Repent for the Kingdom is coming


Destruction of the Wicked and

Salvation of the Righteous has begun Wisdom of Solomon 18:7

  Repent for the Kingdom is coming the lion of Judah is coming and in one way or another we have all felt it. Life as you all have known it shall never, and I mean ever be the same. If you can forgive the pop culture reference “There has been a disturbance in the force”.

As it is written repent for the kingdom of heaven is here, is written many times in the bible in many different ways. I have been doing some deep study lately on the events and the times and its time for me to send a warning from Yahawashi and TMH.  You might have the question why now? And some of you even after reading what I’m going to say shall still deny the facts that the truth brings forth.


It is said also multiple times in the bible that in order for some to be saved some must be taken or destroyed. Matthew 24:40 is one passage that talks about this also many others. In order for 1 kingdom to come through another has to be going out. For instance 2 Esdras 6:9 says Esau would be ruling in the last kingdom but Jacob would rule the last. You also have when in Isaiah 43:3 TMH talks plainly about the Egyptians (slave masters) being killed off so the Israelites can be free.


  Of course you have the statue of Daniel’s vision that shows each kingdom falling so that another could have it’s time to rule. So what I am about to bring forth today will sting some of you to the heart and I do this so you have time before the other plagues hit Repent for the Kingdom is coming. And before anyone gets simple I am talking to the entire world Jews and Gentiles. Just like the days of Sodom and Gomorrah TMH once again is shaking up a lawless nations with plagues.


Repent for the kingdom is coming America is being punished like Sodom and Gomorrah

Life as we know it was altered by this all  new Coronavirus, Covid19, Megaflu has hit the world and now is a world wide pandemic, but you call CoronaVirus we call the Plagues of Egypt and they have been released not only on America but the entire planet. Who knew that you would be waking up so soon and not be able to go catch a movie or go walking like you usually do.

TMH Yahawah has upset the apple cart and this kingdom was transformed with 1 plague there are 9 more to come.  This site has been cyber attacked and has been flagged numerous times because of what is written but if it wasn’t the truth why attack? Why does the entire earth need to repent and what is the crime they have committed? Well to quote the great prophet Joel.


Joel 3:5-6

Because ye have taken my silver and my gold, and have carried into your temples my goodly pleasant things:

The children also of Judah and the children of Jerusalem have ye sold unto the Grecians,

that ye might remove them far from their border.

This is just ONE plague

  We are in the grips of prophecy and promises hold on to your seats lol because this is BEGINNING of SORROWS. If you do not heed this warning and throw it behind you then you will suffer even worse things than “Covid19” you will be annihilated. That might sound harsh but the Israelites have been telling you this for ages now but since Marshall law has been implemented in many parts of the globe the famine of the word is at hand.

Please I’m begging you other heathen nations learn from our mistakes get on your knees if you are reading this and ask and plead for mercy remember this is 1 of 9. As for you Israelites that are stuck in the world COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE repent for the kingdom is coming and sin will not enter. You cannot serve 2 masters and your churches have lied to you ….the sky is about to crack what side do you stand on?


I also have to mention something here and now the entire “Rapture” doctrine that the church teaches is not as they are saying it and it is not for the heathen. Those who choose to cleave to a True Israelite shall be permitted to survive because they will have to rebuild the kingdom for us. That is another topic for another day but to be clear they will be IN THE KINGDOM but they will NEVER rule the earth again Job 9:24.

Repent for the kingdom coming : The Harold has been sent you have been warned!


  If you are behind the curve during this corona outbreak then let me bring you up to speed on 

Repent for the kingdom is coming the prophets warned you

something biblical. TMH is not going to do anything drastic until he sends a messenger or Harold of doom first, and we call them prophets. The very same ones you call and I quote “Black Hebrew Israelites” or “B.I.E’s” or “NIGGERS WITH BIBLES”or “BIBLICAL POWER RANGERS” the list goes on and on these are the very same trying to warn you whats coming.

I will keep it 100 with you all if you deny the truth after this article and cannot see the urgency in my tone then you deserve what the father has coming.

No that is not a threat from me it is written Mark 6:11 if they do not hear or see and deny what you say it will be better with Sodom than with that family.

We have been the messengers sent to get you right Jews and Gentiles because the word comes forth of ZION NOT THE POPE (Isaiah 2:1-3) and for that matter how is the pope nowadays? Now I said it here are the scriptures to back it up because doom is here and more is coming. The real prophets of Yahawah have been warning you are you listening now?

Jeremiah 28:8
The prophets that have been before me and before thee of old prophesied both against many countries, and against great kingdoms, of war, and of evil, and of pestilence.`

2 Chronicles 36:16
But they mocked the messengers of God, and despised his words, and misused his prophets, until the wrath of the LORD arose against his people, till there was no remedy.

Amos 3:7
Surely the Lord GOD will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.  Romans 3:1-4

What advantage then hath the Jew? or what profit is there of circumcision? 2Much every way: chiefly, because that unto them were committed the oracles of God. 3For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?

4God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged.

(( That is as plain as it gets we were sent to warn you and we are justified))


Here we go once again us true israelites have been crying aloud and sparing not (Isaiah 58:1) not only to the bloodline Israelites but also to the other nations saying REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM coming. Now this is not the first time an article like this has been written but It might just be your last shot to read and consider your ways. Some of these heathens will come running to us for answers because not only is the toliet paper getting low but so is their faith.

You see as stated above TMH will not destroy unless he warns your first thats his method of mercy. Its like a parent that keeps telling a rebellious child to stop playing, or not to touch that. The parent even goes as far as to take out the belt in a warning gesture of “Ok you are about to get your ass whooped”.

When I first came into the truth I learned that repentance is just for Israel and to that end I still stand firm on that belief but these nations have got to repent also and they have yet to do so. Yahawah’s Kingdom is coming and there will be LAW AND ORDER. We will deal with the heathen first that have touched the apple of gods eye to be blunt, you have greatly erred. When they were ruling we had to serve them in their kingdom now things are being flipped.

