Stockholm Negrodom Enter The Slave Mind


 Solution & Recovery

  Stockholm Negrodom PTSS (Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome) is a condition to where the mental trauma of being here in Babylon the Great (America) has turned the mind of otherwise strong blackman or women into something TMH himself marvels at.  To be honest I didnt understand how deep this mind scramble went until I seen Dr. Joy DeGruy Leary videos.

Some of you might get offended by this article but my mission is not to gain a large following but to try to wake up a lost sheep. If you don’t wish to hear the truth it’s best not to read this article its about that simple, because this needs to be addressed. The Negro mind is so Stockholm Negrodom or Stockholm Syndrome was programed into us earlygummed up by doctrines and conspiracy theories and 400+ years of indoctrination all truth is blocked off.

Unable to think for themselves or even see their oppressor’s right in front of their face they tend to protect and serve the same ones that kill them on a daily basis. Lets keep it 100 folks many of us used to watch Dukes of Hazzard or maybe I’m telling on myself heh (I wanted that car lol).

  They cling to the only “his story” they can which is the European super conglomerate of lies even going as far to believe the Messiah in the bible is white when nowhere in the entire bible it states such. A destroyed mind will parrot what their master has planted in their head and say “Why does that matter what color he is”? Want proof of this? watch your children and who they see as “Heros” or the commercials that get them to want to buy a certain product. Thus Stockholm Negrodom starts in your home go to Youtube and look up white baby black baby doll test. If that doesnt break your heart and put things in perspective nothing will.

Our youth have no clue or  understand that their condition was created by enforcing the ideals that they are less than nothing by enforcing everything but the truth, the damage then is set in the mind for when they become adults.

Since the youth is never told the truth about Yahawahshi and not understanding that the greatest man that ever walked this earth looked just like them, they never have any respect for anyone that is not Caucasian including themselves. Need another example? 

Tell me when was the last time you heard ANY other nation call their women Bitches and Whores and the women are not only OK with it but embrace it. How about our men wearing skirts now and our women bonding their hair to look like their old slave masters. ALL the 12 tribes suffer in this manner in some way shape or form but again there is a solution and it’s been here all along.

 So destroyed by the Willie Lynch effects and no future opportunities of advancement in sight, they are left to build from the ruins their forefathers left them which in most cases was nothing in terms of a legacy. Negrodom is real and not a joke by any means we never were repaired from the psychological mind rape that was Chattel slavery and Black Codes.

Here’s the thing we were not always like this…. We were not selfish, greedy, no remorse, reprobates. Yes in the old Testament we had our evil times but not on this level. We have disassociated ourselves with the Royalty/Priesthood (1 Peter 2:9) we used to claim and have given the excuse the heathen needed to kill us wholesale. We were taught this behavior from our oppressors we have been brought down low to his level, and I will prove it out of the bible.

Babylon the great created the Negro, Coon, Spic, etc (America is Babylon the Great). This invention started shortly after we got off the boats for slavery in 1619.  When we first got off the boats brothers and sisters we were united. As a matter of fact this is one facet of slavery they Stockholm Negrodom : Did you know The true Israelite built Americanever talk about. The slave owners decided to go through a rigorous methodical wicked breaking process. They knew full well who they took from the western coast of Africa. We built America from the dust to the high rises. They didn’t take dummies.

They did NOT take bone in the nose, spear chucking , dung pillow making Hamites. They stole/ bought The True Israelites the bible speaks of fulfilling the prophecy of Deuteronomy 28. Who bought and sold us you ask and why? That answer yet simple is a hard pill to swallow for now here is the short list of the nations who benefited off our chattel labors.

  • Africans = Hamites
  • Moab = Chinese
  • Edom, Idumeans, Esau, Japheth, = “White People” ((Today different names to confuse people but the same root))
  • Japanese = Ammon
  • Khazar’s = Ashkenazi Jewish ((See also Edom))

Let me show who they grabbed from the west Coast of Africa. Jews made use of every opportunity; they were an industrious and skillful people:

In the Jewish Ghanaian states were found kings, princes, governors, generals, secretaries, treasurers, revenue agents, judges, architects, engineers, doctors, historians, language interpreters, mathematicians, jewelers, sculptors, masons, carpenters, painters of art, goldsmiths, leather-workers, potters, armorers, saddlers, blacksmiths, agriculturists, and much much more (Read Babylon to Timbuktu Pg. 90).

