Learn the 4 Levels of ((Heaven)) and 3 Levels of Hell Biblical Breakdown


Light in the darkness

Exposing the Lie on Heaven and Hell

with biblical definitions and proofs.

  Stop me if you heard this one before about the subject of Heaven and Hell. Most of the “religious organizations” would have you believe that.

1. Heaven is a place where you float on wings of eagles while dancing on clouds of pure air. Where you and some white angels, and naked cherubim’s sing at the top of your lungs in the heaven.

2. Hell is a place where some evil red dude is bound in the middle of the earth punishing the wicked. He also has a reapers sickle or a pitch fork where he pokes at your for fun. Not only that there are 9 Levels to this hell depending on your sins thats where you go? In other words Dante’s Inferno.

3. There is a little more to the story than that The Roman Catholic Church pushes that doctrine but its not found like that in the 80 books. Now we will deal with whats inside the KJV bible and go from there. I know you have hidden books but for this article we will hammer out  the 4 Levels of Heaven and 3 Levels of Hell Biblical Definition.

Im going to tell ya straight you Pastor/Pope/Deacon

has been LYING TO YOU!!!!

 Heaven and hell, are still a hot debated issue in religious circles and no sides agree on what these 2 places represent. Good thing for us Israelites the most High never gave religion as we know it today. It’s amazing to me how in 2018 people are still trusting these money grubbing self proclaimed prophets to tell them the truth. I mean lets put all the cards on the table for a moment.


When it comes to your very soul would you trust what another man is telling you about an issue as important as Heaven and Hell?

Why should you trust me then? DON’T, you trust the source of our power that is the bible. If you honestly want to see and know for sure what this subject is read along and get your bibles out. Also open up a fresh google page so you can see the links I post.

If you read Malachi 2:7 it tells you plainly what these pastors should be teaching. The law goes into many areas and the ENTIRE bible is a book of Laws Statues and Judgement.Learn the 4 Levels of Heaven


  Well today we will be focused on the last part which is JUDGEMENT. The way the story goes if you do good then the judgement is heaven and if you do evil the judgement is hellfire.

We will start with heaven according to the bible precept upon precept. As with all articles on this site this a rather lengthy read but well worth your time. By the end of this article you true Israelite will understand you are in hell as we speak.


There is something we need to OVER-STAND about our saviour and lord. When the israelites were in captivity remember they could NOT speak plainly like I am talking to you in this article and during the time of Rome it was even worse! There were spies of our own nation AND the Heathen Roman Empire. This is why the Father and the Son told us this in the old testament and the new. You cannot read the bible like a novel I explain this here if you are new to the site.


Matthew 13:10, Psalms 78:2, Hosea12:10 (Precepts)

And the disciples came, and said unto him, Why speakest thou unto them in parables?

He answered and said unto them, Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given.



There are 4 levels to heaven or 4 Biblical bible definitions of Heaven.

The 4 levels of heaven according to the bible and we will use the scriptures like Christ said in order the real deal with this mystery. Again this has nothing to do with Dante’s Inferno we are not into cartoons and make believe realms here.


1st Level = Meaning of Heaven according to the bible (The Sky)

  • “The Firmament of the sky” = Genesis 1:8, 7:23, 8:2
  • Revelations 19:17 Again this is referring to the skys above us. As an example “The heavens this this sunrise is wonderful”.