All the prophets of old said the same exact thing and WARNED you many times (See the book of Jeremiah he warned the heathen and the Israelite ) and now in 2020 and Beyond Yahawashi is coming to make right the evil that you all have done.  You have hurt the earth and for that and a extensive list of other things has to be brought to light. We need to establish something to show yes TMH will send messengers, or heralds, or even his presence via dream or sign to even these other nations to get right.


1. Abimelech was warned = Genesis 20:3 he was from another nation and was not from the seed of Abraham Isaac or Jacob but yet the lord told him straight “You are a dead man” and in so many words told him to repent for he was about to do a great evil. TMH was not only gonna curse him but his entire KINGDOM for commiting Adultery.

2. Ninevah = Book of Jonah, is all about repentance of a nation of people now yes I do know that their were israelites there (Book of Tobit Apocrypha). They even called a nationwide fast from the King to the poor all did this in 1 united voice. Now Their kingdom was still destroyed but the plague of death was delayed Jonah delivered that message.

3. Assyria verses Isaiah and Hezekiah = As the Assyrians were about to lay war at the Israelites feet and mocked god and the prophets that were in Israel at that time. The Angels were right there listening to everything being said. As the bible says “God is not mocked” and “Whatsoever you speak in the darkness shall come to light”. When the Israelites prayed against their enemies (Remember this statement) the angels moved with haste and killed 185,000 of the Assyrian Armies in their sleep. 2 Kings 19:1-35

4. In the New Testament Paul, Peter and other unnamed prophets have told the tale of how our savior Yahawahshi was killed on a Cross and that payment had to be dealt back for such an evil act. Even Christ himself in Revelation 1:7 prophesied that those that pierced him (THE ROMANS or AMERICA TODAY) MUST see him in the last days (Proves you come back but that is a story for another day).

Even Noah warned the Nations that they had to repent because of the flood that is coming but in his time it was water but now FIRE. You nations better heed the warning of past Israelites and the ones you choose not to listen to here in 2020 and beyond for you have been warned REPENT FOR THE KINGDOM IS COMING sooner rather than later.

If you do not repent for the evil and wickedness that you have done and if you do not repay and let gods real chosen people free then you will suffer a fate not yet written. You will be the warning people read about in future generations you will be the hissing and gnashing of teeth. A nightmare story that parents tell their generations about to get their children to act right. In short ……

You will suffer the entire wrath of Yahawah the father of the Israelites and Yahawahshi

I am not going to give you 3000 precepts to prove this fact I have many articles warning you of the coming doom. Everything to Warning to CNN, and Does America keep the 10 commandments. You Repent for the kingdom is coming the plagues are loosednations that have the biblical Israelites in captivity better take heed you have been warned, you have been served papers, you will be judged for the evil you have done on this planet and the Plagues of Egypt (Or bondage) have been loosed and no one can turn them back.

  When Yahawah shoots an arrow at a target it does not miss and he is taking aim at everywhere the Israelites have been persecuted. “Coronavirus” although made in a lab is not new by any stretch of the imagination but this new strain is.  I ask a question. Who was the force to move those who made this abomination in a beaker? Who is the one’s who come up with weapons of biological destruction? If the lord controls everything on his planet would he not “Make someone” create something like this?


  Then as we can plainly see he has turned this evil upon the entire planet. What was ment just for Wuhan TMH had other plans. Its high time you start looking UP because the unseen king has a controversy with the entire earth. Donald Trump in a sideways comment on the verge of racism said this was the “Chinese Coronavirus“.

Now those with eyes to see can discern the truth while china was going to launch a new currency and stop using the petro dollar all of a sudden BAM they get an unseen unstoppable mutating illness? Now am I saying that America planted that virus to stop these superpowers for making the dollar obsolete? The lord sees in secret and in the dark his vision is not clouded you cannot hid wickedness from him so, I have my suspicions but we shall see. One thing is for certain these countries are about to fight and TMH is bringing them one against the other. As seen below these nations are being punished by the most high but America has the most Coronavirus cases. NO I do not own the rights to this map but its for educational purposes.


America has the most coronavirus cases on the planet

A lot of you do not understand our father who art in heaven and I know many of you want to click of this article now but let me share 1 thing with you before you do. TMH is not playing anymore Moses, Noah and many other example exists of how the father feels about people abusing his people. You nations have NO IDEA who you are F@@King with. They do not call our father the King of Terrors for nothing.

Isaiah 45:7
I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

Isaiah 47:11
But disaster will come upon you; you will not know how to charm it away. A calamity will befall you that you will be unable to ward off. Devastation will happen to you suddenly and unexpectedly.
(Can you say Coronavirus)

Revelation 18:7-8
How much she hath glorified herself, and lived deliciously, so much torment and sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, I sit a queen, and am no widow, and shall see no sorrow.
Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her.

America is a prideful, spiteful, and rebellious nation, and mocked China when the plague hit Wuhan and said hurtful things that they would never say about white Americans. They were ridiculed and treated like you treated the Negroes and Indians. Let’s be straight about 1 thing China you now know how you as a nation of people have treated the real Jews (The Negroes) for a long time now it’s a bitter cup isnt it?


  Now whos laughing? Europe has been hit even harder than China and now America is struggling and kicking against the pricks lying on the Media like everything is ok. Oh BTW did you know that we are at war with Iran (Another country trying to get rid of the US dollar?) while Coronavirus is running wild? Seems like this virus is a distraction that has gotten out of hand to hide another hidden agenda … just saying.


  • I’m going to give it to you all plain raw with no chaser. You didn’t listen when all the schools were being shot up with no justice.
  • You didn’t listen when the racist Edomite was hanging us from trees in 2019 and 2020
  • You did NOT even listen when the earth shook and the floods came and the tornado ravaged the lands.
  • You didnt listen when California was burning
  • You pay BILLIONS to the fake Jews in Jerusalem today and thats not “Anti-semetic” because we ARE SHEM

If you get through this article whether you be Jew or gentile I call heaven and earth to record you were shown a time to repent and chose Babylon. Here it is plain and in your face if you do not heed this warning put forth by the father himself you shall not survive. While the Israelites shall be protected by Psalms 91 you shall reap what you have sown in the earth.

