but now truth is being unlocked. We are finally awake once again to do TMH’s work. We are called African American, Blacks Hispanic, Filipino, Samoan, Carribean but TMH called us Israel.

We are NOT just in the USA but Pacific Islands and in the utter most parts of the world. We are being regathered to the knowledge of who we are and fufilling Zephaniah 2:1

We were hidden to the world until times such as these until the times of the gentiles is over, we are the hidden ones you read about in Psalms 83. You need not fear us for we understand now and have full knowledge of our sins. The father has put out a decree that ALL Israelites MUST REPENT and get baptized. We believe in the 613 laws and commandments plus the hidden books that were stolen from us. If this is your first time learning about what an Israelite is welcome to the truth. Our blog section has many teachings on basics to get you started. This site is growing and we will do all we can to keep it updated.

We were punished for our disobedience and stiff-necked behavior but we now are back to get it right. If you are a product of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade or any of the ones listed above and your spirit bares witness with Deuteronomy 28 (entire chapter) and Romans 8:16 this site is for you.  Gentiles are also welcome to learn and hopefully apply. The bible is our sword and shield against the wickedness that is Babylon the Great (America).

We give all praises glory and honor to The Most High, and of course his son the Black Messiah Jesus Christ. If you feel something is wrong in the world you would be right and we are here to correct the imbalance that is with our fellow 12 tribe brothers and sisters. We have been marginalized, rapped, robbed, murdered, and worse than all this our identity was “taken” from us and given to heathens, only to be replaced with words like Nigger, Coon, Spic, Negroes, Johnson, Smith, etc.

You see if you didn’t get the memo we are in the last days and time is speeding up because Esau’s (so called white man) sins have reached up to heaven and The Most High is ….not happy. Christ is coming to redeem HIS people which are the 12 tribes of Israel if you fit the criteria this message is for you WAKE UP for the redeemer comes. Those of us that choose life and follow the commandments as we were told to do will live forever when Christ returns. Those who choose Babylon and her ways shall perish with her.

If you wanted answers to questions like

  1. Why are these preachers lying to me? What is the REAL truth?
  2. Why are Blacks Hispanics and Native Americans suffering? Why can I not turn on the news without seeing a fellow brother or sister being gunned down?
  3. Why do I feel something is terribly wrong with the world?
  4. Why do I feel sick all the time but I eat well?
  5. Why no matter what I do I cannot get ahead of the wave? There always is some S__IT going down!
  6. How come my own brothers in the street would rather see me dead than succeed?
  7. Why does it even matter what color Christ is?
  8. Who am I? Why did history get changed?
  9. We have been marching forever! Why is there really no changes?
  10. Who am I According to the bible?

You are in the right place these are just some of the issues we tackle. All praises to the Most High bookmark us and Share us lets walk to the kingdom together as brothers and sisters.