We were a society of gifted god favored Israelites that on the outside looked just like the “Africans” but we just lived in the lands. We were not them and they knew it and they vehemently despised us for our blessing! They hated us since before we fled from the Romans in 70AD. We ran into Africa to blend in but as you can see from our rather large skill set (and that is a short list) we were gifted by The Most High.  Jerusalem was our home but we fulfilled the prophecy Christ talked about in Luke 21:20.


You see god’s blessings on us to this day anything we set our mind to we DOMINATE. Take the Israelites out of the world this world will be destroyed. Sports, writing, Arts, cooking you name it if we apply our god given talent to it its a wrap but even for all this we still don’t consider who we are.


Now when they got done using our skilled workers and scholars they murdered the first set of men and rapped many of the women and brainwashed and trained a new generation with lies. With the help of Christianity and Willie Lynch the process of Stockholm Negrodom had begun. 


Let’s not forget Jim Crow laws = Created the modern day Negro or Americoon (you know the one that always protects massa even if it means his own life). If you are reading this and you can understand what is in front of your eyes then you have to see that this evolution was prophesied by Jeremiah 17:4 God said he would do this to us…..we didn’t listen.

Jeremiah 17:4

And thou, even thyself, shalt discontinue from thine heritage that I gave thee; and I will cause thee to serve thine enemies in the land which thou knowest not: for ye have kindled a fire in mine anger, which shall burn for ever.

That’s right The Most High gave us a divine heritage that us alone owned an iron clad contract to rule the planet but we did not want that so he took it away from us. Heritage is everything and that brothers and sisters is our current condition and some of the reason we see no light at the end of the tunnel let me explain. You need 3 things to have an heritage. I call it the 3 L’s of life.

==>These 3 things combine to form a Nation<==

  • Land = We lost Jerusalem because of our forefathers sins and will not be returned back until Christ comes. This proves the people that are there now are not the Israelites.


  • Language = We used to speak Hebrew the language of OUR ancestors but now we speak the slave language English, Spanish, Portuguese, etc. Without this important link to the past its hard to find out where you belong. We speak the language of our slave masters.


  • Laws = This is one of the most pivotal necessities of a society our bible was stolen from us in 70AD. Then after our slave masters got it they perverted the verses and would not allow us to read OUR law book that god gave us at Mount Sinai. We are a lawless people today and that is by design.


The first thing our slave masters did was kill this link to our heritage as soon as we set foot here on the plantations and this covering of the past to protect the future is why Stockholm Negrodom is alive and well today. These symptoms below were never fixed and if the heathen have their way they never will be.

 We had nothing to cling to so we hold tight that the illusion of a white Jesus or America will save us. Or that somehow the whiteman will stop murdering us in the streets. We have no strong leaders like our ancestors in the bible plenty have sold out and are scared of “rocking the boat by telling the truth” or losing their position.

This is nothing new even the Pharisees wanted to kill Christ for envy and jealousy there is nothing new under the sun. Dont get me wrong there is enough blame to go around we have did our fair share of wickedness but we didn’t get off the boat gunning one another down and selling drugs to one another.

Traits of the Negros under Stockholm Negrodom`

 Breaking the Generational Habit of

Self Destruction

Trait 1: Selfishness & Rebellion the beginning

(Idolatry is this sin 1 Samuel 15: 23)

Hard Proof we are still suffering the same sins as our forefathers.

We fight the exact same curses that our forefathers did this is another marker to identify who we are in these last days. We will figure out some of these traits that were handed down see for yourself if this doesn’t fit us. Saul was so jealous of David he tried to kill him no less than 4 Stockholm Negrodom is worse when you do not listen to truthtimes when you read the history. We are a stiff necked people we did not listen to the prophets then and we don’t listen now. As a matter of fact it is written in 2 Chronicles 36:16 and Matthew 23:24.

According to the most high stubbornness is the same thing as Idolatry. It’s like a child that won’t take heed that a righteous parent is telling them something for their benefit but they want to do things the way they want to. Saul was like this TMH gave him a mission Saul didn’t want to do it Gods way but his own then tried to blame his choice on the people.

TMH is not dumb or crazy he says what he means and doesn’t want us doing things our own way. Here is a few examples on how we are into Idolatry right now we still haven’t learned our lesson this trait is heavy on us Israelites.

  • Love your neighbor as yourself (Leviticus 19:17:18) = We envy, hate, and covet all in the name of greed and kill our brothers and sisters because of the shoes on their feet or the clothes on their back. Your neighbor is not these other nations it’s blacks, Hispanics, native American Indians.Jesus calls this commandment in Leviticus the second most important commandment  he quotes it in the New Testament, but yet we have no love for our own. No other nation on this planet kills their own at such high numbers. We chose to believe man instead of the one who made us thus making putting yourself before God this is Idolatry. BTW this falls under our (CIVIL LAW).