The harvest is ripe your wickedness MUST be judged, and your sins have reached the father, and the destroyer of the gentiles is on the way! The times of the Gentiles has been Fulfilled and the rise of the Israelite have been launched.

Which nations have to repent for their evil whos the most guilty?



  Which nation you might ask have to repent and why? In short all of them because they ALL have hurt the true Israelite in one way or another. You better learn from Abimelech the lord does not play when it comes to his people or his promises. The bible states with 100% clarity in the Apocrypha in short all of them.

1 Maccabees 2:10-11, 3:41

Her glorious vessels are carried away into captivity, her infants are slain in the streets,

her young men with the sword of the enemy.

 What nation hath not had a part in her kingdom and gotten of her spoils?

All her ornaments are taken away; of a free woman she is become a bondslave.

And the merchants of the country, hearing the fame of them, took silver and gold very much, with servants, and came into the camp to buy the children of Israel for slaves: a power also of Syria and of the land of the Philistines joined themselves unto them.



  There are many many issues that are on the docket that these nations of Psalms 83 need to repent from but lets pull some nations in question, for their craft council is coming to a swift end.  Gone are the days of 100’s of years of torment and false balances, rape, robbery, and murder with no end in sight. Because all these nations have done damage to the world and not just to the Israelites.

1. America = Do we really need the 411 on this? John 10:10 pretty much in 1 verse tells you what this nation is about and they also have enslaved Israelites world wide even on the Pacific Islands.
Yes you heard me right there are MANY Israelites in Philippines, Fiji, Solomon Islands etc and if you do not believe that then you are in the same boat as America for your pride has blinded you. The entire world needs to look up Black Birding and the Trans-PACIFIC slave trade. I will do another article on this soon but its time to acknowledge our Northern Kingdom brothers in the Pacific Islands need to wake up and I mean now. America has done so much damage in their short 200 years of existence only the angels and TMH know the full extent of their hands of evil. The bible refers to them and Europe and America as the seat of evil where satan sits or Babylon the Great.

  You need to REPENT America or your pride shall destroy you. You also need to admit your sins and give the Israelites back what you have stolen and yes I mean all of it. Yes, this means Reparations because its not a handout you owe us for the work we have already did. We are owed more than 20 Trillion and you have not even so much as paid dime 1. You say you do not have the money but can fart out 1 trillion out of thin air to help with  this coronavirus outbreak amounting to 1000 per person?! Someone do the math on that the IMF and the Khazars have fooled you all and its time you wake up. You have been marked and warned even with all you have done you can still do the right thing before that sky cracks.

  You know who we are America and you know damn well what you did and it doesnt take a 40000 man committed to “See and Investigate” what you have done and owe. Either do right by us and the Black Messiah and repent or watch as see if this is not the final Trump (1 Corinthians 15:52), we are going to be changed and you shall see it because in the end we win.

China = You know of your great Dynasty of the past but who really built the great wall of China? Who was it that established most of your teachings? Why was the original Chinese so called Black? You also along with America have had the true Israelites in Slavery and have done so pride and neglect.

The very empire you sit on was raised on the bones of those men and women you slaughtered. In the Philippines you have done exactly what America did to the Negroes thus you are guilty of the same things.

Now you invade the west coast of Africa now that your lands are tainted. You ALL need to read 2 Esdras Chapter 15 and 16 your judgement has been written and the plagues sent. You pattern yourself off Americas blue print and deem yourself better than them but the lord see you as 1.

Europe = A warning to the Pope and the Church of Abominations and the tree of wickedness. Release our records or suffer a fate not yet written. You have over 50 miles of history written in those Catacombs underneath the Vatican its time to release the records. You know who had Europe before you did……..and more Importantly you know that you are Edom, Esau, Idumea or “white man” and we know who you are. Tell the world what you have done with Religion and how you have crippled the world with your lies and deceit. What did you think?

That you could just change the Sabbath Day and not face Judgement? You were tasked with HOLDING THE RECORDS OF THE ISRAELITES WHILE WE SERVED OUR PUNISHMENT and not to abuse us worldwide and pollute the earth with sin.

  There is too much to list, there isnt enough paper or internet space for the atrocities you have brought. Nature knows no Colorline is stark reality check on who the original Europeans were because you are not them point blank period. Europe Ireland and Scottland were all Negroes why you ask? Do you not know what the Dark Ages is referring to? You have lied on the real Israelites and King James because they are Brown to the Ground. EVERYONE needs to read the declarations of the Papal Bull’s of 1492 there are 3 of them in short ill paraphrase.


“Find the Israelites of the Northern Kingdom world wide and destroy them mentality and Physically then go get the Southern Kingdom”

((See Magellan and Acapulco Slave Trade otherwise known as the Pacific Slave Trade of 1500 – 1890, the Conquistadors also Portuguese divided the planet in half ))

  You have the most blood on you because you are tied to America in more ways than one, Coronavirus was a warning shot pray for mercy. Your Economy Crippled your people Quarantined and your pride has been put in check.

  Yahawah and the son are not done with you a worse plague shall come the horsemen have been loosed on the WORLD and you have just gotten a small taste. Admit your sins change your ways tell the world who the true Israelite is or watch as our father shows you his left hand and the legions that follow.


Africa = Although you have not been hit as of late listen good, you have done wickedness also and you know our history. You sold us to the most unforgiving, thankless, heartless, heathen in existence and you did it for money, gold, and women. Shem and Ham are blood brothers but yet you showed us no love and were jealous over something your forefather did not ours. You have something called the right of return but you are asking us to return and BUILD again what you destroyed and I for one say NO!

If you truly want us to return then first you need to also Pay the Israelites Reparations in not only choice land, and citizenship but also monies to be established tax free forever. You know the empire you helped destroy because of your hatred of your own brother. We ran to you for help because we were being chased by Europe (Rome) but in the end you betrayed us. Now that China has infiltrated your lands how long do you think its gonna take before they own Africa?

