Nanotech is part of the Mark of the Beast Endgame

Nanotech is part of the Mark of the Beast

Nanotech is part of the Mark of the Beast Endgame

  Nanotech is part of the Mark of the Beast system and its about time it’s been brought to light. This has been heavy on my soul for a while now because of this revelation of Nanotech, I cannot rest. This is probably the most controversial article I have ever written, as a result of these findings TMH instructed me to write this.NanoTech is part of the mark of the beast dont take this


  I like a lot of you Israelites world wide are into some tech of some sort and many of you have seen the wonders it can bring. For those of you that have no idea what I am speaking about grab some coffee/tea and get ready. We know in part and prophesy in part, therefore we look through a dark glass to bring some light (1 Corinthians 13:9).

  As a nation of Israelites born in these last days to show forth the light because we are not children of the darkness. For this reason TMH chose us to warn the people this is why I am writting this. Not for vain glory or praise but because I see death coming, in the form of Nanotech.

  I pray this article reaches you through the power of Yahawashi (Jesus). Above all else we are commanded to have faith in these last days, and to keep the commandments, but we cannot be stupid/stiff-necked.

  Real Israelites are not ignorant of Satans Devices 2 Corinthians 2:11, so just like in the days of old we have to stand on one side or the other. Choose everyone world wide whom you shall serve as for me and my house we will follow TMH.

Nanotech is part of the Mark of the Beast, an endgame system of control

  When it comes to Nanotech and control you need to understand the system it runs on. Like all computers there is a master switch and guess what you do not control that. If you put these monsters into you rest assured you are no longer in control. The bad out weights the good, like with all things Esau invents.


  Nanotech is part of the Mark of the Beast, an endgame system of control and you are the guinea pig. Google ID 2020 or simply look at your ID in your pocket is there a start in the upper right corner? They are starting tracking programs now as you are reading this and what I’m about to show will blow your mind.


  All of you need to see this Trojan Horse of doom for what it is, because if you take it (The mark of the beast) you are finished. To make it plain you have accepted another God to rule you. You cannot have both the blessing of TMH, and the blessings of the devil, you cannot be the King of Babylon and in heaven.

  I have been tossing and turning in my sleep on how to bring this to you brothers and sisters in the right light, so you can clearly see with 100% clarity. Clarity is mandatory in this matter, and I  must give a strong mighty SHALOM AND THANK you to brothers in GMS, Rebirth of a nation , and all that have stood so firm on this topic. I pray I can throw a log on the fire, and save 1 soul from falling to this trick of Satan.


The Most High revealed this to me while watching a documentary on the affects of 5G and Covid19, which later in this article you will see they scrubbed those type of videos off Youtube. That this indeed that Nanotech is a part of the mark of the beast that the bible speaks of. You Israelites still claiming that this is an embargo alone lack understanding to sum it up you need to dig DEEPER.

We are commanded to cry aloud and spare not: Nanotech needs to be seen for what it is

  I have no idea why TMH chose me to bring this out in an article, even as I am typing this I know that this is only the tip of the iceberg of what Nanotech brings to the table. We are commanded to tell the truth even in the face a certain death. Isaiah 58:1 is clear and it’s a sin to place Nanotech into your body.


  Most of you know what 1 Corinthians 3:16 says, because of this scripture alone you should never willingly place these things in you. God is in you to protect you and give you power if you place programable mini robots in you off some weak promise then you have chosen another god which violates Exodus 19:3-5.


  I also fear you will not believe me and take this warning severe, and place this accursed thing inside of you. I used to love Nanotech and couldn’t wait for the innovations it brought, but as I came into the truth I learned early everything is upside down.

  You will learn in this article how something that was meant to do so much good, has been turned into a weapon against not only Israelites but the entire planet. All for one final showdown that is soon to come, and no thats not hype talk thats cold hard facts. Covid19, 5G and Nanotech is a 3 prong attack devised by the devil and his sons to take you out.


  I am crying aloud and sparing not. Whether you hear or forbear you cannot say in the day of Judgement you never knew. My hands are clean of this blood Ezekiel 3:17. Play time is over gird up your loins.


Full disclosure this is only a piece of the bigger puzzle, but TMH is burning my spirit to bring this to you all, and I have lost DAYS OF SLEEP. Maybe someone can take the mantel after this and bring it further.

  I am petrified, not with fear but knowing so many of our people will die to take this “Cure”, disguised as savior vaccine, for Novel Covid19 but in fact its a smoke screen for something much more sinister.

 Hold tight Hebrews world wide, for this will be a bumpy ride. This article revelation is NOT to cause fear but, to crack the door the enlightenment so you can see what I do. You will never read another article like this again, I know soon it will have to be taken down. The devil does not like when you reveal his tricks of the trade.

The end game for Nanotech is revealed world wide, its more than meets the eye


The end game for Nanotech is to merge man and machine to create a super drone, or Nano Solider. Owned and operated by Babylon or principalities the rulers of the darkness. I will not get into it for this article but they have been merging man and fallen angel DNA for decades. As Yoda said in Star Wars you must unlearn what you have learned, but the bible said it first. Just ask yourself does Esau want his blessing back and how badly does he want it?

“human beings will eventually be transformed into beings with such greatly expanded abilities as to merit the label ‘posthuman‘”

large-scale genetic and neurological engineering of ourselves….[a] new chapter in evolution [as] the result of accelerating developments in the fields of genomics, stem-cell research, genetic enhancement, germ-line engineering, neuro-pharmacology, artificial intelligence, robotics, pattern recognition technologies, and nanotechnology…. at the intersection of science and religion [which has begun to question] what it means to be human

I have personally debated leading transhumanist, Dr. James Hughes on his weekly syndicated talk show, Changesurfer Radio. Hughes is Executive Director of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies and teaches at Trinity College in Hartford Connecticut.


 More alarmingly, the same researchers have already managed to reanimate tissue,

“from dead human cells in another breakthrough which was heralded as a way of overcoming ethical dilemmas over using living embryos for medical research” Source

(( WAIT WHOS DEAD CELLS DID THEY USE? And you wonder why so many of us Israelites are “Missing” What are they combining?))

 I could care less if you believe in fallen angels, or devils, or DNA, whether you believe or DONT YOUR ENEMY DOES and is using it. Esau’s goal is to not only restructure your DNA, but what is more important is fixing his own soul (Habakkuk 2:4). In Israelites DNA there is the building blocks of life itself, and he knows this  fact 300%. From what basic research shows our life strand DNA has elements that have no been unlocked as of yet.


  This is where the Nanotech or Nanites come in. If Esau cannot change you, and track you he will try to switch your DNA to “Something else”, in hopes of getting his blessing back. Dont let me tell it listen to what “They say”.


  More interesting is the crossover that occurs in recombination, in which two pieces of DNA break and partially unravel and the resulting four strands join up somewhat like the intersection where two highways cross.

(( Meaning that some of your DNA has to be broken off in order for the “New DNA” to be implanted))


  You can read more about combining of Nanites and DNA here. Also I have linked a video from the brothers in Rebirth of a nation it explains the 4 strand DNA, and your DNA. The brothers also go into a rather deep topic on 5G and Vaccines which we will also deal more with.

Go to 2:49:44 to see for yourself what 4 Strand DNA, Covid19 , and Nanotech have in common

  I know it sounds like something out of the movies but truth be told they showed you this very fact in the movie Bloodshot, or even Captain America and have been giving peeks here and there in other movies. What you see in this picture is not dust and dirt but Nanites doing a complete body Regen. I told you Esau aint playing games this is already here.Nanotech is part of the Mark of the Beast Bloodshot movie

Through the Black Hebrew Israelites as they call us in the media, I have learned that if they show it in the movies they already have it. Its what you DO NOT see that is the end game.

I owe a huge thank you to GMS, HODC Israelite Camp and other like minded Hebrews because they have been hammering “The mark of the beast” but what I am about to share should crack the door of truth a little more.

What is Nanotech and what are the benefits? Why is this so deadly?



  I know its hard to believe that Nanotech is part of the Mark of the Beast Endgame, but once you see the benefits of this tech you will believe. I know what the scripture says in Revelation 13 and we will get there. Buying or selling is just a small part of this mystery. This mark of the beast comes with some heavy benefits that most people will willing take. If the Nanites are in you then you do not even have to go to the store to buy groceries.


As a matter of fact you will have an internal HUD display that you can pick out buy and have your groceries delivered to your door while playing video games. Everything will be controlled by the Nanotech in essence you will be what you see in the movies but at a high cost. In contrast us Israelites are controlled by TMH and he provides all what we need, do you see the dilemma, but for us its not a hard choice?

The ultimate end goal as Morpheus put it in the movie Matrix is to change a human (Israelite) into a commodity, or reusable battery, or slave. All controlled by one system of control owned by 1 master, because to end your paradise of tech all they have to do is flip a switch. Since he cannot beat us he will try to change us.

The purpose as you seen in Matrix 3 is to do one final battle for all the chips. Neo had to fight Mr. Smith in a no holds barred battle royal,  he will be enhanced and so will we. Which is why Nanotech needs to be shown in full light so we we can know what we are up against. We will be changed instantly when the time is right (1 Corinthians 15:40-45) Jacob vs Esau and this time is fast approaching.

What is Nanotech and what are the benefits how deep does this go?


  Well to someone like myself that has a lot of preexisting health conditions, one of them is extreme pain in my legs. Some of these next level health advancements are almost too good to pass up. The enemy sure does know how to tempt you like the devil. But the true Israelite will never cross that line, and deny the promises the father set in stone.


Here is a short list of the benefits of Nanotech. Not my Quotes lets walk through the dark to get to the light.

Nanotech is hailed as having the potential to increase the efficiency of energy consumption, help clean the environment, and solve major health problems.
((WAIT WHAT ENERGY? And Clean up the environment from what? Remember this when we talk about Radiation later.))

Others, however, are as cautious as Smalley is enthusiastic. Eric Drexler, the scientist who coined the term nanotechnology, has warned of developing “extremely powerful, extremely dangerous technologies”. In his book Engines of Creation, Drexler envisioned that self-replicating molecules created by humans might escape our control

more effective methods of delivering drugs in medicine and new ways of repairing damaged tissues and organs, according to a report Source

(This report was written in 2003 we are in 2020 how has things changed?)


  We will take this in small bites family so we can all digest what is being said because you know some of us are not on that techy nerdy level heh. I will lay it out for you plain as ice water. Benefits of Nanotech so far are.

⦁ Being able to absorb energies (this is heavy you will see why and what it has to do with Covid19 or Coronavirus). This means you can convert different kinds of energy and turn it into renewable power via the Nanites.

⦁ When you have Nanotech in you or Nanites you can help clean the environment and what does it need to be cleaned from?  It has to be some form of pollution that we cannot see or smell

⦁ And the crown Jewel can fix health problems before you even know you have a health Problem.

⦁ As you clearly read my brothers and sisters world wide: Nanotech is extremely powerful, extremely dangerous tech.

And also self-replicating molecules created by humans might escape our escape our influence. In other words these nano particles are independent to the laws of nature.

⦁ And if all that was not enough you see that you can have drugs given to you remotely and repair damaged tissue and organs.

All this is to make you a God on earth. But wait there is more!!

 The Israelites were created to be immortal and the powers and principalities know this as the warning states in Ephesians 6:10-12. You are commanded to put on the entire armor of god but its much deeper than the scriptures.

  They know what we shall become and they have been taking steps to avoid and delay this collision of biblical prophecies since before 1969. Esau and these nations know the power of god on earth was never promised to them but to Jacob. They also know Yahawah is soon to return and his son thats why Trump made the Space Force.


  2 Esdras 6:9 is written for a reason there has to be a transfer of power on the earth


There is a deeper meaning to 2 Esdras 6:9 If Esau is the end of the world as we know it what did he do to bring it to that level?  What is this new beginning that TMH is talking about here that Jacob must bring? There is a transfer of power and powers happening here.