  • Pork, Shrimp, Catfish (Leviticus 11:7-9, Deuteronomy 14:2) = Our stubbornness is leading us down a path of self destruction and we are doing it to ourselves because we wont even listen to the science on why these foods are bad much less the most high who gave us such a life saving law.There is entire too much information about how these foods lead you to an early grave, but yet you still throw some hot sauce on it and some Cajuns seasoning and eat till your lips ache. There is nothing wrong with eating good food but were Abominations when TMH first made them and they are Abominations today. The Lord said not for us to eat these things and more do we listen? Nope so we die faster than normal. (DIETARY LAW)


  • Homosexuality or LGBTQ (Romans 1:25-32, 1 Corinthians 6:9, Leviticus 20:10-16) You think things were bad back then with this sickness things are worse today we live in modern day Sodom and Egypt. Paul and Moses talked about us doing this abominable act but yet we are rebellious and place our lusts above what god planned for us. We lead in every detrimental category imaginable and it’s all thanks to America and the “Do as thou wilt” vibe they push. TMH never has changed his view on this wicked act as a matter of fact read (Deuteronomy 28:61). So now you know why we lead in Aids STD’s and other diseases. (MARITAL LAW & MORAL LAW)


  • Spirit of the Murder (Genesis 4:3) Both Cain and Able were told to bring a sacrifice for the Lord and Cain brought veggies and Able brought the first fruits of his Lambs. TMH was upset at Cain for not doing the right thing like instructed (Rebellion) so in retaliation he killed his brother. We have forgotten that we all got here together on the same boats and picked the same cottons. We turn an evil eye at our own brothers and sisters that have the same mothers and fathers like us and slay them wholesale. TMH has laws against murder for instance in the 10 commandments. Gangster Rap music and other forms of entertainment push this Cain spirit on our people. Instead of banding together and uniting under our covenant, we would rather still kill and destroy. We have forgotten how to be our brothers keeper and have become our own worse enemy. Yes the other nations slay us also but you can never see the enemy when you are fighting a war on 2 fronts. Rape also falls under Murder. (CIVIL LAW & MORAL LAW)


  • EXAMPLE 2 of Spirit of Murder 1 Kings 21:1-7 (Ahab wicked king)  Jezebel and Ahab plotted to get the vineyard and him and his wife had riches and more. Read this entire chapter you will see how this went down. Remember this was a rich brother who just wanted what his brother had even though the law strictly forbids this. Stiff necked, selfish and murderous goals were in this mans soul and in Jezebel you got to read this chapter.


Covetousness trait 2: (Sin Covet Exodus 20:17)

(1 Maccabees 5:55) These brothers seen what Judas Maccabees and Johnathan were doing for the lord in many battles and got jealous, and covetous of the fame and glory the lord was placing on them. Instead of being happy (Same as above example) for the nation they went against the order of Judas and tried to take a stronghold and all of them were killed 2000 men in total. They wanted the glory and the notoriety so badly caused them to be destroyed. This goes on to this very day in our streets and in the entertainment business. We want the “juice” or power. Remember when we first got off the boats we were not like this we were taught this vicious behavior. Most brothers and sisters in the hood want to be in a better place so bad they will see their brothers and sisters with new items (Like Jordon Shoes) and will kill them for it.

 I ain’t got it so I will take it. Instead of saying I need to get my act together and see how I can work to get my own. Now is it wrong to want to advance and to be prosperous? Absolutely not but there is a way to go about it and sinning to get a position is not it, If you follow the commandments the most high will deal with you (Joshua 1:8). There are some things I want to this day but I will not envy to covet and kill or harm my brothers to get it. The heathen do this, NOT a true Israelite.


(Joshua 6:27, Joshua 7:1 – 20)  The fame of the Israelites was spreading throughout the land and we were growing strong. Earlier in the chapter before they took the city Joshua gave them instructions from the most high what to do. The lord back in Moses time gave us a commandment how we were supposed to “deal” with the other nations,  and one of the commandments was that when we defeat certain ones of them their clothing and other idolatry items we leave it and not take it, because they were accursed.  When you read chapter 7 you see Achan take some silver and some of their clothing for himself because they coveted the way it looked. Again this entire issue is in our streets today, and you cannot deny that these traits are on us thick. Now the Most High was upset and when the nation of Israel went to battle again we got STOMPED. When Joshua asked why The Most High allowed us to get beat the sin was revealed what Achan had did. This example can be seen in businesses owned by blacks, Hispanics and native American Indians lack of unity usually destroys a business from within all due to covetous intents.