Repent for the Kingdom is at Hand! When you come to America you see your brother struggling because we are in the grips of the Babylon Matrix but you still have no sympathy. You claim to be “Christians” but deny the second greatest commandment. You come to the enemy get his grants and his loans join his system of oppression all the while looking at us to say “Kaffir“.

  Israeli’s and Khazars = Listen to me good this is not Anti-SHEMETIC talk we are from Shem so we cannot be Anti-self. You have tried to cover up the Covid19 blow up in your country and will pay for that. You have lied on who the real Jews are and that you all are converts to our faith but now the land is starting to speak and your lies uncovered. Thats right you produce less than you should be being “The chosen people” and with this Covid19 attacking according to your own people the clock is ticking, and here is the kicker where you are about to build that new temple IS NOT JERUSALEM.

I have written many articles on this site telling who and what you are but history has been revealed to all who you stand with. You start wars but hide your hands, You own the USA financial district (IMF) but claim you have nothing to do with their affairs, you bet and finance both sides of a war and when the smoke clears you laugh and collect the check.

You own the media (Which is short for Medium or Witchcraft) but take no ownership of what your music and movies have done to the world. You claim to follow Yahawah but do nothing that the commandments say.

  Since you have our records look to see if any nation in the old testament was destroyed for doing the acts that you have done. I would recommend looking to Sodom and Gomorrah. I would repent and give back what you have stolen. Its not your land its not your “Torah” Yahawahshi will make an example out of you all (Revelation 3:9) if there is not a change ….and I mean soon.

Arabia and Surrounding Countries = You are responsible for arguably the most heinous slave trade known to man. The Trans Saharan slave trade has not even ended yet, Enacted against the chosen people because we sinned against the father, lets get 1 thing straight we did wrong by all rights but like America according to Zechariah 1:15 you took this shit too far.

You know how you treat the blacks in the USA and the Indians. You know how many men you castrated and women you have raped or had in your sex Palaces. You know the false Doctrine you have spread through the Pacific Islands. You know the sex trafficking ring you produced then and now. ALL these things Abraham did not do and that is your forefather same as us.

  You have shamed him as you and your 12 princes have lived deliciously. Iran and Iraq and these other nations around the so called Arab Spring better Repent before it’s too late. You claim to fear Allah ok I will give you that, but what does your “Quran say about the Israelites”?

You know we were chosen and not Ishmael so in Jealousy you have tried to destroy us because of what the father promised US NOT ISHMAEL, your pride has blinded you. Our father would not have the covenant split between 2 heirs because of this fact to the promise goes to Isaac,  and then to us the 12 tribes of Israel, and for that reason you better repent and fast. Either give back what you have stolen or deal with Yahawah your choice. You got your blessing its not our fault you have a giant sand box.

  You nations outside of the true nation of Israel (No not those Khazars in Israel today) need to act fast because the horsemen have been loosened a little wars, famine and pestilence have been declared. You better take the warning in the bible of Abimelech because in the end most of you were not promised mercy so I would get on my knees now. That heathen was soo Afraid he acted swiftly to make good on his offenses and are you all any better than he?


  Its funny in a way because half of you will click off this message of truth and not understand that this is mercy from TMH. You cannot see because you have been blinded, you cannot hear because you are stubborn, you will not speak the truth for fear of man, but who do you fear more Man or Yahawashi Every Abrahamic Religion on the planet has prophets and before destruction comes we always give the same message REPENT.

One last thing Farrakhan you need to choose a side and you know of what I speak as the bible said a double minded man is unstable in all his ways. You need to tell your congregation the absolute truth before its too late. I say this out of love repent brother and take them from Ishmaels bonds we are free we are not from Hagar.

Repent for the Kingdom is coming : A Message for the

True Israelite World Wide Including the Pacific Islands


The bible says in Revelation 18:5 come out of her my people. There must be 3000 articles on this same topic mostly from heathens but we true israelites are cutting their nonsense. Whether you are new to the awakening or a long time vet I want us to reason with one another. I have a question

“When we are slaves under another nation as a whole who’s habits did we follow?”

Sure we had the Daniels in the face of all danger and oppressions kept gods laws even in captivity. We know it can be done but you cannot get past the book of Judges 1 to the end and not see a trend of “So and So did evil before the lord”.

You have to think on this question because many of us are still wrapped up in Babylon’s Umbrella, or tied to the Alembic-cord of sin that we were born into. We have not fully come out of her yet and we need to also act fast. You see the Christian church does not teach repentance because repentance means a SIN WAS COMMITTED. Let me say that again slow…

  The churches that are out today do not establish or teach what sin is therefore you are prone or programed to think that sin no longer exists that turns you into 100x the devil of the one who teaches you that madness. In short you have the mark of the beast already because no where has TMH ever given us a license to sin much less cancel his laws.

Without sin there is no point in Repenting because no Law according to them has been broken.

  If you believe that the laws of Yahawah and the son have been done away with click off this article and go live YOLO. There is nothing i can say or do to persuade you there is no reasoning with crazy lol best thing to do is get out of the way. This is a message to the true Israelites that believe what our book says and the Messiah because you know what he said “MY SHEEP hear MY VOICE”.

If you do not repent and stop with all these wicked sins you are doing the father will count you along with these nations and destroy your soul and body. Frankly now I don’t care what side you pick either be hot or cold for the truth but dammit pick one.

You cannot be a friend to the same nations that TMH has planned to destroy you cannot be tied to sin once the sky cracks. As of right now a lot of us have cried ABBA FATHER and the Coronavirus has past us due to the blood of Christ that to this day is protecting those who stated “Let his blood be upon us and our children”, but for many your time is running out. And many of you are taking his sacrifice as a light thing and throwing it away as a nasty cloth.

  I mean how many times do you need to read John 14:15 and Baruch 4:1 and Matthew 5:17 for it to click? If you want to see whats going on live action just go to Jason A’s youtube channel although hes coming from a different standpoint on the scriputes what he puts together is in your face truth Matthew 24 and 2 Esdras chapter 15 and 16 are jumping off the page.