  We are approaching this at break neck speeds because of these new technologies the time MUST be cut short. The bible in Sirach 10:8 talks about riches and power gotten by deceit and Nanobots are one hell of a deceit. If this is allowed to happen globally no flesh shall be saved.

We read above by their own hand some of the benefits of this Nanotech, but there is a key part I want to dig in deep on which is what TMH woke me up to see which I will explain more later. Nanites can absorb energy now lets get a second witness on this fact so we can expose more of this mystery.


  Again this is not ANYWHERE in the media because they are being paid to push the Covid19 scare, so when phase 2 happens you will have no choice but to get vaccinated. Those of you that want to remain in the dark shall soon be a part of that dark permanently. The cure  or vaccination they are preparing you for is part of the Mark of the beast. More Answers are coming keep reading family.


  In the future, nanotechnology could also enable objects to harvest energy from their environment. New nano-materials and concepts are currently being developed that show potential for producing energy from movement, light, variations in temperature, glucose and other sources with high conversion efficiency Source
((But how can energy be  take from the environment to power these  micro machines?))


What materials would a Nanotech Nanite have to be made out of to Absorb energy from the environment?

  So you cannot get anymore plain that this the Nanites or Nanotech or microrobots need energy to be powered like your toaster or your microwave. We will learn now about the material they will use for these machines because you need to see how this all ties together.

  And since Nanotech needs to be powered by an energy source the enemy has invented Nano-Materials. They are using Crystals of Power. That can be used to harness the energies around this giving them unlimited energy. But the question remains what energy?

 There are still unknown elements on this planet that have been burried since before TMH said let there be light. There are facts around that Crystals Absorb harmful energies. I am NOT TALKING ABOUT WITCHCRAFT.

I know some Israelite out there minds have been seared with a hot Iron concerning this but you have to see this family to believe it. Read closely and do not judge see the BIG picture. Today you will fully learn what EMF’s are so you can go forward with this message we are trying to bring. These new Nanites are covered in anisotropic crystals.


EMF definition and what it has to do with Nanotech

⦁ Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting. Source


 Ok now we are getting somewhere but now watch this family. Read slowly so you can understand why TMH wants you to see this and the end game of the Nanotech they are about to implement. Some of you have all ready done the match and know where this road is headed you see what I highlighted in red and blue above? Anisotropic crystals absorb radiation from the air and turns it into usable energy.


Scientists have found that EMF’s can be attributed to a number of symptoms. These can include:

Blurred Vision
Ringing in ears
Lack Of concentration
Sleep disturbances
And many more symptoms including destroys your ability to fight sicknesses


2 anisotropic crystals that protect against some of these Symptoms are as follows

Black Tourmaline = Cleanses, purifies and forms a protective shield around the body. Protects against EMF’S. Protects against cell phones, and strengthens immune system.

Orgonite = Is one of the most common and popular to use for EMF’S. It is man-made from resin, crystal shavings and metals. This mixture of elements are combined to harmonise bio-energy or chi.

Nanites or Nanotech robots are made from anisotropic crystal and can 100% Absorb Electromagnetic radiation and convert it into an unlimited Power Source.


Scientists show that it is possible to fully absorb electromagnetic radiation using an anisotropic crystal (( DONT JUST STARE AT THIS READ IT)) Source


To make it easy to understand these anisotropic crystal or crystals of power take negative energy and coverts it to positive. Its like an AC/DC battery but on a biblical level. Since these new Nanite bots will be made from a composite mix of these crystals and other materials if you have these in your body = You will be protected from Radiation 100% and get all the benefits listed above but it will come at a cost of your soul. These are not my words while Israelites are making twerk videos and Covid Dance Off Parties they are creating your demise.

As I stated above we are of the true Israelite stock  of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and we would not willingly put this into our bodies ……or would we time certainly will tell.  They know about our methods of healing and the source of our power.


We are already Gods on earth we just haven’t been fully transformed yet. We don’t need their vaccines or Nanotech

  Living in America we have no idea the depths this “Oppressor” has gone through to keep the secret that we are the Israelites.  They killed off the elders of the native Americans and stole their herbal healing techniques. They went into Africa and did the same thing and where ever these devils went took what they wanted John 10:10 and left us scraps.

We used to have books upon books of family remedies that came from the earth. Dr. Sebe told you that the earth has everything you need to cure any aliment or sickness but the bible said it first. The word of God heals just look at the acts of Yahawahshi in the New Testament.


  He never dug up an herb from what we read but he did spit on dirt and rub it in a mans eyes to heal him. There is still untapped power in this earth just look at the Dead Sea Salt. If we are made from the earth it stands to reason that the earth has health cures yet untapped, does this include the minerals of the earth?


Our hair and skin absorbs and coverts the suns rays into vitamins but hurts the white man and those without melanin. We are naturally immune to some things that plagues others. We already run faster and jump further how much more when we get the final change? People that are going to be attracted to Esau’s tools are the ones of us that are low on faith, or are in pain. Even Christ said those that are not sick need not a doctor. In the end the feeble among us will be like David.

  Here is the issue since we have been here over 500 years we have not kept the same diet, or activities, of our fathers and foremothers. I am sorry to say we have lived like the heathen for far too long and must come out of her. Now we are getting stronger and we are learning more. We are waking up and standing in the truth and as the scripture says soon we will be an exceeding great army and Esau knows this.

Our source of power is TMH and his son, as he was resurrected so shall we be. The enemy does not make movies like Avengers and Xmen, or Bloodshot for nothing. He needs an Equalizer and Nanotech is it.

To be clear once again do not get side tracked I am not talking witchcraft of hookas pokas spookism. Im trying to keep it real. Esau has ALL of our history in the Vatican and refuses to let it go.  They needed a weapon to fight against us when we get transformed and now they might just have it.

Some of our own people will want to be healed and will walk right into the blender of doom, because nanotech is part of the Mark of the Beast Endgame.

We as Israelites would never take this Mark of the Beast” or a Nano Chip: Continued.


  I will explain how a lot of you will absolutely take this if you are not grounded in truth, and it will be in your hand or your forehead. If you are dying and bleeding from every part of your orifices and the doctor says take this or die.  It’s easy to say I would never take such a thing when you are sitting in your house with no pressure on you.

quantum dot vaccine is Nanotech and is part of the mark of the beast


The bible says “Ye have not resisted unto death”. So we shall see whos about this walk and whos an agent of the devil. Shout out to Ron Dalton JR for your ground breaking series.  Another word for this tech as you can see is “Black Goo” which is made from the Weyland corp.


  If you want to learn more about this see this amazing video by Ron Dalton explaining more on Nanotech. Start at 1:46:29 and watch till 2:15:49.dna nanotech mark of the beast unlocked


What if it was a family member and you had a choice of letting them die or signing paperwork to allow this “Nanite” to save their life. This is going to be the hour of temptation the bible speaks of.  The devil never presents something as evil and says here take this. He comes with smooth words like the abilities listed above, he will slow how he can help you.

You never know the poison is killing you till you die. He makes the bitter taste sweet. His children such as Bill Gates is a child of darkness. I will expose why I would type and say such a thing.  You Israelites think this Covid Virus is the main event  of 2020. no family that is a feign, or a fake, a clever distraction, the real Phase 2 is the 5G towers.


  Now why would I say something like that? Am I claiming 5G towers are going to kill us outright? Look to the radiation coming from these towers. Those of us that know what this enemy will do knows he sees no limits. That Radiation is one of the many weapons they have used on us. The records are listed below.


    They have tried killing us before Corona Virus, 5G and Nanotech is nothing new

  You can go all the way back to Genesis with Cain and Able with this spirit of Malice and Wickedness. The children of righteousness have always fought the children of Satan or the evildoers. They have been trying to take us out even to this very day.

13 ways the world has tried to kill the Israelites a short list.

⦁ Egypt tried to wipe us out but Shiphrah and Puah seen to it to save us from certain death

⦁ In the Apocrypha you read many times the Greeks and the Romans tried to take us out, even some of our own people as it is this day.

⦁ In the New Testament plans were laid to kill Christ and leave us in slavery under the Romans.

⦁ 70 AD happened and the same Romans decided to fight us and all but eliminate us by Titus and Vespasian.

⦁ We survived the gladiator pits in the coliseums

⦁ We somehow through the grace of god survive the Spanish Inquisition

⦁ 1492 the Northern Kingdom world wide were persecuted by the Papal Bull written by the Roman Catholic church.

⦁ 1619 we all know of the trans Atlantic slave trade we survived that, Trans- Pacific, and Blackbirding slave trades and we are still here, and who ran that enterprise.

  • Poisoned the waters (See Flint Michigan)

⦁ Jim Crow laws were made so we could not advance.

⦁ Planned Parenthood and Eugenics

⦁ Medical Apartheid and many other medical break throughs were given out by the doctors of death to us Israelites.

⦁ Forced Vaccinations and Ebola these are the SAME Romans.

⦁ Now the invisible enemy called Covid19 which originally was not affecting us now is. 5G towers giving us radiation poisoning and their own people.

Before we get into the last bulletin point made above I must share with you a revelation TMH gave to me and I could not sleep because of it. We are a loving and forgiving people but we got to come to hard facts. How many of you knew we were targeted for radiation experiments to see how we can survive? Did you know the current way of curing cancer was first experimented on us first?


  He Used Black People As Guinea Pigs For Years – And The Government Paid For It.

The experiments worked like this: The University of Cincinnati hospital would refer patients with advanced cancer diagnoses to Saenger, who would explain the intention of his tests while omitting the fact that the treatment” was being paid for by the Department of Defense. ((REMEMBER THIS))

The patients, who were anywhere from nine to 84 years old, were exposed to up to 300 rads over the course of a few hours. This is equivalent to about 20,000 chest x-rays, well outside the amount of radiation exposure considered safe. They suffered from a number of debilitating side effects, ranging from nausea and vomiting to hallucinations.

The mortality rate was astonishing. Of the 80-plus cancer patients experimented between 1960 and 1971, as many as one quarter are thought to have died from radiation exposure.

Covid19 or Coronavirus is the Smoke Screen, 5G is the trigger, and Nanotech is the weapon


 Before we start this section I want to make something clear. I do believe the sickness called “Covid19” exists but I can see a much thicker plot than a virus. They are prepping you and the world for a switch in your reality. This is a warning to all Jews and Gentiles. These are not words of a madman high on shrooms or LSD. I am 100% sober and filled with the spirit of TMH when writing this.  All you got to do is look up on google 5G towers being put up while you sleep. Across the WORLD this is happening.

  Im not saying Novel Covid19 isn’t deadly hell, its made in a lab by people who want to kill you with a Patent number,  then they will justify it via a law. Like Ebola or Zika you israelites need to look deeper. It is not the same Coronavirus on the back of a Lysol bottle.Coronavirus is killed by lysol dont be fooled by lies

My main thing is why are they putting up ALL these 5G towers at the same time this “Virus” is loose? They got something to hide if they are doing it at night, again family THINK. yes while you are sleeping these towers are going live. Prepare to learn the hidden secret deep thoughts of Edom.

  It is well established now that this virus is a global pandemic, but when you look closer there is something amiss. You see Anchor men and regular everyday citizens out in the world without masks every day.   5G towers give off massive amounts of Radiation and it is poisoning millions world wide. They are forcing you to stay in the house and its not because of Covid19. This is all to get you face to face with a doctor.


  This is not only a fact but even your own government was trying to stop putting these towers of death up but the FCC still said its all good along with those who go mega paid.  They know very well the affects of 5G on the body and guess what it is the exact same symptoms as Corona.  Remember Israel they tell you enough truth in pieces to make a full puzzle. Go to google and type in.

5G is what’s actually causing COVID-19 symptoms. (( Scrubbed from the internet))
Symptoms of Covid19 and 5G are the same. (( Scrubbed from the internet))


Try any variant you will see that they ALL are saying the same talking points. The media including youtube are all scrubbing any trace of independent media on this topic. 1 month ago you could find tons of other videos on the topic, I wish I would of saved them.  All these media companies are owned by the beast and are going to take the Mark of the beast, some already have. Forbes, CNN, Vox, MSNBC and Fox are all owned by the same group of people.