The most high ain’t rolling with sinners’ period. This is why the laws are so important it keeps us from these behaviors and this is why we need our bible. The nations know if they keep us in sin God will not support us (Judith 5: 17-20). Thus the Invention of the Current day negro and the condition of Stockholm Negrodom. When Achan seen the Babylonian clothing he wanted it so bad his mind shut off to the commandments and all he could focus on was that. Proving the eyes will deceive you much more than you can believe. Media and entertainment have perfected this type of brainwashing to keep us sleep and they have spent trillions to do so. Read 1 John 2:15 to understand the difference in loving this current world or loving The Most High which is keeping his laws. What is a short list of Achan’s sins that caused our Elohim to be upset? Take a look at this


  • Achan Stole the silver and clothing and hid it. He Coveted the items that didnt belong to him and that the father said DONT TOUCH IT he is an example of Stockholm Negrodom.


  • In addition when he hid the items he knew he did wrong that is premeditation. Thus when he sinned god punished us all. See what is happening today? (Proverbs 28:13)
  • In his lust he went blind and didn’t even regard his creator’s instructions.


Sinful Lusts (Exodus 20 Adultry, Covet, Murder multiple commandments broken)

(2 Samuel 11:2) Our king David seen Bathsheba and lost his damn mind. As much as The Most High loved him, and remember he is a man after TMH own heart even he broke the commandments and went off when it came to her. He seen her sexiness in her breasts hits and hair and everything shut off but his lusts. Bathsheba was married to Uriah and once you read this history you will understand why we suffer so many broken families etc. David was no slouch he was a mighty man of Israel he could of had any women of his choosing but he wanted her. You have to remember how rich and powerful King David was and he was made into butter at the site of Bathsheba.

His eyes were so fixed on her shape sitting out on that roof he already did the deed in his mind. He had sex with her then murdered Uriah long story short. The lord was so upset with David he killed his first son and said there will be fighting and strife from his own family including a famine. David knew better but that spirit was on him so hard he seen nothing else. David broke so many commandments usually this penalty was death (Romans 6:23). In the end David did something that people today do not do. He repented with a broken spirit and heart he threw himself at the mercy of God you can read about his prayer in (Psalms 51). The Most High did punish him but he did forgive him also. There is nothing wrong or sinful in appreciating a beautiful woman but this woman was married. Christ warned us about lusting with our eyes it leads to more aggressive sins.


Does this lustful spirit attack us to this very day? Of course see they did not have internet back then it’s 1 million times worse nowadays we are bombarded with sinful entertainment. The sexual influence is everywhere and this is the last days it will get worse their plan is to keep us in sin so they can keep ruling. Our brothers are taught since the days of slavery that women are bitches, whores and objects of desire. No more is the family set in high esteem but self destruction. Just take any rap video or twerk youtube video and ask yourself. Most women today are more destroyed than ever and believe if they do not show the goods they cant attract a good man. Of course this is backwards frame of thought because if you act and dress like trash what do you expect to attract? If the black Messiah was here today would he be ok with this?  Hell what would any of our prophets say?

From the plantations we were made breeders and the true commandments were nowhere to be found.  Slave men were destroyed mentally and physically so the woman would not longer see them as strong. They flipped the gender roles on it’s axis and forced the women to train the men. This usually meant you have the male growing up with women tendencies. Thus effeminate and weak in mental capacity but strong physically you have created what you see today on the streets. Think I’m lying? Accidentally step on a brothers new shoes he just bought and see what the result is. His mind shuts down to what he is supposed to do (It’s a material item let it go). All he can think about is how his brother disrespected him and how he can destroy him. Now if a white man did the same the Kool aide grin sets in the negro face and he apologies for having his shoes in the way.The slave owners knew you were not supposed to be doing this behavior but don’t care and still push these same traits on you from day to day. Hell you cannot even see a coffee commercial without it having sex undertones.


  Evil communications corrupts good manners you have to back away from things that place that wicked urge on you. Remember the devil is crafty he will not come at you directly neither will your enemies (other nations) they have million dollar think tanks dedicated to making you break the commandments. Most of your so called black movements are funded and ran by the SAME PEOPLE that are killing our people daily. You have to ask yourself wth are you doing marching and talking deals with same same enemy that is making abortion look sane. If black lives really mattered to you why are you lusting over your own brothers possessions and killing him for it? It’s time to wake up brothers and sisters you are STILL in the same country that not even 250 years ago was hanging you from trees.