2nd Level = Meaning of Heaven According to the biblical text (Outer Space)

  • Genesis 1:14-16 this heaven is Space
  • Isaiah 14:13-14 This is also space




3rd Level = Meaning of Heaven according to the bible (The Most Highs Realm)

  • 2 Corinthians 12:2-3 Paradise of The Father, or Creator to some Yahawah
  • Genesis 28:12 Jacobs Ladder Again the Paradise of TMH, our forefather seen this thing himself!  (This is where the movie stargate comes from)
  • Psalms 33:13, Hebrews 9:24. Also see Ezekiel 1:24-28 (Precepts)


4th Meaning of Heaven according to the bible (RULERSHIP, DOMINION)

  • Lamintations 2:1 = Rulership or Kingdom Deuteronomy 28:43-44 (See Jude 1:6 we fell from our seat of rulership over the planet thus we fell from “Heaven”.
  • (Precept) Isaiah 14:12 Deuteronomy 11:21
  • 1 Chronicals 28:5 Matthew 11:12 (Precept) Acts 1:6 2 Peters 3:6-11


I know that is a lot of scriptures to go over so when you get time scroll back up and take your time you will see the precepts fit and your eyes shall know that the rulership is a type of heaven or a condition Revelation tells you about heaven and hellof power. Rome was in their heaven till they fell same with the Babylonians. They all had their chance to master the planet but fell from heaven.


This brings up a point about the book of Revelation you cannot even begin to understand that book unless you understand what I listed above,why you ask? The book of Revelation is a microcosm of the E N T I R E bible and it assumes you understand the rest of the book.

You cannot just read the letters of Paul and hope to understand that book. Just ask yourself when Paul was alive was there a book of Revelation to read from? Hmm ……… then where did Paul get all his quotes? Now you will understand with perfect clarity what the apostles were asking Christ when they said this!


Acts 1:6-7

When they therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying,

Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?

==>((Or Kingdom of heaven)) <==

(CHRIST SPEAKING) And he said unto them, It is not for you to know the times or the seasons,

which the Father hath put in his own power. (Precept Matthew 24:36)


I think the picture has been made clear and this article could really end here because if your pastor has not showed you what I just did about heaven do you think he is telling the truth about Hell? Here on the true Israelite site we circle the wagon and don’t do heathen doctrines. Christ had a perfect opportunity to blast the disciples for being so selfish and asking about Israel only. Why did the disciples not argue John 3:16? Why did they not tell the Savior there is no Jew or Greek the kingdom is for all?King Solomon lived in heave on earth

As a matter of fact the only other time you read scriptural about the Israelites  ruling were the time of David and Solomon. They understood this history there was no NT written at this time so they had to draw upon historical events that already happened.

This is why Christ said what he did “It’s not time yet no one knows when that hour will come”. This is one mystery in the bible that I will hash out in another article because it will take us in a different situation but suffice to say Rulership = Heaven on Earth.

Need more proof? Read the Lords Prayer in Matthew 6:9 if you still cannot see it pray for more wisdom.



The 3 Levels of Hell according to the bible.

 Hell can also be a condition where things are damn hard. For instance African Americans have went through strait Hell in America.  Here is a small list of what could be considered a Hell on Earth.


  • Having to worship the same religion as your slave masterThese brothers and sisters went though Hell
  • Having to go to the same slave master that rape robbed and stole your people for groceries, clothing, and to learn to read and write. (Read Deuteronomy 28:48)
  • Getting shot in the street for reaching for a wallet when the cop asked you to get your wallet.
  • Not having anything to pass down to your children for an inheritance all the while being told to pull yourself up by your bootstraps.Being force to train someone in a job you had for years only to be fired and replaced by the person you trained.
  • Being told you are a gentle when you are the breathing living descendant of Abraham Isaac and Jacob
  • Being forced to learn “His Story” instead of biblical history which is modern world history.
  • The 13th Amendment is a catch 22 and a trick of the devil Hell written on paper.
  • Being force to leave your homeland and being forced to slave for 400+ years with no reparations in site.
  • Having your family raped robbed and murdered in your face and then laughing at you while taking pictures as they hung and burned your family.
  • Going to the store to buy something and a racist cop “Thinks” you are someone else and decides to put you in Jail or shoot you.


This is a small list and I’m sure you can think of other versions of hell on earth but you get the point hell is a condition that has no remedy. So now lets go into the subject of hell and all it encompasses hopefully you can gain some understanding.