  They are paid to misdirect and confuse the issue and fill the airwaves with propaganda. The most high is about to turn Egypt against Egypt once again this truth shall come out. If ALL of them are saying that “5G It’s safe nothing to see here”, and you believe it click off this article and go about your life. You are already marked I cannot help you, this goes for Jew and Gentile.

  This is so controversial that the Media giants (Fake Jews) have been on a all out blitz to call “Corona and 5G connection” theories as a bannable offense on social media. They are trying to do soo much damage control it looks like a cover up, because it is. This means they will try to filter truth through their lens of lies. You will not get the truth from these Media Liars.

The term Conspiracy Theory was even made up by the government to slander anyone who speaks about things they WANT to keep hidden.  Like 5G and coronavirus have the exact same symptoms. So much for free speech huh.

  Corona Virus is just the cover up or smoke screen and a damn good one. To what end? To have to go to THEM for a cure. Bill Gates said in 18 months this crises will be over and the “vaccine” ready, hmm the same timeline that the Government is saying  this will be over. Again by the time some of you read this the internet police would of already scrubbed some of this off to preserve their net of lies.


  Your immune system has been crippled by 5G and you are suffering, now how does that “New Vaccine” look? When you cannot breathe or other maladies then you are presented with hope what will you do?

  The 5G towers are the trigger for all this it weakens your natural immune system down to a crawl. This in turn makes your body not be able to fight off the virus. They know that these towers are destroying immune systems. They know how radiation affects our body they tested it on us Israelites for years.  5G tower is the trigger to get you to take that Vaccine of Death. The radiation is so strong from those towers its way above the allowed amount. Fine dont believe me let the experts in Canada tell it. Go to 2 Minutes to get the quick news but if you are like me and you want the entire cake watch the whole video.

  Nanotech is the doorway to the Mark of the beast system take it at your own Perl you have been warned


So when I came to this realization that TMH has given to me by faith, a dark fact entered my mind. If Esau will do this thing in combination with the 5G and Corona will that not kill some or most of his own people?  The answer through the spirit said YES because he was a murder from the beginning.

The first video I linked on this article is the exact 1 I watched that night. I will admit some of it is above my paygrade but most of it said volumes. After I watch that video I said to myself

…..they trying to kill us all once again. But how will he do this and protect himself.


  How do you fight an invisible enemy that is killing you from the inside out, because it destroys whatever Biomaterial it touches?  So there I was at a cross road where I didn’t know what to do. I was in the room my head was spinning as some of you do when you are learning different things. I keep up with the Israelite brothers on youtube and try to keep myself sharp, they always say the mind of Esau is DEEP.

  That’s when it hit me, and it was heavy on my mind soul. Esau needs a method to protect himself and those that are on his side. That’s TMH and he said “Look to the Nanotech” so I dug deep into the subject. 

  First thing I looked up was “What Materials Absorbs EMF Radiation” thats when anisotropic crystals popped up lets be honest thats not a negro friendly word lol. After I learned that Nanotech uses anisotropic crystals to convert that energy to raw power. Still that wasnt enough to seal the deal because I asked myself the logical question.

“Who in their right mind would willing place these things in their body” Then through the power of TMH I came across a brother from the GMS camp who showed a video involving the Quantum Dot Tatoo.

  When I got to what TMH wanted to show me to see which was the Quantum Dot Tatoo information invented by Bill Gates. Through that research I learned that they have already been using Nanotech to inject medicines and vaccines remotely in soldiers. Then I put it together and the picture got real clear ….. Nanotechnology, Quantum Dots

  • 1 Phase Cause a Pandemic to make everyone rush to the hospitals = Coronavirus plaster news station with distractions, causing Medical Martial Law (See 2 Esdras 15) Food Shortages people are outraged. Trigger Collapse of the Dollar. Assign Blame to others instead of the source which was not China.
  • Phase 2 Run 5G towers to weaken Immune System Globally = EMF Radiation Poisoning causes people to rush to doctors for vaccine. Public unaware that towers weaken immune systems to make you a target to Covid19. Causing a perfect storm for a “Fix, Cure people demand to be healed. Media chalks everything up to Covid.18-20 months later the Gates foundation implements the Nanotechnology Quantum Dot Tatoo as mandatory to go to school or go in public. Government funds this cure as a savior of the people. Dollar gets ready to fall people are in a panic because the Covid is still active. People are persuaded to take “Vaccine or Chip” that contains the Micro Nanotech.
  • Phase 3 Dollar Collapses the world is in a uproar somewhere between A-Z its announced that One world Currency is the only way to right the ship. News still says people are still dying from the virus but the ones that took the Nanotechnology Quantum Dot cure are recovering well.Good news everyone the vaccine can also tell who and where you are! No need for Paper money anymore. The mark of the beast was disguised as a cure. Those who refuse the new cure are persecuted. Privacy has been eliminated freedoms gone you are now part of the Machine
  • Phase 5 One government and world. Everyone is “Chipped” whether externally or internally with Nanotech. With most of the known world sick off the “Virus” people place ID2020 in their veins.


This is where we are heading and I will explain more about the how and why of the Nano-cure below. This is how you get the entire planet to take something the bible calls the Mark of the beast. This is the only way you get 7.8 billion people on the same page. Out of this Chaos the war will begin super Nano soldiers activated and the end will come.

  While these 5G towers are pumping our absolute mega tons of this radioactive energy micro waves. Those without the protection of the father will fall. Those that are weak and feeble will die. Dont believe me? Look at whos dying now you are telling me ALL these patients are dying from Covid19? 


  Nanotechnology Quantum Dot evolution is happening right now, Nanotech is the mark of the beast. Esau is about to play his Trump Card, join us or die. Those that take this abomination will surely die in the end. You cannot scrape this off your body when TMH cracks the sky. Nanotech is made from powerful crystals forged into mini robots and are able to absorb ALL ALL ALL radiation and convert it into sustainable power and energy to create a superhuman.

Bloodshot Showed you a small taste of what Nanotech can do remember if they show it in a movie they have it.


 Esau and those like him believe the bible is not real. He thinks its a fairy tale or a fictional story but the elites know it to be true. They KNOW that we are going to be transformed: so they also need to be changed into something more powerful. Nanotech soldiers are real and have been for a very long time.

They fear going back to the father because they KNOW judgement is written, so what do they need to do? Thats right hebrews make themselves immortal.  I couldn’t sleep a few days ago at all knowing the damage these 5G towers were doing to my people. I also could not get the voice out of my head about the Nanotech Robots.

I watched the movie Bloodshot just a few days ago and then the entire puzzle was unravled from one scene. Thats when I looked up all the research I am giving to you all. FYI I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS VIDEO ITS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES.

In the movie Bloodshot this hero is

⦁ Immune do all forms of external trauma

⦁ Able to download anything informational on the internet. Can learn any skill in seconds.

⦁ Able to control other robots

⦁ Can be programed to do certain tasks that normal humans cannotNanotech is showed in Bloodshot Movie

⦁ Immune to disease and famine and pestilence

⦁ Superhuman strength, speed, agility,

⦁ stamina, reflexes and endurance  are enhanced

⦁ Regenerative healing factor

⦁ Master hand-to-hand combatant Skilled marksman Shapeshifting Cyberkinesis Camouflage and more ..
(( Ladies and Gentlemen that is Nanotech and more. In short like I said a god on earth))

  This is why I am writing this and I hope you watch the movie because I am showing you the truth. Something special that TMH is showing me.  This is spiritual power on the LEFT HAND side we are on the RIGHT side. This is all to tempt YOU like Christ was tempted, so you willingly give up your salvation that is the end game.

The same as Esau giving up his birthright to Jacob he is trying to reverse what has been done. WAKE UP JACOB its about to get real in this article.  This has to be inserted in you either willingly or not. Nanotech is part of the Mark of the Beast Endgame, do not give in to the wiles of the devil.

  I will explain how someone Jew or Gentile would take such an enhancement. Make no mistake what I am about to show you is real not fiction. Esau believe we cannot live without him but he will soon see. Without us there is no world past present or future.

  Just in case Vin Diesel sees this article you are an Israelite brother by blood. I hope you repent and pray for your family both past and present. I know you did this movie not knowing what you showed but I pray even you can see the bigger picture. The Most High is calling you home and its time you reclaim your heritage.

Bill Gates is bringing the Mark of the Beast to a new level



  This sinister game to be played out on earth is to be orchestrated on earth by your friendly neighborhood villain named Bill Gates. He is bringing everything into focus on what Ive been typing. How many of you knew that him and his wife have been at the forefront of ID 2020 and vaccinations?


  Just look up Event 201 you will see in that video whats coming down the pipe. These elites have been planning our demise for a long time, and if you watch in that video look whos sitting around that table.

  Well here is the quick short of the matter he wants to make it so everyone and yes I mean globally has to get designer vaccines, in order to be deemed safe and free from infection. This is the same man who put in a plan to depopulate the planet. Thats right they planned this outbreak to force their one world order. This is not out of context or a misquote hes serious. Phase 1 from what I call it is all about panic and Depopulation.

Gates said the world must advance its treatments, vaccines, testing, contact tracing and examine its policies for opening up, in order to stop the virus. (Source)

 In video 2 I linked above at the end of it they go into some white Jesus just throw out the bones keep the meat. The information is very solid and on point dont mind their ignorance. Here are some more sources you can look up for yourself these are facts that break the non believers backs.



The use of nanotechnology in medical settings is spreading, but challenges remain.
Folks like Bill Gates and others that have been involved along the way, they’ve been involved because they’re interested in the five-, 10-, 20-year horizon,” Giljohann said. Source


  Now how would they get this “Nano Micro Chip” on you? Here is a deep dive into the left hand side. Remember the scripture says he will be like god. They are getting the methods to do things like this from the FAR LEFT and no I am not talking politics. Introducing the Quantum Dot.



  What is a Quantum Dot? Who Invented it?


  Bill Gates is the brain child behind this abomination called the Quantum Dot Tatoo. It’s the hidden enemy that disguise itself as a cure but is death. It is part of the wicked Babylon system of control.

You go into the doctors office suffering from what you think is Covid19 or a sickness of some sort. You find out there is a new trail treatment that you can take and you will never get sick again. You have pre existing conditions and have been in pain for a while and you trust your “Doctor”. He tells you of the Quantum Dot tatoo but doesn’t tell you whats in it like they do with Vaccines today. To keep it 100 a lot of doctors don’t even know about this tech yet.

You are suffering from 5G or 6G sickness but the doctor will not tell you that since you know they work for the enemy or most of them anyways. Since the media has all but expunged the evidence clinical or otherwise of the affects of 5G the doctor is “Doing his Job”.


  He explains it goes on your hand and there is a small pinch and then 30 minutes later you feel brand new. You hearing this great news and forgetting you are an Israelite have just marked yourself.  The Quantum Dot Tattoo Vaccine is not something made up its real and it’s coming sooner than you think.

Im sorry for this next section Israelites world wide, but you MUST read what this damn thing is. This is from section 3.1 on this PDF document. They are already placing these in Humans. DOWNLOAD IT BEFORE THEY PULL IT.

Quantum Dot Tatoo or ”lab-on-a-chip” devices already being manufactured and animal testing and early clinical trials starting on nanotechniques for drug delivery

Nanotech’s promise comes from the fact that nanoscale devices are a hundred to tenthousand times smaller than human cells and are similar in size to large biological molecules (“biomolecules”)such as enzymes and receptors

While a quantum dot is about the same size as as mall protein (<10 nm) and some viruses measure less than 100 nm. Devices smaller than 50 nm can easily enter most cells. ((Source))

By gaining access to so many areas of the body, they have the potential to detect disease and deliver treatment in new ways.


  So what does all this have to do with Bill Gates? 


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded the team’s research, which was published in the journal Science Translational Medicine on Wednesday.