1. Earthquakes in Diverse places check
2. Wars and Rumors of wars? Check
3. Many and I do mean Many anti- Christs Check
4. Feels like the times of Noah all over again? Check

  If you are into anything that destroys the people of the lord you need to come out of it asap. This includes selling drugs, doing rap music that promotes sin, hating your brothers and sisters turning them into whores, sex changes, Adultery, Fornication, Witchcraft, Illuminati, Loving the enemy at the cost of your own people, Homosexuality, Drunkenness, Changing of Kind, Pushers of Religion, Priests of Mahon or church of Satan (See Jesuits). Im hammering this home because we were the only ones on EARTH given the codified written in stone laws from heaven.

  You will suffer a vengeance that you will never die from and White Man Jesus will not save you. Coronavirus will be the least of your worries for you have done things that are not only against nature but you promote Anti-Life because you reject the creator of it.

  Keep mocking the one that is coming to save you, keep taking his sacrifice for granted there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. If your “preacher” has not told you we are the final generation (2 Esdras 6:9) I AM TELLING YOU. For the record I do not care if you believe in the Apocrypha or our other books that the Vatican have taken away what is written is written. There are no more Kingdoms in Daniels Vision this is the last one, we are at the toes. The scripture says in the midst of these kingdoms TMH shall raise his eternal one.

I love all of you that have came into this truth and is standing firm while our father does his work. It’s time we come together as commanded for we shall all need each other. We have blown the trumpet we have cried aloud and now he’s coming. All of our sweat and pain shall be rewarded and as we repent and come away from these nations ways we shall rise as ONE NATION. Now with a mighty hand stretched out once again hes coming  3:7-9.

The Judgement is Written it cannot be stopped the world shall be cleansed one way or another Esdras 15 chapter and 16th is in full effect.

Do not get mad at me or the other Israelites telling you what has to be done we are just the messengers as said above. Im not looking to save the planet as you will see soon judgement has to be carried out whether I wrote this article or not. I am looking for people to repent nations also. There is an old Saying DO NOT KILL THE MESSENGER. Some of you are predestination to be destroyed and some of you will repent which one are you?

Pray and hope that he hears you Israelites, because the Lion of Judah has come up from his thicket, and the horsemen loosed. I WILL NOT HAVE YOUR BLOOD ON MY HANDS as said in Ezekiel 3:17 you have been warned jews and gentiles alike. Pray also for your ancestors who made it possible for you to see this article today. Pray they are also forgiven and shown mercy. Now witness what your preacher has been hiding from you.

 2 Esdras 15:5-6
Behold, saith the Lord, I will bring plagues upon the world; the sword, famine, death, and destruction.
((There is your horsemen right there))

For wickedness hath exceedingly polluted the whole earth, and their hurtful works are fulfilled.
((There is the crime and judgement on the earth))

2 Esdras 15:7-9
Therefore saith the Lord,
((SEE dont get mad at me thus says the Lord))

I will hold my tongue no more as touching their wickedness, which they profanely commit, neither will I suffer them in those things, in which they wickedly exercise themselves: behold, the innocent and righteous blood crieth unto me, and the souls of the just complain continually. (See Luke 18 and Revelation 6:10)

9 And therefore, saith the Lord, I will surely avenge them, and receive unto me all the innocent blood from among them. (Separating wheat from Tares)


2 Esdras 15:10-11
Behold, my people is led as a flock to the slaughter: I will not suffer them now to dwell in the land of Egypt:
((This mean house of Slavery Exodus 20:2))

But I will bring them with a mighty hand and a stretched out arm, and smite Egypt with plagues, as before, and will destroy all the land thereof.
((See its not talking about old Egypt. Didnt we just read that before?))

2 Esdras 15:12-27
Egypt shall mourn, and the foundation of it shall be smitten with the plague and punishment that God shall bring upon it.
((The nations that have treated the Israelites poorly))

They that till the ground shall mourn: for their seeds shall fail through the blasting and hail, and with a fearful constellation.
((Famine and Pestilence aka locust))

Woe to the world and them that dwell therein!

For the sword and their destruction draweth nigh, and one people shall stand up and fight against another, and swords in their hands.
((People are fighting each other for Toilet Paper and goods the sword is the modern day gun))

For there shall be sedition among men, and invading one another; they shall not regard their kings nor princes, and the course of their actions shall stand in their power.
((Get ready this is coming on a larger scale))

A man shall desire to go into a city, and shall not be able.
((See Europe right now today and Wuhan and America))

For because of their pride the cities shall be troubled, the houses shall be destroyed, and men shall be afraid.
((There it is Pride))

A man shall have no pity upon his neighbour, but shall destroy their houses with the sword, and spoil their goods, because of the lack of bread, and for great tribulation.
((Coronavirus was just the start keep playing with Yahawah hes turning you one against another))

Behold, saith God, I will call together all the kings of the earth to reverence me, which are from the rising of the sun, from the south, from the east, and Libanus; to turn themselves one against another, and repay the things that they have done to them.
((WAIT!! WHOS THE “THEM” lol East and West and all nation in between repent fast))

Like as they do yet this day unto my chosen, so will I do also, and recompense in their bosom. Thus saith the Lord God;
((See who the “Them” is now? The Israelites and not the ones in Israel now again those are Khazars))

My right hand shall not spare the sinners, and my sword shall not cease over them that shed innocent blood upon the earth.
((Whos the right hand of Yahawah? And the Israelites is the lords Battle Axe google it ))

The fire is gone forth from his wrath, and hath consumed the foundations of the earth, and the sinners,

like the straw that is kindled.
((Too many precepts to list this is easy understanding))

Woe to them that sin, and keep not my commandments! saith the Lord.
((I thought the law was done away with? Christianty you are DONE))

I will not spare them: go your way, ye children, from the power, defile not my sanctuary.
((Thats plain he’s going to have no pity next verse will tell you why))

For the Lord knoweth all them that sin against him, and therefore delivereth he them unto death and destruction.
((Its been predestination))

For now are the plagues come upon the whole earth and ye shall remain in them: for God shall not deliver you, because ye have sinned against him.
((And there you go Judgement written the plagues have been loosed))

  You all have a choice to make even my house made a choice 7 years ago to follow the father and damn this world of sin in hopes of the kingdom to come. There is no justice or hope for us in a enemies kingdom. America is the final beast and there is a wicked King in the chair blowing the Trump of Sin. The white people call him a savior for them to make America great again but the world knows him as the Trump of Babylon.Repent for the kingdom is coming trump cannot save you

 Again Daniel was living in Babylon although he did not sin himself he still had to suffer with his brothers and sisters but in the end TMH lifted him up. Same in these last days we are in Spiritual Sodom and Gomorrah and Egypt but we are trying hard to come out of her ways.