The enemy plants seeds that grow into sin they look innocent but morph into a lust you cant break. Lets give an Worldly example of this. Kids watch cartoons of all types but if you do the research you will find that most cartoons are geared around “Desensitizing” the children’s minds to certain agendas.Take a seeming harmless cartoon like Bugs Bunny. You get a good laugh at Bugs putting on lipstick and kissing Elmer Fudd. What you don’t see is right in front of your face.

Bugs Bunny is a male rabbit and he is dressed in drag, in addition he’s acting female. Thus kissing Elmer Fudd and playing happy music in the background. The child doesn’t know any better but this “Seed” plants that its ok and even normal. Later in life the kids suffer horribly byStockholm Negrodom is started with the youth when they are born being tormented by thoughts they cannot fight. The parents are suffering from the curses of the lord they never correct the child as instructed by the lord. Thus the young one grows with this lust in them and the seed has turned into a wicked tree of lusts for the same sex as them. The evil communication has transformed the mind of your seed into theirs. Whats worse is the cycle is never broken until something shocked them out of the state of destruction. You, and your children need to be rebooted to the word of god. This is not a white man book and it never was no one writes a book that condemns themselves lol. To undo the effects of this monitor the time around these traps and snares of this world.


Congregate with like-minded Israelites and do not look back (Like lots wife) you need to start realizing you are kings and princesses and our families deserve better. Abstain from all appearance of evil (1 Thessalonians 5:22) do what god says to do because in the end we win. No one is saying don’t allow your children to have fun but you have to see what they are into constantly, dont let the enemy educate your kids. The devil doesn’t sleep should you? Repent brothers and sisters as David did no longer be like the masses of those who wish to live in wickedness. The spirit of Cain is still out there it’s time for you to wake up and be what the most high called you to be. Lead these nations by your light and when the Messiah comes back all that we have lost shall be repaid. Keep the commandments and live.

Depressing as all that is to read there is hope and we have the ability to repent Christ died  a horrific black mans death so that you can read this today and hopefully change your ways. As today we walk around giving no care to the condition of our people overall we always run to the rescue of the heathen nations. Sad thing is we are under the curses but we still care for them more than ourselves. No man can rise above his nation and until we can figure out that truth and return to it we will be here. The reasons why Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are not telling you these laws to help break our people out of this stalemate of perpetual Negrodom is that they are getting paid. (Isaiah 28:15)

The Lord said he has turned his back on us until we acknowledge our offense and he said when we are begging and crying out in pain THEN we shall seek him ( Hosea 5:15). Ever notice when one of our people die or are in danger the first person they call for is God? There used to be a time when the nations wouldn’t even dare to look at us sideways because they knew for a face that we had the only true living Elohim and he would destroy entire nations for us. We were sent to this land not for our destruction he sent us here to repent in other worse we are grounded. (Baruch 4:6)


Solution to cure Stockholm Negrodom

First you need to accept that you have sins you need to repent for and to do it soon, because we are in the last days. This gospel is being preached the right way to heal you so that you can get to the kingdom. Keep the law that the lord gave YOU and then things will open up for you but you cant get around these commandments. TMH is not playing with the Israelites get right before it’s too late fix the Stockholm Negrodom burred in  yourself then you can fix the brother next to you.

You need to stop sinning and forbade those thoughts that keep you in bondage this nation is set up to keep you dead mentally and physically.(Proverbs 3:31, Revelation 18:5, Jeremiah 10:1-5)

I said this before but no man can rise above his people even if you have 1 million dollar you will still be a rich negro in their eyes. With that being said there is nothing wrong with having money just don’t let that be your idol TMH has given you that cash to raise up his people (1 Timothy 6:17-18). Raise your brother or sister up in the knowledge of this bible and once they repent and follow Christ’s example help him financially if needed. We have to stop thinking me me me and start putting the emphasis on US( Zachariah 2:1).

Negroes spending power alone is 1.2 trillion  and that’s just 1 of the tribes. Now imagine of all 12 tribes stopped following all these wicked holidays and festivals. We don’t have a money issue we have been brainwashed into thinking we need to celebrate these things to be accepted. Do you understand how many houses you can build off 1.2 trillion? That right there is enough money to make sure our people never go hungry ever again. Worry about the welfare and safety of your brothers and sisters. Lose the spirit of Cain become your brother’s keeper and never place your brother or sister in a position to break the commandments of the most high this IS LOVE according to the bible. Stay away from the sinful lusts of this wicked kingdom the best you can. Don’t hate your brother anymore, band together and watch how mighty we become.