According to a Scientific American story, the project came about following a direct request from Microsoft founder Bill Gates himself, who has been personally involved in efforts to eradicate polio and measles through vaccinations.

The invisible “tattoo” accompanying the vaccine is a pattern made up of minuscule quantum dots – tiny semiconducting crystals that reflect light – that glows under infrared light. The pattern – and vaccine – gets delivered into the skin using hi-tech dissolvable microneedles made of a mixture of polymers and sugar.  ((Source))



  Look at the history of how they treated the slaves in the past, because your answer is there. In the movie Roots Kunta was whipped till he broke. You are being whipped right now and do not even know it. What will you do when they say in order for you to get your basic needs you have to have these “Trackers” in you? What if they tell you your kids need to have these robots injected into themselves in order to go to school?


Slaves used to have to walk around with ID patches on their persons back in the early slave days for Identification there is nothing new under the sun. Which begs a question WTF do you need an ID for to tell someone who you are? All these things have something in common. Watch this family…..

  • They control the farms and production = We dont
  • They control the government and global Resources = We dont
  • They control when you can and cannot go out = We dont
  • They have their own Military or Police = We dont
  • Who controls the Media? = We dont
  • Who controls your Education = Our people do not
  • Who is still is under social and physical, and mental slavery to this day = We are
  • Who Invents things like the Atom Bomb, Syphilis experiments, Planned Parenthood, or secret plots to exterminate millions? = They do
  • Whos holding the master program for these Nanotech inventions? = They ARE
  • If and when they enforce this thing who are they coming after = The youth and US
  • Who came up with EUGENICS!? = They Did
  • ((So now ask yourself if these are the exact things they controlled when we were under chattel slavery what do you think Nanotech will do))


Here is another source Israel read this and tell me if GMS called this right or not. Shout out again to those brothers who kept the path straight. When no one else was saying the mark of the beast is the Microchip you stood strong. The white man might of been talking about that Mark some years ago but question when we were in slavery who had OUR records?


Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced on March 18, 2020 during a “Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ session” that he is working on a new, invisible “quantum dot tattoo” implant that will track who has been tested for COVID-19 and who has been vaccinated against it.

According to BioHackInfo.Com: “The quantum-dot tattoos involve applying dissolvable sugar-based microneedles that contain a vaccine and fluorescent copper-based ‘quantum dots’ embedded inside biocompatible, micron-scale capsules. You cannot Dig this out its permanently in your body!

After the microneedles dissolve under the skin, they leave the encapsulated quantum dots whose patterns can be read to identify the vaccine that was administered.” (( There is your Permanent Mark of the Beast both inside and outside of you))

The Covid-19 vaccine is already under research and development and experts say it will likely be available in about 18 months. <==== See that timeline Hebrews? Didnt the government say this would be over come 18 months?



  Will this mean forced vaccinations or perpetually “sheltering in place” for those who refuse the coronavirus vaccine?

Bill Gates is carrying many hats these days, working on the ID2020 Certification Mark, which according to uses “immunization to serve as a platform for digital identity”.  The Gates Foundation company has also formed an alliance with other huge businesses like, Accenture,, Gavi, and the Rockefeller Foundation to make ID 2020 a real not just a pipe dream or a Hoax. The use of human enhancement Nanobites by the military is not new. Broadly construed, vaccinations could count as an enhancement of the human immune system ((Source))

It was recently announced that Covid-19 has the ability to survive on cash for up to 10 days. How long before businesses shun paper money for fear of the virus and people demand a cashless society? As we already pointed out you will not be able to function in Esaus new world without being marked. Those of us that choose not to take this will be marked as enemies of the state. Those of us who resolve not to step into willful sin would rather walk to the gallows rather than burn for an eternity.

  There is nothing new under the sun. This is what we are up against so this will be how this will happen lets recap:
  •   Nanites or Nanotech is made from Crystal so it can absorb harmful radiation being pumped out by 5G. Those Nanotech is part of the Mark of the Beast Endgame you have been warnedof us that do not have it world wide will be getting hella sick.
  • The Nano robots feed and gather that power to keep them charged, all the while the cell towers and satellites keep them full power. This will be injected into you via a cure (See picture IM NOT MAKING THIS UP)
  • You can never take them out they now control you, or whoever is driving the chip program. You now are a soldier for Satan and marked eternally

Revelations 13:16

And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

((This is the Quantum Dot Tattoo))

 This trans-human change is for the last war to come because these elites are now hiding in droves. This is not superstition or Hyperboil, or chicken little. Nanotech is part of the Mark of the Beast, this war will happen choose wisely.

TMH asked me to warn you ALL both Jew and Gentile that this war is going to happen. Why do you think they do not want you out of your house? They are placing these towers everywhere. Start looking UP family and notice whats been right in your face.

Remember the scripture says he CAUSES all to take it not by force. He creates scenarios where you have to choose. Remember when the Devil tempted Christ in Luke 4:1-4?


These are white elites saying this its not pooky on the street corner slinging dime rocks and weed. Who would do this madness and force the world to bow down like this. We Israelites have been warning Jew and Gentile alike about these horrors but as my uncle says “Some people have to get hit by the bus to know it hurts”.  The military will not let you go unless you can pass one of their bio-checkpoints.

Now you think they are just going to inject you with medicine? Nope this is nanotech being disguise as a cure. They can program the Nanites where ever they are in your body as you see from the Bloodshot video.

They are telling you their plans to your face and I hope you can see it. They are already making super soldiers and got a space program, why is that? You might scream they cannot do that its not constitutional. My question to you is when has the government ever knocked on your door and asked your opinion on a policy? 


  They just printed 2.2 TRILLION dollars out of thin air there was no pole for that, but yet they still will not give reparations. They pump tons of chemicals on you daily so they can track where you are via satellite, they didnt ask permission from anyone.


  They are preparing us for a kill shot I hope you are ready……fyi this is why TMH has to cut the time short. They know judgement is coming for them and ALL the wicked on the planet. White Jesus cannot save you from this coming onslaught. They have tried everything since the days of Moses to take us out. Now Esau is betting the farm on this plot.



  Listen up you Israelites and gentiles world wide, Satan came when Christ on Luke 4 was weakened as we are today. The devil offered him things he already had. The Israelites are joint heirs with Christ we will get our immortality and power back it is written have faith till the end. You true blooded Gentiles of the other nations better start cleaving because the Israelites are your hope.


  As soon as you read this get pray hard that we have the courage of our ancestors and we can stand strong. Pray for the father to crack the sky and make the time short, most of all pray for forgiveness for not only your sins but your forefathers. This is why Christ has to come back to save us from THIS enemy.

  Even if we die to the plans of Satan, we MUST remain faithful that we shall return. They will at first come with subtilty like the devil they come in the footprints of their father. This way he can accuse you like the devil and say no one forced it upon you. Like I said most of us have pre existing conditions this Nanochip innovation seems like a god send. Remember the strength of the sisters with the 7 sons in 2 Maccabees 7 stand strong and united.


This is the end game he has been trying to force us into his vaccines of extermination for years. They know time is short. You have to face facts family there are demons around us.

⦁ You go to the hospital because you “Feel Sick”. Even if its a loved one.
⦁ They present the Quantum Dot Tattoo (Probably another name later)
⦁ You take this “Cure” not knowing what it is because you clicked off this article.
⦁ You get BILLIONS of nano robots injected into you. Welcome to the Mark of the beast and yes they will be in your head/brain.
⦁ They flip the switch on and you go bananas killing everything you see.
⦁ You get back to the father because you took their mark and there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

As For the heathen they have to do this enhancement to survive but for us who believe in Yahawah and the son this is a HELL NO.  As the scripture says who will stand for me against the evildoers?

As we walk through the prophecies in 2 Esdras 15 and chapter 16 lets not forget who our rock is. We got to be stronger than normal we need to push for truth for the famine of the word is coming.

We can no longer walk with the whore we need to drop her ass off at the curb and Rise up as Israelites. Watch the movie Bloodshot and you will see exactly what I am saying. We are too close to the fathers promises now to give up.

Nanotech is part of the Mark of the Beast Endgame I hope and pray you do not take this thing. Shalom

Qam Yasharahla Rise up Israelites and come out of her my people

Qam Yasharahla Rise up Israelites and come out of her my people

Qam Yasharahla Rise up Israelites and come out of her my people


Ezekiel 37 = The Mighty Army of Israel is back!

 Qam Yasharahla Rise up Israelites and come out of her my people, is repeated in the bible many times but today we are seeing it live and in your face. Rise up Israelites and prepare for the glory and rewards the father has promised us since before the earth was formed. We are waking up so fast we have been banned from many platforms.  As the rest of the world battles the unseen enemy called Coronavirus as Trump called it, we are commanded to unite. Not as the heathen that celebrate Easter and other pagan holidays but as Israelites. This article is very much needed and its long overdue so the message of truth and unity. 

Qam Yasharahla Rise up Israelites and come out of her my people today

  What exactly do I mean by come out of her my people and rise up Israelites? For those of you that are new to this message I will make this easy, but the broader definition means quite a bit more meat. The picture is so powerful I had to share it click the picture to go to this brothers Instagram this was wonderful work. We are all working for that 2 Esdras 2:40 crown. 


  Jeremiah 51 has a deep breakdown if you have ears to hear. As you will learn in this article times places and events have double meanings in the bible. It’s extremely rare that I go outside of the King James bible, but I am finding more and more “these other versions” have some meat.


Berean Study Bible Judgment on Babylon Jeremiah 51:6-10

Flee from Babylon! Escape with your lives!

(This means pack your things and leave if you can)

Do not be destroyed in her punishment. (See the News Today)

For this is the time of the LORD’s vengeance;

He will pay her what she deserves.

7Babylon was a gold cup in the hand of the LORD,

making the whole earth drunk.

The nations drank her wine;

therefore the nations have gone mad.

(( PRECEPT Revelation 18:1, Revelation 17:1 , Isaiah 47:1 Read These Chapters))

8 Suddenly Babylon has fallen and been shattered.

Wail for her; get her balm for her pain;  perhaps she can be healed.

(Even to this day we have tried)

9“We tried to heal Babylon, but she could not be healed.

(Judgement is Set and I mean Global)

Abandon her!


Some say America is not Babylon some say it is. I believe in a global Babylon, but we have shelter even this captivity called Sanctuaries. You need a place where the laws govern your movement and actions according to God not Man. Am I telling you to pack your bags and flee? Short Answer is No. Come out of her my people is both Physical and Mental at the same time, you need the holy spirit to see things spiritual.


  We need to trust in the safety the lord has afforded us due to the promise in Psalms 91, but we also cannot tempt the father. When Herod was trying to kill Christ did Mary and Joseph mentally come out of Rome, or did they pack up and go to Africa? Did they listen to the Angel or did they scoff? If you have the means to bring your family to safety do so. You think the blood moon during Easter over Rome was a fluke?


  Where are you going to run because the bible says the earth is given into the hands of the wicked. If you are planning to flee where you currently live my advice is to get where you need to be before the serious  wrath starts. Whatever side of the coin you land on you Israelites world wide need to make a choice for now things are speeding up.


I have a free gift for you if you have no idea what the curses of Deuteronomy mean feel free to download and no its not a scam. Rising up means to put aside what you have learned in this kingdom and go to the light of the scriptures. The promises are coming and you want to be in line for them.


  We are commanded in the bible by TMH (The most high) to come out of the ways of this current system of control and to stand with the father once again. In short we say Qam Yasharahla  or Rise up Israelites, for we are the children of the biblical Israelites. We are about to get our crowns back and set on high repent for the Kingdom is at hand.


  As Covid19 rages through the world  and infects 2 million we as Israelites must turn away from our oppressors and choose none of their ways Proverbs 3:31. Things as we know it nothing is the same, except the message god said a long time ago which is. I will save my people from the 4 corners of the earth, and Judgement comes for those that have touched my children.  There have been many signs that TMH is fed up with this current rule and the dominion talked about in Luke 21:20-24 is coming to a devastating halt.