Our forefathers such as Joseph same thing although his brothers sold him into slavery TMH had a plan all along for Joseph to be raised up out of Jail to save all of Egypt from the famine and his family.  Ehud and Gideon were both brought up in slavery only to save their people in the end. In the book of Obadiah it states clearly that Saviors shall come in the last days.

  Now the ultimate savior is Christ but we are supposed to be the light on the hill. A guide to the Gentiles so you cannot commit the same sins as them and expect to reap the rewards of the kingdom to come. The Kingdom of is Coming and there shall be nothing that offends in it. Remember Isaiah 2:1-3 we are going to judge and teach these nations we can not be counted in the judgement to come as Esdras said.


Why should we listen to you? Who are you to instruct nations  to repent under whos authority?


  We are the True Israelite or the biblical Jews that the bible speaks of the same ones mentioned in every bible across the world. We have been tasked with a certain job before the end of days. We are under the order of Melchizedek in short we teach Repentance, Baptism and the Kingdom of Yahawahshi that is soon to come.

Lets get one thing straight we do not bow to you anymore heathens we do not need to “Prove” anything. The Earth itself is proving our case with artifacts uncovered relics and unexplained events nationwide. Surely you all have inherited lies.

  We teach all the 613 commandments new and old testament and everything between. Love your Neighbor as your love yourself and Love TMH with all your might. We believe and follow and hear the lamb of god and do as commanded. We are charged to call out evil when and wherever we see it and tell the offenders to repent for such acts.

We are the promised seed the ones before TMH said let there be light, before the foundations of the world we were called. The holy Ghost deals with us due to the father giving us wisdom and he loves US.

What we bind one earth shall be bound and what we loosen it shall be loosened. We are the descendants of those whom you have persecuted through time and ages but now we are back. Our Authority comes from the father and the son to find the Israelites world wide and compel them to repent before its too late Matthew 28:19-20. Stand against our mission and face our father and the savior the 2 witnesses are awakened (Northern and Southern Kingdom) and being united once more.

You other nations better cleave to us before its too late (Malachi 14:1-5) yes our rise means your fall but some of you will not be annihilated. Some of you will turn from your ways and Coronavirus will just be a bad dream, but if you do not repent the nightmare to come shall be epic there wont be enough ink to pen everything that is to come. All also that are tied to you shall be dealt with also as quoted in Isaiah 13:11-15.

A closing message to those in the Philippines so called “Filipinos” REPENT for the Kingdom is at hand

  It’s close to the end of time and days and it’s past time to bring something to light that been buried for far too long. The world has called you Outcast and the Arabs called you Alipin or Slave. You do a program called the OFW program which in essence is just slavery by another name because you have no jobs in your own land. That is not a knock on you but a statement of truth because of who rules now over the President.

The Americans when they had you colonized called you Nigger or Negrito or “Little Brown People. You have been raped robbed and murdered and not ONE nation has came to your defense. Speaking of slavery and colonization here is a SHORT list of how many nations had you in bondage.

1. America
2. Arabs
3. Portuguese
4. Spain
5. Japan
6. Israeli’s or Roman Catholics((Yea you didn’t help the real Israelites you helps imposters.))
7. Chinese

  It’s no wonder you do not know who and where you come from (Isaiah 1:3 Isaiah 65:15 Deuteronomy 28:37) the word “Filipino” was not even meant for you as a nation it’s original definition meant a Spaniard (White man) comes from King Philip of Spain.

Isaiah 1:3 states that the ox knows his owner and the ass his masters crib the the Israelites do not know my people do not even consider, so if you are not Filipino what and who are you? And for the record you are not from Jokton either.

You identity was stripped along with the 50 crates the vatican took with them back to Spain. If you read Deuteronomy 33:23 it states this. READ SLOWLY

  And of Naphtali he said, O Naphtali, satisfied with favour, and full with the blessing of the LORD: possess thou the west and the south.

(But watch closely this is what it says in the Hebrew)

And of Naphtali he said: O Naphtali, satisfied with favour, and full with the blessing of the LORD: possess thou the sea and the south.

  You see the difference? Seas and the south that means today the South Seas or Pacific Islands. The word there for West is not in the Hebrew the word there is Yom or Yam meaning a wide body of water or Sea. I have left you the source here so you can see for yourself there are 3 witnesses to this just do a little research.

  You are not Japheth or a Heathen or an outcast or whatever abomination you have been told, andRepent for the kingdom comes filipinos are Israelites frankly I could care less about what any other Israelite or “Filipino” says, you all are from the Northern Kingdom of Israel not because I say so Isaiah 11:11 and the verse listen above with many others tell you so.

STOP LISTENING TO YOUR SLAVE MASSA THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH AND ISLAM that was put upon you for disobedience and sin, but now I have been tasked to show you light.

The name of the father is Yahawah and the son is Yahawahshi, now is that a magic shazzam button to get you into the kingdom? In Bohol you already know the word Yahweh which in that language means Key. Even your very language has tons of hebrew words thats not on accident.

You have to come away from whiteman Jesus because he never existed. You must stop doing the catholic hand gesters of the cross and praising mother marry and these saints that are not in the bible. Who do you think made the papal bull to come enslave you? Thats right Rome did and you are hanging on to that madness.

Now a lot of people will try to tell you who you are NOT but will not tell you facts about who you ARE. Many Israelites besides me are awake to the fact of who you are and it is prophesied that in the last days more Israelites would be awaken world wide.