3 Levels Hell and the depths there of |Fire and Destruction|
  •  Sheol means hell is Hebrew Used 65 times in the bible.
  • It is used 31 times for the word grave, and 31 times for hell reference and 3 times it was used to mean Pit or Ditch.
  • Another word used for hell is Hades (Used 11 times) also see Haitian it means children of Hell this is was what they were named after they were conquered.TMH said in Isaiah 65:15 ye shall leave your name for a curse.
  • 1 time it is used for grave meaning a situation like “DAMN my boss is giving me hell”. For the actual term hell it is used 10 times in the bible. Gehena (Greek) is used is used 12 times to reference the lake of fire.

  Throughout all these references there is NEVER NOT ONCE of mention of a Redman in the middle of the earth with a pitchfork ready to stick you in your soft regions lol. Nope that was made up it doesn’t exist.

You see anything that was ever made the Most High made it, so there is nothing new under the sun. There is no realm where TMH cannot go nothing is hidden that he cannot see. Where exactly did that madness come from and why? Dante’s Inferno and other Greek legends of mythos was the source of what plenty of people are still under the illusion of, but it’s straight fiction and not biblical.

That’s why Paul warned you Israelites that were in Colossi, read Colossians 2:8 because you have been spoiled by a ruthless deceiver. Suffice to say Esau is the devil the bible speaks of. It’s the same illusion of Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, Cupid, Big Foot.


  1. LEVEL 1 = Hell Low State or Condition = 2 Samuel 22:1,6 See that a very low condition “Distress”
  2. Isaiah 5:13-14 again hell is captivity or slavery “Descend into it Captivity” Precept Baruch 3:8, Deuteronomy 28:47-48
  3. Isaiah 28:14-15 “In captivity they are in agreement with Hell. It’s saying our leaders don’t care to even try to fix our situation because they have gotten gifts or benefits in this kingdom of Babylon. They don’t want to upset the apple cart for fear of losing their high positions (See John 11:48-49). In other words they getting straight paid.
  4. Matthew 16:18 The gates in this verse is also referring to leadership, so they gates of hell or the leaders of the wicked shall not win. Also see Jerimiah 14:2 to see gates of Israel and their complexion. Another precept is Deuteronomy 16:18


  Matthew 23:15 Making new converts to deny Christ and speak against his teachings basically making them into more of a hypocrite than they were nothing has changed to this very hour.

Thus the leaders were converting lost sheep into ravaging wolves of Hell to oppress their own people, who do you think GAVE Christ to the Pharisees? Yes Rome placed the nails in and killed him but the hatred Christ’s own Israelite brothers harbored for him was hell. Not only that the hell he went through before the Romans nailed him to the cross is the same suffering the true Israelite is going through this very moment. Now we are not hung on crosses but we are hung on trees, and what was the ancient roman crosses made from?Christ went through hell to get to heaven


This is no different than all these theology schools teaching lies and spreading them causing gods own children to hate one another as they did Christ. The same thing is happening today. America and other countries are allowing these parasites clones preachers that cloud peoples minds and get filthy rich doing it. These converts like the ones back in Christ’s time are in agreement with Rome which is modern day America.


Have you ever asked yourself if the church takes in BILLIONS in tithing money every year why are there still Israelites begging in the streets and going though straight hell? According to the scriptures you are supposed to feed the flock not fleece it. Yet you can see plainly the 100 Million dollar mega church and 4 cars the pastor has but you have to take the public transport to go learn at their heels?


What’s even worse is they will not give you a direct answer to your question, but want you to buy some 150 dollar audio set that leaves you more confused than when you started.

This is why Christ is now the high priest and he has done away with tithing and the old priesthood do you wonder why? In addition the tithing cash was for the Levitical Priests to take care of the poor. First of all they are not feeding the flock and second they are NOT Levites. So who is robbing god and his people? (Malachi 3:8) Being jerked around by your pastor is another example of hell.