  It’s time to rise up Israelites and put down the cup of trembling for now according to Deuteronomy 30:7 the cup has passed to the other nations. Whether you believe gentiles can be saved or not according to Ezekiel 14:14 you can only walk the strait path alone. In order to get the crown you have to choose this day who you serve. You cannot wear the crown of Babylon and the crown of Righteousness at the same time. The Christianity doctrine does this and now most all churches are shut down, and pastors are being put to death.


  I have written ALL articles on this site through the spirit of TMH, to warn these nations to repent for the Rape, Robbery, Thievery, and Mayhem John 10:10. All the articles I do here are not for self gratification but in hopes 1 person repents so the angels can cheer.  These nations have broken every single law in hopes to keep us asleep. They have brought Hell on Earth to us and now the Angels are listening and delivering prayers to the father. The Destroyer of the Gentiles has to purify the lands that have been defiled and no one can stop it.




Its 2020 now and if people do not believe you are the Israelites its too late for them they have been marked. Show me one place in the bible where “Jesus” went to the other nations and begged them to believe. I will wait because he came to heal the sick and to rise up Israelites that had been abused and downtrodden. THIS is our mission and we are to seek them to the 4 corners. If you have a talent use it less the most high blow out your candle and remove your fire.


We got to stop begging these “nations” to believe and tell us who we are

because there is enough evidence for you to wake up

  1. Archeology check
  2. Biblical Records Check
  3. Historical Proofs via pictures and paprus
  4. The Spirit of God


  STOP these silly debates there is no reason to argue with what TMH gave you. He is the smartest strategist ever and he proves it daily. We were scattered and we all have a piece of the puzzle. There is no reason to be captain King Shit when all of our righteousness is as filthy rags. Some were given less some were given more teach what you know and share, not for strife but for truth.


  Stop these silly YouTube debates about doctrines of deceit, because if you do not know Christ was Black by now chances are you are not going to make it. If you are still arguing if the world is flat or are the laws of god done away with then there is a missile with your name on it. For all you non believers if it’s not the truth why are so many fighting over this very issue?


  The bible says the spirit of the lord will lead you into ALL TRUTH. Do not act like you are the savior and lord over Yahawahshi’s flock. Every-time you go on a public forum especially video  and argue over xyz, the other nations sit back and say, “We still got time they STILL don’t get it”. Simple question to my family when’s the last time you seen a lion argue with an elephant over what he is? 


  If the world is against us how can we gain independence and not need them?

What is a Heritage?


Remember family we were sent here as punishment this is not our rest. Many do not know much outside of the Babylon Bubble and what went down in other parts of the world with the Israelites. We truly need a refreshing in Jeremiah 17:4 TMH said Jeremiah you will lose your heritage.


  Heritage is Independence and freedom because you need Language, Laws and Land to be considered “Free”. Jeremiah always knew who he was and he spoke Hebrew so this cannot be talking about his time. Question then what people lost those “3L’s” that were mentioned above?


  Thats right Us, but now the father is starting to return our heritage and now we shall gain freedom. The world knows where ever we lay our feet due to our covenant, that is our land Deuteronomy 11:21-24 and Joshua 1:3 is your proof, so why are we fighting over street corners? This is a heritage forever because where ever we have been slaves has prospered at some level. We are promised to get everything back but we must repent as Israelites and not as gentiles and UNITE. 


  Rise Up Israelites sounds great paper but won’t they come after us?

Remember Black Wall Street?


The creator of all things seen and unseen did not give us the spirit of fear. The book of Daniel 7:18, Psalms 50:5 tells you that the saints will take the kingdom. This is not begging and we are the only ones on the planet who sealed our covenant through blood with the father. If we all come together as a nation and work together under the banner of Qam Yasharahla in faith. 


  In short we win and we will never suffer a Black Wallstreet again, so whats the proof? Ask yourself and look through history this is the only thing as a people we haven’t tried. Yes 300% certainty these nation according to Psalms 83, will try to stop us but this time because we quit sinning TMH will fight for us. If you want to see a scripture on this Judith 5:17-20 is cut and dry. Even some of our own people like the Pulpit pimps and government hustlers will come against us, remember dont let anyone take your crown Revelation 3:12.


  You got 5G towers, Coronavirus, Martial Law, Planned Parenthood, Eugenics, Tuskegee Experiments not to mention Vaccines of death and destruction.  Yes the world, and the principalities are against us but who can stand against our father? For a guarantee fact they are going to come with force, but this time Michael the Arch Angel and the Savior have a surprise for them. All that being said in order to earn this crown TMH has promised you have to have the strength to say NO MORE.


  Everything that happened to us is about to land in their lap and they get to sip double. If you are wondering what the cup of trembling is take advantage of the free book I am gifting to you. Rise of the Israelites will show you what the Church has been paid to hide, and yes I am serious. 

  Here is the thing family we have been so busy drinking from the cup of Curses and trembling we got used to the taste (Isaiah 52:22-23 Revelation 18:5-6 Jeremiah 51: 5-8).  The lord is now placing that same cup we drank into the hands of those that hate us. You have a front row seat to watch what happened to your forefathers. There is nothing new under the sun. You will see as you get healed and rest they will have turmoil and pain.  Some of them will repent and say surely our family has inherited lies and uselessness but some are slated for that lake with the snake.


  A small message to you “Pastors” out there who refuse to tell the damn truth either you tell your congregation who the real children of Israel is or suffer in damnation and get your flame put out. The death angel is loosed and  as Moses told the Israelites he will not forgive your transgressions.


  Choose ye today who you serve because the so called blacks Hispanics and native Americans and the scattered Israelites world wide need this medicine and its your job to give it. STOP TELLING THEM THEY ARE GENTILES OR BE JUDGED.  Hang on to your prosperity doctrine if you want to and see what happens. What do you gain by having the world at your finger tips but losing your soul? What did Esau and these other nations promise you in exchange for your very essence? Where is your backbone or your sense of right and wrong? Why are you taking the children’s bread and feeding it to DOGS?


  You can hang on Trump and your voting all you want to, and even take the 10 Million he has offered you to keep lying to your people. Or you can repent and do the right thing its simple really either you are going to be Lazarus or the rich man Luke 16:19:31. If you do not repent you can look forward to Isaiah 66:22-24. I pray this message reaches you because there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth in these last days, and you are running out of time. Bring forth good fruit and choice vine out of the vineyard because the Axe is put to the root, and the swinger is Yahawahshi Matthew 3:10.

As for the rest of you believers of the truth we shall continue……..


  According to the bible if we return to the Savior Yahawahshi now more than ever and seek him 10 times (Baruch 4:28) more, he would save us in the last days.  Im going to keep it 100 with you all, listen to me close we have lived like the heathen TOO LONG. It’s time to pick a side and not be stiff-necked or once again we will be left in the wilderness.

Our forefathers did grievous things in the face of TMH, and for that we were punished with the lash of the enemy and forced to eat sour grapes (We paid for their sins).  The father whooped our butts good and we got the scars to prove it. The controversy of Zion is beginning and now TMH will fight for his chosen.

  When The Most High gets done with Babylon as in the days of old there will be no more argument about “Who’s his children are” read Ezekiel 39:21-29.  Everything that is written that we have seen, and not seen is coming to past, that is your sign to Rise up Israelites and stand for the truth and you will gain a crown of life, and repent for your redeemer comes.


  This is why Luke 1:68-70 exists this event has not happened yet, and no Zachariah was not talking to Esau.  Qam Yasharala is a heavy term it means more than just “Rise Up” its a call for unbreakable unity and strength, so I exalt all you Israelites world wide to be brave like our family line does and FIGHT FOR RIGHTEOUSNESS. Now I made mention of Babylon above and some of my brothers and sisters have different views on what this actually is.


  We can all agree that these lands have our forefathers blood on them so it has to be purified. YES so called American belongs to the 10 tribes of Israel but the house needs a cleaning badly. Numbers Qam Yasharahla Rise up Israelites stop voting today35:33 has to come to pass I am sure the father is going to place you back there once it is done, but for now fire is slated for a major cleaning.

When he restores the land and the animals it shall be even more beautiful than before. You cannot vote to be free you need to fight and the weapon we use is the laws statues and commandments and our faith is in the son, and the seal is our baptism.

We all have seen either movies, TV shows, or heard songs about the oppressors of not only our own people but of the heathen round about us.  I am not going to rehash what is already known but I will tell you Judgement and Justice is coming.


Wisdom of Solomon 18:7 states you MUST accept both the destruction of your enemies and the salvation of the righteous. Some of our people have such a soft spot for the other nations this is going to be a lot of their downfall, its called Stockholm Syndrome, or ptsd by Joy Leary


Did you know right before Rome fell their were very similar events taken place on the earth? Did you not know that we just had a SUPER MOON that was red just this month?  You think this Passover is just an coincidence? Look to Ecclesiasticus 43:6-8, because there it will tell you what the moon is for. If you do not have that book inside your bible you are using a revised slave bible.

Read it for yourself the Blood Moon is a sign of biblical judgement. Trust me you do not want to be near anyone or anything when TMH’s  judgement comes. Come out of her my people is written in so many ways in the bible, and one way to do that is back away from “Their Customs and beliefs”. 

  Yes this includes white man Jesus because the one depicted today is Cesare Borgia. That false Image comes with a doctrine of lies, and many brains have been seared with a hot iron. This is why we call him the devil all that word means is Deceiver and he fits that to a tee.


  This is the damage that white men have done to our people this is root of our issue. We cannot see God in one another if we raise up a white man as our savior. What part about Jesus was black and the Israelites dont you get? You are in violation of the 1 and second commandment.

Question where is white man Jesus to stop this virus? Where is your Lilly white, stringy hair, leprous, reprobate of a man at? An ABOMINATION is all who chooses you Isaiah 41:21-24.

We can no longer do Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Lint, Halloween, Birthdays, for these are tools of the devil. You see the so called white man gave you these holidays not the bible. In other words white man Jesus doctrine says do what you want to but the lord god as a good father says, do what I told you to do.  The goal is to keep you asleep and Satan has done a good job with the majority of you.  When the lord said Awake Awake put on YOUR glorious garments. This means come out of her sins because you have your own holy days to love and to cherish.

Holy days of the Lord

  • Passover and Unleavened Bread
  • Feast of First Fruits
  • Feast of Tabernacle
  • Day of Atonement
  • Feast of Dedication
  • 12 New moon feasts Yearly
  • Day of Simeon
  • Day of Nicanor
  • Sabbath Day


  Holidays of Satan ((WATCH THIS FAMILY))

  1. Rise up Israelites and stop celebrating their holidays Valentines Day
  2. Easter
  3. Fathers day Mothers Day
  4. Presidents Day Labor Day
  5. Halloween
  6. Feast of Bacchus or Christmas
  7. Birthdays
  8. New Years or feast of Janus


Do you see now my beloved brothers and sisters? Everything Righteous that TMH ordained he has flipped to the side of darkness.

Remember the scripture says he will be LIKE the most high. So everything that Satan does is to be as close to TMH as possible to fool as many people as possible. He is going to get a high body count because even though I laid all this out still some will not research. I am trying to get this to be paint by numbers easy.


  Here are the top 7 things you can do today
to Unite and to come out of her (Babylon).

1. Stop doing wickedly to your brother or sister repent of that evil and love them help them as we used to do.
2. Stop the Idolatry and all such practices because anything you place over TMH is Idolatry including Sports, Kids, Loved Ones, Lusts.
3. Stop celebrating wicked holidays on the side for instance we do not celebrate Thanksgiving (Or thankskilling)

Many Israelites will wait till the day after or before and cook the turkey stuffing etc. That spirit is pure wickedness and not acceptable 1 Thessalonians 5:22.

4. Stop Listening to music that forces you to be programed to hate your brother or sister.

The Music Industry is own operated and funtioned by the same ones who owned the slave ships, Khazar Jews.