Now the question comes onto the plate of “What makes an Israelite” well that is a long story but put as simple as I can you have to have went though the curses of Deuteronomy and other curses listed. Your church will never and I mean N E V E R show you this so I pray this reaches you. Because I am actually here in the land I have a rather “Unique” view on the subject.

The filipino language is full of hebrew words

That sounds like Deuteronomy 28 to me

Click on the document to see the entire letter you can ZOOM IN from there

If a picture says 1000 words this is worth a million Click to see the full image

America knows who you are repent for the kingdom is at hand
Repent for the kingdom is coming: Colonialization of the Philippines
The Spaniards landed in samar and enslaved the native indos repent
Naphtali are Israelites repent for the kingdom comes

  I’m just getting started these are signs of who the true Israelites around the world are and you fit every single curse so much so the enemy had to steal your records and take then to the Vatican. You have been fed lies by your parents because they didnt know themselves. This is why the plagues have come because you have not repented as a nation and called yourself by the name the father gave you. You come from Josephs line Northern Kingdom of Naphtali NOT JAPHETH OR FILIPINO. Did you know that when the conquistadors came and rapped robbed and murdered the people and the land they left with over 50 cargo crates of artifacts? Did you ever hear why they would not let you pick up a bible or read for 333 years?

  Read Deuteronomy 28:15-68 for yourself stop listening to man before its too late! Even your language is teaming with Israelite Hebrew words and all your mountains are Hebrew Phrases. Mindanao means Promised Land….. I wonder why lol.

Like I said earlier there is too much to show and I am not the only one trying to teach you who you are you fit the curses and not only that you went into slavery BEFORE the NEGROES. Trans Pacific Slave Trade happened before the Trans Atlantic. Maybe all what I have posted is not good enough what about a first hand account by one of your oppressors? America knows and Europe knows exactly who lives in the land of the so called “Philippines” and its not Japheth.

Would that get you to repent and leave those wicked churches and be baptized again through the truth? What did Pigafetta say when he asked the natives who they worshiped?

  What is my message to you then? Its clear you have to repent because your time is coming to where you need to pick a side. Either come out of Babylon or suffer with her repent as Naphtali (Or Northern Kingdom) before it’s too late. The Plague has hit the Philippines and the President and people need to cry Abba father again not to the white Messiah but the true Messiah thats listen in Revelation 1:14-15 and Daniel 10:5. Pigfetta who was with Magellan gave a pretty good run down of “Some” of the history but not all. I am giving you a piece of your heritage back and I pray this reaches you soon for my prayer is that ALL Israelites world wide repent. Here is some more of your history that cannot be denied.


Chaazaq Ahraya Part 1 – History of the Northern Kingdom and how you got scattered (Source)

Chaazaq Ahraya Part 2 – More History ((Source ))

Chaazaq Ahraya Part 3 – Final Nail In the Coffin  ((Source 3))

As a quick side note if you are in the Philippines and want to talk about some of this in Tagalog message my brother in the truth he can explain more his name is Arnel Araiz Dulhao you can go to his page he has cutting edge info and has been crying loud for the truth. I cannot list everything I have here I am trying to write a book on the subject of the trans pacific slave trade but resources are hard to come by since Spain has a lot of your original records.


One more nail in the coffin is the fact that America told on itself in its pride I didnt write this article but I will show you what the world knows and not just me. They had a different name for you during colonization again not my words but this should knock you out of your coma of religion and back to the truth of Abba father in hopes that all of you repent and come to him before it’s too late. Again you cannot go to the throne as a gentile in the mind and spirit the kingdom has only 12 gates (Revelation 21:12). Watch what America said about you lets see if they called you Japheth.

Maybe all that that still is not good enough maybe you and these hard headed Israelites will not believe it unless an angel himself comes down and smacks you awake how about evidence from the Spanish American war? Will that persuade you to repent as an Israelite? Because see only Israelites are called Bywords and Proverbs and have went through the curses of Deuteronomy. Lets see what these heathens said about your ancestors lets see if Japheth or Chinese or Asian came out of their mouths as you will see somethings up someones been lying to you.


From The Conquest of the Philippines by the United States, 1898-1925 regarding general J.M. Bell, one of regional military campaign’s leader :

“I am now assembling in the neighborhood of 2,500 men who will be used in columns of about fifty men each. I take so large a command for the purpose of thoroughly searching each ravine, valley and mountain peak for insurgents and for food, expecting to destroy everything I find outside of towns. All able bodied men will be killed or captured. … These people need a thrashing to teach them some good common sense; and they should have it for the good of all concerned “
Another testimony, by Sergeant Howard McFarland of the 43rd Infantry, wrote to the Fairfield Journal of Maine:

“I am now stationed in a small town in charge of twenty-five men, and have a territory of twenty miles to patrol…. At the best, this is a very rich country; and we want it. My way of getting it would be to put a regiment into a skirmish line, and blow every nigger into a nigger heaven. On Thursday, March 29, eighteen of my company killed seventy-five nigger bolo men and ten of the nigger gunners. When we find one that is not dead, we have bayonets”


((Thats Their Own Words Not Mine this is on RECORD))

It could be racism, as shown in one of the testimonies where U.S. Soldiers were calling the Filipinos “nigger”; it could also be from a sense of superiority, as shown in “benevolent” claims of president McKinley that the Filipinos need to be “helped” ; it could also be plunder, as shown by the soldiers’ recognizing the Philippine land is indeed rich.

U.S. Soldier L. F. Adams that was enlisted with the Washington regiment, described what he saw after the Battle of Manila on February 4-5, 1899:

“In the path of the Washington Regiment and Battery D of the Sixth Artillery there were 1,008 dead niggers, and a great many wounded. We burned all their houses. I don’t know how many men, women, and children the Tennessee boys did kill. They would not take any prisoners.”
On the Island of Samar (south of Luzon), regional military campaign’s leader General Jacob H. Smith gave the following order (as reported by Manila Times):

“‘I want no prisoners. I wish you to kill and burn: the more you kill and burn, the better you will please me,’ and, further, that he wanted all persons killed who were capable of bearing arms and in actual hostilities against the United States, and did, in reply to a question by Major Waller asking for an age limit, designate the limit as ten years of age. … General Smith did give instructions to Major Waller to ‘kill and burn’ and ‘make Samar a howling wilderness,’ and he admits that he wanted everybody killed capable of bearing arms, and that he did specify all over ten years of age, as the Samar boys of that age were equally as dangerous as their elders.”