5. Stop blaming the “Powers that be” for your condition the lord clearly said HE DID THIS TO YOU.

TMH controls who rules the Kingdom, and who is in the poor house, or who has fortune and prosperity and who drinks the dregs(Joshua 1:1-8)

Come back to him in humbleness repent and he will heal you Jeremiah 30:11-16, Romans 13:1-8, 1 Kings 8:46-48)


6. STOP  going to these whore houses call Churches and cone out of these wicked Israelite camps.

Did you know that Trump just signed a bill to give these fake ravaging wolves called pastors a 10 million dollar loan program they can take out of the bank as “Salary“?  They still are asking for Tithing in the middle of a outbreak of Coronavirus and robbing the people blind and nothing is done. Some studies show that African Americans and Latinos and Spanish Americans are being disproportionately affected and its NOT being shown on the news.

7. STOP separating from the brothers and sisters that are in this walk. We will need one another now more than ever Zephaniah 2:1-3, for the decree has went forth. You are commanded to entertain strangers (Hebrews 13:2) you do not know who you are giving the cold shoulder to.



To be clear because I know some Israelite camp shall have a problem with what I said. Some are the same scribes and Pharisees of old doomed to die when Christ cracks the sky.  If they are in sin according to the New Testament help them break that sin Galatians 6:1-2, Leviticus 19:17-18. Remember Christ died for us while we were yet sinners.

Personally I owe a strong SHALOM and thank you to some camps that helped me wake up to this truth and they are many. If I forget to Mention you please do not take it personal the many bricks you have laid has keep me strong. This short list is but not in any particular order. This is not about doctrine its about truth. This was my road and I am thankful to them and TMH.

1. Hurricane Hashar from Ambassadors of Christ. = You were the one who first woke me up to who and what we are as a people on this planet.

You though the power of TMH reached into my soul and poured the first glass of clean water, on my soul, and mind.

I make no bones about this ALL PRAISES TO TMH for you brother and may your place in the kingdom be a triple portion.

I may never meet you face to face in this kingdom but I pray we can drink wine together in the kingdom with Christ. I owe you a debt that can never be repaid.


2. Big Judah (Youtube Channel) = Deeper Understanding of events today that has been hidden and proof about other books being ours and not the heathens.

I don’t have enough article space to thank you for all you have done you are the reason I have broadened my reading library and my faith is raised to the level it is now.

3. Ahyal ban Gad Gadite University (Also on youtube) = strong leadership and he specializes in the holy ghost and the order of Melchezidec (Which I am proud to be a part of)

Do not come here if you just believe in just 80 books you will be lost in the sauce. Some of us that are awake are the “Wise ones” mentioned in 2 Esdras 14:42-48.

You have taught me spiritual secrets that have been lost for ages. Hidden things that we sorely needed now. And you are responsible for Rising Up Israelites world wide of the 10 tribes.

I love ya for all you have done and I keep watching weekly. May we both walk into the Kingdom in white robes of truth.


4. IUIC = Yes, I said it, because they were one of the first to show how important the law is and how deep the levels of Esau went.

If you are just now starting your walk they have some deep basic classes that are very good. Although some of their doctrine has some bones you keep the meat and spit the bad out.  Deacon Yawasap is one of my favorites and Deacon Ethan for they both show many truths to boost your spirit. Although they just stick with 80 books you can learn a lot. The other listings above deal with much more spiritual and deeper matters.

5. GMS or Great Millstone = I have to say a strong QAM YASHARALA to you all for without you in my dark days I wouldn’t of had hope.  Malchaamah and Tahar and a great host of Apostles have taught me to dig DEEPER into words, and meanings to get the true meat.  Although they just say in the 80 books they get every drop of milk out and meat. If no one else will say it I love you brothers although we never met I salute you.


6. True Spirit of Christ = All praises to TMH for you although you are still growing the foundation is true and the rock is Christ or Yahawahshi.  There are levels to teaching and you show patience in everything you show. Lords will we can meet sometime but know your voice has stretched across many lands and I pray your reward is great in the Kingdom.

The bible says give honor where honor is due, and I am humble enough to do that and proud to say I am a True Israelite from the work of these camps and teachers.

8. Sons of Thunder Israelites = Never has there been more dynamic street teachers these brothers of wisdom. Although many things have threatened to have them pushed off the corners for speaking the truth they stand bold as Lions. I have spent many restless nights trying to catch up to all your videos lol. Your work is not in vain I let my son learn from your older videos because like others on this list you preach a lot of truth. TMH has really given you all a humble powerful spirit that I pray to learn how to adapt.

  These are the steps I have walked in to get to where I am now and Precept upon Precept has been hammered into my very spirit because of these Kinfolks.  Now Everyone has their issues on doctrine and points they are trying to make against this list is not to cause debate but to show love. I study to show myself approved and I recommend you do the same.

  I do not want to get into the differences in doctrine on this article but point blank we got to stand together unless we fall apart.  We will all see eye to eye when the Messiah returns lords will he will clear up the darkness of bad understanding. We all believe in Yahawahshi and the holy spirit that is a foundation we can trust.  You have to leave the teachings of Babylon and empty your cup of dregs and place in their cool clean water of the word.

  We are spiritual people and have been since we were created (Isaiah 43 1-3 Isaiah 44:1-2and if we just get a drop of truth that has not been tainted by Babylon the Great we are unstoppable.  We as a people will be no more tossed to and fro with every wind of doctrine. We can pick out the bones and keep the meat to get a clear picture of what is about to happen today. In order to do this we MUST come together and stand as one unit of power. The savior never said live divided stand alone so why do we not fix what we have broken.

Rise up Israelites and come out of her my people and be no more afraid of the dark for we are children of the light. The father is raising up his army in the site of the nations as we speak we need to unite, hurry time is short.  We all know TMH used these other nations to oppress us, and to whip us into shape, for our sins so now hes calling us home, and demanding that we drop the pride and strife, and take back power and life.

We are the salt of the earth the former of ALL things. All major inventions were either inspired of created by us. Coronavirus or whatever weapon we get attacked with shall not succeed. In this year 2020 we shall start to see things that the enemy has had planned for ages.

When the Lord said “Come out of her my people” do you believe that was only spiritual? Look through all the captivities TMH always made a way for us to prosper in the face of evil. We are instructed what to do in captivity in Jeremiah 29:4-15 read this closely and with NEW eyes.  We have always been entrepreneurs and business minded forward thinking people. Thats not Esaus gift he steals what he wants and kills when you tell him no. What do you think when they came to Africa and got us from our lands they grabbed dummies? Let this sink in I will let the nations TELL you who they grabbed. It wasnt Random as they want you to believe.

The black Jews had an advantage over the African tribes: they carried their culture, history, laws, and written records  with them; this assured them a constant precedent for the development of a higher social organization. Because of the stability of the black Jewish culture,
the Jews were not absorbed into the autochthonous population.

In fact, the Jews absorbed some of the native tribes.  The Jews made use of every opportunity; they were an industrious and skillful people: In the Jewish Ghanaian states were found kings,  princes, governors, generals, secretaries, treasurers, revenue agents, judges, architects, engineers, doctors, historians, language interpreters, mathematicians, jewelers, sculptors, masons, carpenters, painters of art, goldsmiths, leather-workers, potters, armorers, saddlers, blacksmiths, agriculturists, et-
cetera. (( Link to Source))




((Who told you they took Lazy Slaves from the west coast of Africa or “Worthless Consumers”?))

  As for Jacob we create from nothing as our father did. So I have a question why do we need to cling to Babylon when we made it brick by brick? We do not need them to be successful Ezra 4:1-3 tells you that.  We are to have something that we can cling on to in times of famine, and pestilence, in other words safety in Goshen.


  Right now if they were to just shut off the water nothing can be done to stop them. I KNOW this is not our kingdom but our 400 years are up we need to protect our young ones and wives and family with more than just scriptures. We are to move in wisdom even Christ said sell your garment and buy a sword. I am not telling you to commit violence I am extorting you to be like Judah Maccabees and Protect your flock.


  Now I am sure the scripture has popped into your mind that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, and the weapons of our warfare are not carnal. I 300% agree with you but lets put it this way. Would Christ let anyone storm into his flock and destroy it without putting up a fight? What did Levi and Simeon do to the African King that Defiled Dinah? Did they throw bible scripture at them? You brothers and sisters better read 2 Esdras 15 and chapter 16 and realize what time we are in. This devil is coming and gunning to destroy us literally not just spiritually read Revelation 12 again especially the last verse.


Sad to see us fighting against one another and brings tears to my eyes because of doctrines we are still so far apart. The bible says GATHER YOURSELFS TOGETHER not remain apart.  If we built the world and mega empires surely we can have an economic structure that’s not dependent on the descendants of slave-masters. Dr. Claud Anderson told you as much its a shame he cannot see the entire picture.

We are the mightiest, most loving, resilient people on the entire planet, and it’s time we show this world we do not need them, and we never have.  You name the nation they work group economics and have mastered it. No one ever asks the question on where they learned this from that’s right us. The story of Joseph is a blueprint to financial success, and that’s in Genesis. Did he say NOPE THATS A HEATHEN IM NOT TELLING HIM A DAMN THING. No because of his diligence he not only saved Egypt he also saved his own family from the Pestilence and famine.

Whether it is China, Europe, Spain, Japan, there is a China town in every city and they do not vote for the most part but they own mini communities of power.

  Even the fake Jews understand leveraging money and resources, we can do better Israel. As it sits now we have little or nothing as a nation of people.  After 400 years we are still begging for Reparations of a Stimulus Check we got to do better Israel. I applaud ADOS but the issue is bigger than Cut the Check. The entire planet is made for us so why do we beg from the masters table?

Rise up Israelites as a super power or fall as a heathen. I cannot speak for the rest of you brothers and sisters but I want to inherit the Kingdom Promised by Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

  Do you all remember the story of Moses and him coming down the mount finding us doing all kinds of wickedness? Arron had JUST made the golden calf and Moses just got the 613 laws from the father? This is also symbolic when Yahawahshi is coming down to us, what will he see? I wonder if he will find faith or sin.

Later in that story Moses stood on the other side of the Israelites and said “EVERYONE WHO STANDS FOR THE MOST HIGH STAND BY ME”. That same decree is being pronounced now.

  Then the order was given to kill those who still wanted to be hitched to Beial and Egypt. We are approaching that time once again. Now the fishers are still out but soon hunters will be on the prowl. A final Separation as in the days of old must happen again. We must once again rule this planet by TMH’s laws in love and power or be counted as chaff.
When you read Isaiah 2:1-3 its crystal clear whos going to be ruling and whos going to be the directors of truth for in Zion goes forth the law.

The law is what gives life and so long we have been in the grips of death for far too long. While the rest of these 10 plagues hit we are commanded to Qam Yasharahla Rise up Israelites for now the angels fight for those that have repented.

In order to rise up as an Israelite do I need to be Baptized?

This is a question that ALL camps have a different view on so I will tell mine and yes its scriptural. This will not be a long breakdown but there are some key points we need to look into.  Just as an FYI when you do the research ALL of our patriarchs of legend were baptized in one way or another. Some were baptized by fire some were by water some by both. So according to that premise I stand firm on Christ because he also was baptized by fire and water.

  Everyone from Adam to Christ and beyond went through a form of it so why not you? Think about it what Shepard do you follow did not when Christ was baptized the holy ghost descend on him? And you wonder why you do not have it? Baptism is symbolic of you dying (Dunking you down) and Rising up again (Just like Christ did or Resurrection).

I am not going to get into this mega deep in THIS article, but we really have to open our eyes and realize that the enemy has had our records under the Vatican. It is sealed in vaults 50 miles long for a good reason.  They have our records read Judith 5:17-20. For ages now they have detailed records of who we are like the Terminator …….they know who we are!

Rise up Israelites the Vatican has your records


  They know our history and hid it for a reason. If we get even a taste of what those records hold its a wrap. Look at the power we have with the 80 books they “Allowed” us to have.  They know what happens when we are united with the father and cry out to him when we are purified. These nations are not stupid Psalms 83 is not in the bible for vanity.

There are much much more books than 80 even 2 Esdras 14 tells you this. Hell up to about 10 years ago we only used 66 books. To that end I have no reservations when I say Baptism was done WAY before John.  Beloved brothers and sisters you cannot squeeze 2000 years of history events and miracles into only 80 books. You also do not throw the baby out with the bath water.

  The scriptures are 2 fold and sometimes 3 fold meaning there are multiple breakdowns for 1 scripture. There is a carnal side and a spiritual side. So we will go over the carnal and the spiritual in hopes we can get down to a resolution.

In Corinthians 10:1-2 you see plainly that the Israelites were baptized unto Moses but you do not see really any breakdown to this in the bible. This is clearly spiritual and a heavy understanding when you dig deeper.  You do not see anywhere where Moses is dunking people in water in the 80 books. Walking through the Red Sea (Red is representing blood of Christ).

They are leaving filthiness of Egypt and being lead to freedom or the school master to be taught again how to be clean. To make things plain.

⦁ We went from Egyptian captivity and Paganism. We were in Covenant with the heathen like today. We were redeemed with blood.
⦁ To Laws of God and the most powerful nation on the planet. We also were sealed with blood to this covenant.

Later you will see that we went from the school master (Levitical law) to Christ, which again we were sealed with blood.

At each level a change or a “Cleansing Baptism” has to take place, your mind has to be changed, or you cannot MOVE forward as they did crossing the red sea.

Now that is a lot of meat maybe you knew some of this or maybe you didn’t, review this for its needed info. This is why some of these other nations need to put OUR book of scriptures down. It’s like watch a child with sharp scissors its only a matter of time before they get cut.

Again the spiritual side is the Israelites had JUST came out of captivity from Egypt (Slavery), and were being purified by the laws of TMH to live a better life, and to be separated from the unclean to the clean or Holy.  To put it short TMH instructed Moses to come out of her my people at the burning bush and did the same for us.  As we are yet again this day doing but some love America too much as did Dathan and Kora, and Lots wife. Some of us are going to look back or hate the order as Dathan.

  Ill say it again, We were too stiffnecked to understand what Moses was trying to do then. We wanted to cling to Egypt instead of embracing true power and freedom just like today. Some of the Israelites are home born slaves and cannot be fixed. Moses was BEGGING us to do right and keep the commandments and be transformed he was shown the end (2 Esdras 14:1-5). Some of us refused to be purified as some do today.

Remember in the New Testament where the Israelite said “Let His Blood Be Upon Us?” We didn’t understand the magnitude of that statement but us the children understand.  Same deal Christ blood hit the ground but it covered all the Israelites world wide, so the northern kingdom and southern kingdom could get a do over. From that point on we were baptized out of the Mosaic law (Arron) into the New Covenant that you read about in Hebrews 8:8 which is the gospel of grace and truth.

We are in Babylon but we are commanded by the lord not to be a part of their system. One example is the RFID Microchip, Invisible Quantum Dot Tatoo, as some call it the Mark of the Beast. This is an example of 2 marks one Physical and one Spiritual.


  If you take it you are being baptized by the devil or his “Mark” or Tatoo. The bible calls it Charagma google it. Anyone that cannot see this you have already been marked. The brain child of this Abomination of Death that has been disguised as a vaccine is Bill Gates. Hell even Tru News has deemed this a direct path to hell but dont let me say it listen to them yourself. I cannot blow the trumpet loud enough for this weapon against our people.

The Spiritual aspect is taking on their Idols, philosophies, and Ideals this will get you a one way trip to the lake with the snake. In other words you mind has been seared with a hot Iron, and chose your new master. At this point your white garment is good for nothing but to be burned.

You need to have the mark of the Savior in order to be saved and be baptized by the word of god, and the blood of the lamb (John 15:1-3 Ephesians 5:26, Revelation 12:11). For as it is written no unclean thing shall set foot into the kingdom to come.

Physically and Mentally forever more you have to be changed. Christ got Baptized why wouldn’t you?  Do you trust God or Man? This is a sure fire way of getting out of the grips of Satan. No I do not mean getting dunked in water in the name of Cesare BorgiaEither you are under Arron or Christ you cannot have 2 masters. If you search the scriptures and look DEEP you will see that the Levitical priest hood was smashed in the book of Malachi.

Then in the New Testament John chapter 8 Christ is arguing Scribes and Pharisees and Sadducee. The same exact order that turned its back on the father in the book of 2 Maccabees 4:10-15 and going back to the OT, and many other places. Now not everyone turned their back on TMH but the ones that did are not hard to spot today. Its the same ones that screamed Crucify him and we want BARABAS.

Look close my beloved Israelites. If the Levitical Priesthood was still on the earth when Christ came why did not Christ fall under that order? Thats because it was way too carnal and he was bringing the Order of Melchiezidec back into the earth then. Look at this.

⦁ He stood against the order of Arron many times. Remember the woman caught in Adultery? Or the man with the withered hand in the Church? The scribes and Pharisees were using the laws as a beating stick to the people and twisting Judgement Christ was not with that at all.

⦁ The order of Arron or Mosaic law did not heal people with touch or prayer nor raise anyone from the dead. Christ did this and more. Im not kidding in Matthew Mark Luke or John you see none of the Pharisees and Priest healing no one. Even better show me ONE Miracle they did.

⦁ Christ had his OWN disciples did he not? Why again did Christ not join up with Nicodemus and go learn under Caiaphas? Didn’t Nicodemus come to Christ and Joseph of Armathea? Did not Christ command his followers not to rebuke those who did not walk with him? These were not scribes or Pharisees some others were casting out devils.

⦁ Even when Christ resurrected he went to his people, his followers, why did he not go to the Sanhedrin? He called the Israelite Priests Hypocrites in Matthew 23. The Pharisees watched him heal a mans hand on the Sabbath Day why did they not lay on hands? Everyone Christ healed it was according to their faith not the carnal laws of Sacrifice.

⦁ In Matthew 13:10-12 Christ stated plainly that the secrets of heaven were given to YOU but to them it is not given. Who was the audience when he said that. Yes the scribes and Pharisees were there but who was the secrets of heaven for?

⦁ John 18:36 read it closely remember the Jews wanted him dead along with Rome. Christ told Pilot this kingdom is not mine if it was “MY SERVANTS” would fight for me. Who gave Christ up to the oppressor? Christ was keeping the laws so what was the high priests problem? They stood not against John the Baptist and he did NO miracles. Show me 1 scribe Pharisee or Saducee that healed the sick on touch walked on water or any other miracle.

  The disciples of Christ were given power to heal and to cast out devils (Matthew 10:1-2) others were not. This is why they needed him dead and in a hurry. Because this new order means their doom. Read John 11:46-47 closely you will see it. There is clearly one order more powerful than the other. Look to the old testament even back before Moses if you see Miracles that is of the Melchizedek order.

All throughout the NT you read about a new order being established, and in that order we are to follow the lamb of god wherever he goes. It’s so powerful that the devil today tries to copy it on the left hand side.  If you follow Christ my job is to tell you to get baptized, believe in the son, keep the commandments till the end because then you will receive the holy Ghost as it is written Acts 19:1-7.

I cannot force you but it is a gift given to the children of Israel I suggest you take it. For in these dark days you need all the protection you can get. Or you can stay with the lesser priesthood your choice. One last thing you can run to Paul all you want to but he doesn’t cancel out Christ’s order in Matthew 28:19-20.


  As a matter of fact read Acts 9 1-5 he had to be blinded so he could see. He prior to this event was himself a Pharisee so what did he get “Baptized” or “Changed” into? His charge or commandment was to find and start waking up the Northern Kingdom that had been scattered since 1 Kings 17. Now you look in the New Testament show me throughout the first 4 books where anyone of the Royal Priesthood outside of Christ said “We must go find the 10 tribes of Israel”. Sad thing is these same people are alive today and have no concern for our other brothers and sisters.

Anyone who teaches you NOT get to get baptized for the remission of sins is under Arron not Christ. Come out of her my people is just not talking about Babylon its also talking about wicked teachers of this bible we hold dear. Rise up Israelites and take back your gift and heritage.

What think ye …… John the Baptist was the first person to Baptize? Research family its time to dig DEEEPER! Again I say If Christ was baptized by water as a showing of passing the torch from one phase to the next why are Israelite camp and Churches teaching against it?

Rise up Israelites Why must we unite as a people not a doctrine

Some people believe that we have YET to go through Jacobs trouble and some believe that 70AD to today was the Jacobs Trouble the bible speaks about.  Whether you believe we are in our Goshen or their Babylon the fact remains we need one another. A lot of us got caught with our pants down when this epidemic hit globally and had no answers. The scripture says be not ignorant of any matter small or great.

Foreknowledge is the formula for success. We seen the earthquakes and heard the rumors of wars why did we not unite and prepare? Why did we not listen to our patriarchs?  We seen the Chariots and heard the horns but did not prepare for war. This my beloved brothers and sisters is why we fail because we keep depending on a people that can not save us. We have been too busy making Corona Rap Videos these are supposed to be the mighty men on Zion SMH. While Esau has his children at the age of 6 learning how to load and shoot AR-15 we are wondering about the new Jordan’s.

  We lack faith to move as a stand alone unit instead of Rising up as Israelites we are laying down as slaves. We have lost sight in the scripture that says we can do all things through Christ. Then why can we not join together?

So in this article I am going to do as my forefathers have done and show you examples of empowerment. That should get you in the water of truth once and for all. I am doing this out of love for you all and I pray it reaches you.

The scripture says WHO WILL STAND FOR ME AGAINST THE WORKERS OF INIQUITY so I ask the same thing and I bring examples of the power of our bloodline.

God did not give us the spirit of fear: Rise up Israelites and come out of her my people.

⦁ Judas Maccabee and his family stood strong against the heathen and those of us who sided with the Greeks and Romans.

They were placed in an impossible position either serve the Greeks and Rome or die. They decided to pick the 3rd option which was defend the truth and told their people to RISE UP ISRAELITES.

His father Mattathias raised him in the laws of TMH and they were willing to die rather than upset Yahawah. (Maccabees 2:1-48)

⦁ The book of Susanna is a story of a woman forced to either give in to the wiles of 2 Israelite elders or be put to death under 2-3 witnesses. She stood for TMH in the face of certain death. and she knew it.

Daniel a young man of righteousness stood in the gap for the young madien and found out the wickness of these 2 men whos lust for Susanna had clouded their judgement. In the end since she stood for truth and trusted in the father she was protected.

⦁ In the book of the 2 Maccabees you have chapters 7 &8 which have to do with integrity and standing your ground. We were never given the spirit of fear and these 2 chapters make that plan.

With faced with certain death and danger Eleasar (Chapter 6) and the Courageous woman of 7 sons (Chapter 8) withstood temptations of impossible measure. I can only pray for their strength.

⦁ We all know about Daniel and the lions den and also for fiery furnace. Did you know that this parable is also talking about today in Daniel 3 chapter and America?

NONE of our forefathers of renown were given the spirit of fear and we should look to their examples because now we are back in the belly of the beast. As they faced the spiritual and physical perils as we do now this day. We are now faced with the same temptation that was given to our forefathers.

⦁ Take the Mark of the Beast and live in Babylon. Meaning accept their vaccines and medicines of the pharmakeia written about in Revelation 21:8.

Im not going to get into a full breakdown of this here but Revelation 21:8 the word there is actually pharmakeia not sorceries. Here is the definition. Israelite teachers out there here is a nugget for you those who have an ear let them hear.


STRONGS NT 5331: φαρμακεία Pharmakeia
a. the use or the administering of drugs b. poisoning
c. sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry Revelation 9:21

Now look at the vaccine that they are ramping up to give you. Do you really think something with Formaldehyde, Pork, dead baby fetus, and dead disease cells can heal you? You see that Invisible Quantum Micro Dot Tatoo listed Above?