And a testimony found by Philip S. Foner and Richard Winchester and in written in their book, The Anti-Imperialist Reader: A Documentary History of Anti-Imperialism in the United States: ((Source))


  Why do you like the same sports as us and eat the same foods? Why do most of you sound wonderful when you sing and like the same entertainment? Where did you get fiestas from and why do you speak Spanish? The entire world knows who you are except you if you were just “Normal” why still your history? The Americans KNEW who they were colonizing and destroying Deuteronomy 28:49 cannot be overlooked and whats the symbol of America and the Spaniards? I am not showing you all of this to mock you or to poke fun I am showing you that you fit the same curses we were under. I know a lot of you have been told you are Alipin for a long time now but you are much more than that. LOOK where Spain is compared to the Philippines you think they went all that way for sugar? We are family there is a reason why you get a long with so called Mexicans and African Americans. You might think those are Mexicans in that photo but nope those are Filipinos so called the bible calls that speckled bird.


  Thats right the Eagle or American Eagle. You are biblical and chosen by ABBA to come home. Now the question might come up why do we have so many Spanish features now verses a few 100 years ago? When the Manila Acapulco slave trade of 1520-1899 happened they sent a MASSIVE amount of Mexicans (Issachar) to Philippines Islands and millions of Naphtali to south Mexico. This is why a lot of you now have Spanish last names and no it was not for some census and some have the names of their slave masters as do the Negroes. One small thing before we move on the word “Nigger” In itself is not bad its in the bible Acts 13:1 that word Niger later a G was added. I am telling you that you come from Israel because we are the only ones called that name. It just means that your skin comes in all shades of brown and all the prophets in the bible were called Niger.

Its been far too long that you have not been united back with your brethren we need to be united now more than ever, I pray you repent and stand united once more. Im going to do a much larger break down of this because I came into some writing that pretty much seal the deal but the clip I listed above about the 4 Million Filipinos that were shipped via ship as slaves to Mexico I listed the book in a photo above.

 You Israelites in America will stop vexing the house of Israel (10 Lost Tribes) or be judged for hating your brother. They have been in every nation as a slave same as us its time you realized the truth if you ever have been here and seen with your own eyes you will know their true Identity. Read James 1:1 either you will hear Yahawahshi voice or Babylon but you cannot serve both. The commandment is in stone in Matthew 28:19-20 you Israelites that know the truth you are messing up Paul’s mission.

  To those in the Philippines who read this and still are not sure. DO NOT BELIEVE ME PRAY like your forefathers did to Abba or Yahawah and see what answer he gives you. Remember what Christ said in John 10 I have other sheep that must hear my message this was talking about YOU? This was the start of uniting of Ezekiel 37 the rejoining of Northern and Southern kingdom. But I must also tell you what Ive been stating this entire article REPENT for the kingdom is coming. Get under Psalms 91 Protection before it’s too late.

Isaiah 42:12-14, 14:21-27
((Babylon and Assyria also refers to places of Slavery scriptures are 2 fold or 3))
Let them give glory unto the LORD, and declare his praise in the islands.

The LORD shall go forth as a mighty man, he shall stir up jealousy like a man of war: he shall cry, yea, roar; he shall prevail against his enemies.

I have long time holden my peace; I have been still, and refrained myself: now will I cry like a travailing woman; I will destroy and devour at once.

Prepare slaughter for his children for the iniquity of their fathers; that they do not rise, nor possess the land, nor fill the face of the world with cities.

For I will rise up against them, saith the LORD of hosts, and cut off from Babylon the name, and remnant, and son, and nephew, saith the LORD. 23I will also make it a possession for the bittern, and pools of water: and I will sweep it with the besom of destruction, saith the LORD of hosts.

God’s Purpose against Assyria (Also referring to slave masters)

The LORD of hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand:

That I will break the Assyrian in my land, and upon my mountains tread him under foot: then shall his yoke depart from off them, and his burden depart from off their shoulders.

This is the purpose that is purposed upon the whole earth: and this is the hand that is stretched out upon all the nations.

For the LORD of hosts hath purposed, and who shall disannul it? and his hand is stretched out, and who shall turn it back? ((Precept 2 Esdras 16))

Isaiah 13:11
I, the LORD, will punish the world for its evil and the wicked for their sin. I will crush the arrogance of the proud and humble the pride of the mighty

Revelation 11:18
The nations were angry, and Your wrath has come, And the time of the dead, that they should be judged, And that You should reward Your servants the prophets and the saints, And those who fear Your name, small and great, And should destroy those who destroy the earth.

Deuteronomy 30:1-7
And the LORD thy God will put all these curses upon thine enemies, and on them that hate thee, which persecuted thee.

As you can see from what is written above the Messiah and the father are not happy and wraith is coming in Deuteronomy 30:7 (Read the chapter for yourself) you can see that the lord is about to pass the cup of trembling to these nations. This is also written in Revelation 18 and other places. I turn on the news now and we live in a different world and its a fearful and glorious time for my forefathers told of a day as today but I am alive to see this.

Wisdom of Solomon 18:7
So of thy people was accepted both the salvation of the righteous, and destruction of the enemies.

You have to accept both repent and let the father work or keep joined to the heathen and the enemy and die with them, for just as the bond women Hagar was told Sarah “They shall not be Heirs with the Promised Seed”. Come out of her and repent for the kingdom is coming, because thus says the Father Abba you are running out of time and the Ark once again shall be closed. Covid19 was the warning shot don’t stick around for the encore. Hide in his glory till the scourge overpasses us.

Shalom Please Israelites world wide repent and pray for us all.