⦁ Or stick with faith and pray and get the new kingdom to come 2 Esdras 8:1. I for one and my family stand like Joshua 24:15. With this power you will be protected under the promise of Psalms 91 and Psalms 27. For the record we all will go through the hour of temptation and I hope we have the fortitude and strength to yell. Qam Yasharahla Rise up Israelites and stare death in the face and laugh.  My family will not be taking any of their witchcraft potions or any Micro Dot Tattoo invented by Bill Gates and that family of devils.


Find the 10 lost tribes before Yahawah finds you, and I mean NOW!


  We must rise up as the 12 tribes of Israel not just Judah, Benjamin and Levi. We have shunned our Northern Kingdom Brothers long enough and they need our help desperately. This will be a rebuke in love and humility its a shame many will not see this and will not listen for their hard heart but I do what the father says.

In the face of these plagues of justice we must come together. We were commanded by the Messiah to gather up the 10 that were lost (Matthew 28:19-20).  They need more than scriptures and feel good stories they need the Southern Kingdom to bring them truth and aid.




because they are in the Islands of the sea (Deuteronomy 33:23) among many other places the bible tells you this. Stop freelancing with the scriptures to make a doctrine TMH is watching.

The word for West and the South is not written like that in the old text, its Yam which means Seas. Its stating that Naphtali would be in the SOUTH SEAS. You travel all over the globe telling people they are this and or that when they went through the exact curses written in the bible yes even the slave ships.


  You can and will be judged for telling someone they are a heathen when they are not. Christ is clear what happens when you offend a little one. If they agree with the scriptures and their spirit bares witness then your only job is to glorify the father and allow them Shalom.

  THE NORTHERN KINGDOM had their records taken and a lot destroyed or hidden. This is why when you tell them they have been slaves or oppressed many do not know this. Most are under the umbrella of the Roman Catholic Church STILL in 2020. It’s our job to bring them to Yahawahshi and the gospel pursuant to Isaiah 61:1-3 Luke 4:18. This is something the scribes Pharisees and Levites refused to do. This is one of the reasons why the order of Arron was  put by the side and the order of Melchizedek was reintroduced through Christ. You are commanded to go by the spirit and not phenotype.

With Christs Sacrifice both kingdoms can unite under HIS blood. He holds all the keys and is guarding all the gates going into the Kingdom. We no longer do Animal sacrifice and the Levitical order is no longer in charge of the temple. Southern Kingdom is not to vex Northern Kingdom anymore.

You are making up history to fit doctrine its no different than the Christianity Church it has to stop, accept you have fringes and border of blue. It was not your blood that was spilled for the nation we are commanded to follow HIS steps Matthew 17.

You cannot use other books the white man has written to prove a point about history because you know you call him the devil. Then turn around and use the same book to justify YOUR point when it fits your needs. So outside of 1619 was there ever a point in the bible where the other nations had our records and “Adjusted” them? I suggest you take a good strong look at 1 Maccabees 3:48 for starters.

rise up israelites realize the bible has missing books

Then ask yourself has the heathen ever tampered with our bible before or after 1619? I’m not building contention this is raw facts. I’m showing you what the scripture is saying but you all are afraid to venture outside of the 80 books THEY GAVE YOU. If it’s a bone spit it out and keep the meat when it comes to scriptures. Psalms 119:69 says that they formed  a lie against the father and the son.

qam yasharahla rise up israelites they gave you a slave bible

Remember TMH is not mocked and his sheep hear his voice, but how can they hear without a preacher? Who are you to judge if TMH has called them and they look like Blake Griffins son then so be it. We come in all shapes and sizes America and hate has a lot of you messed up. Or as Paul put it not all of Israel is Israel.

No one talks about Black Birding or the Trans-Pacific slave trade or the Manila Acapulco slave trade. These ALL happened as documented facts not fiction. There are many volumes of books that have been stolen from us and deemed “Not Canon” but who judged such matters? Are we not the Children of Israel are we not allowed to say what our books and our forefathers meant? Did Isaiah have other books from other prophets? Was there not other family records? For some of you, you understand fully what I am saying.


  If you think the heathen or whiteman Esau or whatever you want to deem him has never touched our books including your bible then you need to stop teaching. If you believe the most power weapon on the planet according to the Book of Eli movie has been laying safely untouched till the slave masters gave it back to you (See above SLAVE BIBLE) then I got some ocean front property in Antarctica to sell you.

  If Esau’s blessing was the sword and the word of god is described as a 2 edged sword do you not think Esau has our weapons? In that same vein if its a 2 edged sword you have Southern Kingdoms records or some of it, where is Northern Kingdoms? I mean the hard raw prophets and prophecies from the NK laying facts that break the non believers backs, was that not the point of leaving away FROM the heathen?


 Did Christ not say “I have other sheep that need to hear MY VOICE” (( Hint on where to find those records if you have ears to hear)). Frankly whether you believe me or not I am telling you the truth there is 2 Olive trees not one. The second stick is deeper than you think in Ezekiel 37, the stick of Joseph is talking about the records.  If not what is the stick of Judah and his companions?


  In John 10:16 you read clearly they must hear my voice and there is no record of any apostle or prophet making it to the Americas ….. or is there. How many of you have read Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem: How Religion Drove the Voyages that Led to America?


  How many of you knew Magellan came to the Philippines to find the Children of the Indios (Or Children of God). He used the same records Columbus did they both were looking for Ophir. When the Roman Catholic Church split the earth with the Papal Bull Spain took the  east and Portugal the west. All was to find and rape rob and murder the Children of Israel that ran to their forefathers lands.


  Do you honestly believe a weapon of this magnitude was kept out of his hands? The bible calls him wiser than Daniel chew on that one. You see he was supposed to hold our records and show us who we were according to that book but he didn’t. He got a taste of what his blessing should of been and decided to punish us because he couldn’t touch God. Case and point Slaves obey your masters when it didn’t mean that at all. Until the times of the gentiles was fufilled he was supposed to hold our records then give them all back.


In the Vatican they have all of our records and its time we open our eyes. We only have a portion of what Esau is holding. 80 books is nowhere near the 214 Esdras talked about. Just think how much has been missing from that time till now.


When King Solomon said the making of many books there is no end he did not mean don’t read outside of the bible. Speaking of that Solomon wrote 1000’s of Psalms why do we only have a limited amount? We are not under a school master anymore does not the holy spirit lead you to ALL truth? 


  I got a better challenge we will go to the father himself. Tell me where chapter verse we were ordained to only read 80 books. You better go back and read 2 Esdras 14 the last 5 verses.


Did King James write or have other books? Even the book of John tells you all that Christ did cannot be contained in just books. Biblios means Collection of Books…. come on Israelites this is not that hard. You think people were walking around with a King James Bible in Christs time 33AD? Did Baruch write a book? Now when Northern Kingdom was Separated from South did they have books and Scholars and Prophets? Where are their records? Here is a hint look up the 2 sticks of Israel.

The bible says you shall be sold to your enemies. How many of you knew that after the Spaniards colonized the Indios of whats now known as the Philippine Islands, that they sold the entire 7000 Islands, and the people for 20 million to the Americans? Did you also know the Spaniards took their records and burned them including books? Does that sound familiar? Of course they a few full copies for themselves of course.

  How many of you Israelite Scholars knew that they were put on slave ships by the Spaniards called Galleons for Human Cargo as slaves to Mexico? Oh did you know that they made them build the ships first out of Almug  or Acacia wood?

 Acacia. (Acacia tortilis and other species)

A large thorny tree with rough gnarled bark. The orange-brown wood was hard-grained, and it repelled insects. It bore long locust-like pods with seeds inside and produced round, fragrant clusters of yellow blossoms. Many species of acacia grew in the desert of Sinai, in southern Canaan and in Egypt.

Acacia wood was used to build the ark of the covenant and the first tabernacle (Ex. 36:20; 37:1). The acacia is called shittim and shittah in the KJV (Ex. 25:5, 10; Is. 41:19).

I just dropped a Gem there if you can see it. Also Why is there a Solomon Islands here in the south seas? Filipino isnt in the bible its made up like Mickey Mouse, Negros or blacks. (For the record also they are not Japheth either).  It comes from King Phillip of Spain after the colonization and brainwashing they named the Islands Philippines. Come on yall this is not that deep ……..

Apart from guaranteeing the independence of Cuba, the treaty also forced Spain to cede Guam and Puerto Rico to the United States. Spain also agreed to sell the Philippines to the United States for the sum of $20 million.

  One reason why TMH is stating that he will gather them even if you will not is because some of you are greedy and selfish and there is no money in it for you. This is a violation of Torah and you are showing hate for them. If you cannot see the raw in your face that is their history and that it fits Deuteronomy 28, and Lamentation 5, and many other places I cannot help you. Here is the real punch in the face, they went through all the curses BEFORE us Negroes then they came and got you in 1619.


  Thats right! They perfected their art rape robbery and murder on our Northern Kingdom Brothers then got you from the shores of the Gold Coast. You ever see sometimes in the camps they have a young brother and sister stand up and they say “What tribe are you from”? You hear JUUUDDDAAHH or LEEVVVVIII or EPHRAIM but you never near Naphtali. Thats because they live on the OTHER Island call the Philippine Islands. IT WAS NOT EVEN CALLED THE PACIFIC ISLANDS before the 1500’s look it up Magellan named it that it was called the South Seas Deuteronomy 33:22. Who renamed the South Seas the South Pacific Ocean was it not Magellan?


23Concerning Naphtali he said: “Naphtali is abounding with favor,

full of the blessing of the LORD; he shall take possession of the Sea and the south.

Again look up the history of the Papal Bull’s of 1492. The northern Kingdom is still plagued with Idolatry of the Roman Catholic Church and Islam (Deuteronomy 28:64). As you are reading this article they are still under this devils teaching. Its also time for them to come out of her and come back to Abba. Remember brothers and sisters Judah and Israel were oppressed TOGETHER (Jeremiah 50:33). I do not have to prove this I have given you the tools now bring the sheep home. Stop being LAZY and safe in your bubble you say “You about this life” lets see.

  The nations know who we are they have had a long time to study us and if you want to find your brothers and sisters that are scattered you need to “Follow the blood of the Eagle”.  That is why the bible says study to show yourself approved so you can help those written about in Isaiah 61. That is part of the gospel or good news that is missing. You are looking in the wrong place for some of the Northern Kingdom. That means where ever Rome, Spain, Portuguese, Dutch, British, Irish went after 1492 to enslave our brothers that’s where the 10 tribes are at. Follow the money and the blood eagle of Esau he has left behind a swath of destruction the likes the world has not been fully shown. For wherever the eagles are gathered  their you will find the blood our people.

  I hope this article helps some of you Israelites to stand strong and to keep gathering our people world wide (James 1:1). I love you all and want to say thank you for pushing this word. The plagues are sent these nations are scared, STAND and be counted in Yahawahshi’s army of Melchizedek. The Ark is about to be closed, as in the days of Noah shall it be once again. I will leave you with the wise words of King Solomon.

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Didn’t Christ come to save everyone?



Ecclesiastes 4:, 9-12

So I returned, and considered all the oppression that are done under the sun: and behold the tears of such as were oppressed, and they had no comforter; and on the side of their oppressors there was power; but they had no comforter.

(See Above about the Northern Kingdom)

Two are better than one; because they have a good reward for their labour.

10 For if they fall, the one will lift up his fellow: but woe to him that is alone when he falleth;

((See what I mean 2 are better than one Northern Kingdom and Southern Kingdom.

We both fell by the same enemy))

for he hath not another to help him up.

11 Again, if two lie together, then they have heat: but how can one be warm alone?

12 And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand him;

and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

  Fire of judgement is on the horizon (2 Peter 3:1-10, Mattew 24). The first time TMH used water to purify the earth now fire.  What ….did you think these nations had nuclear weapons for a fashion show? Qam Yasharahla Rise up Israelites and come out of her my people, before it’s too late.