  1. Jonah 2:1 “Belly of Hell”
  2. Habakkuk 2:5 this parable is talking about America and their military  a good precept for this is Psalms 49:11. “Enlarges his desires as hell” meaning wherever they place their flag in comes his policies, religion and oppression. This isn’t just America it’s anywhere that Esau is in the world or conquered as a people. Who is Esau you ask? Here is a short list of his empires and in order of dominance. This in the bible is also called the 7 Heads, or as some calls it Hell’s Legion.


  1. Greece = 1 & 2 Maccabees
  2. Rome = Matthew – Revelations Septimus Severus defeated Rome then the Dark Ages took hold. Blacks had a mighty Empire at this time.
  3. Spain = Fall of the Dark Ages when Negroes ruled Spain till they were defeated and pushed out of Spain. (See Spanish Inquisition)
  4. France = Renaissance Period also known as the rebirth of Caucasian Empire
  5. Germany = See Hitler
  6. Russia
  7. Great Britain = This Became what you know now as America


Isaiah 14:9 = this verse is talking about America warring and giving the earth and the other nations Hell with all of their bag of tricks and deception. The UN has many nations but they all bow down to America. Basically what Babylon the great wants to do it does and no one can stop them. This verse is talking about the dead state of these nations or the “Hell” they have been through or controlled by the modern day Babylon and they cannot wait till they fall.


Yes Esau there is much in fighting between these European nations and each one is giving each other Hell in a hand basket and TMH himself is making the time short war is on the horizon. This is also a precept for Habakkuk 2:5. All those 7 nations above were ruling at one point and all are from the line of Esau or the Dukes of today.


2nd meaning for Hell is Grave in other words soil
  • Psalms 16:10 this is about Christ dying and he was resurrected.
  • Amos 9:1 Destruction on the earth “though they dig into ground or hell God will bring them up out of their underground bunkers. There is a (video on youtube See this now!) about this, there is an old saying there is only one reason why rats leave a sinking ship. They know something is coming. No one goes and lives in an underground city because of the scenery. It doesn’t matter though the 144,000 and Christ’s Angels are coming and there is nowhere to hide. This prophecy is taking place now.


3rd Hell is Fire and Destruction the final Trump
  • Luke 16:19-23 This is a parable of the Pharisees (Southern Kingdom) of Israel at the time of Rome. How can I be so sure? Look back at John 11:48 and you will see it clearly. Being friends with Rome (America) has its benefits and the wicked Pharisees knew this and coveted this bond more than the truth of Christ. They were rich because anytime you wanted to do a sacrifice for sin there was only ONE place you could go as a true Israelite. Guess who you had to buy your turtle dove or lamb without blemish?


  Rome was ruling but they allowed them (The Pharisees) to control the Israelites but on a very short leash, Rome did not play when it came to rebellion. This is one reason they are afraid of the BIE or Black Hebrew Israelites. Rome just like America does not like us keeping the commandments of our fathers because they know then their time is up. Rome and the Pharisees  were making money hand over fist, this is why Christ whipped them with a cat of 9 tails and commanded them not to make his father’s house a house of thieves. They were bringing more hell on the Israelites not teaching them the laws by example, but getting paid off sin.


Christ said no more sacrifice because he was the sacrifice for Israel’s sins. Guess who was no longer getting their sacrifice money. Now do you see why they wanted him dead? If he was so loved why kill him? How does this apply today? Just look at the government high ranking officials that tote the line and do everything evil against the people. They are in agreement with Hell as long as the pain doesn’t spill into their yard.


We are now going to break down Lazarus Parable, in this passage is heavy because it is a similitude for the followers of Christ and how we should act. Those that believe on him and keep the commandments will go to heaven. The true Israelite that no matter what comes they will stand for the commandments (Romans 8:34-39), and try to walk as he did.


In other words the elect of Israel the chosen before the foundations of the earth were made will follow the Shepard through the gates of hell into the glory of the kingdom of heaven. Later in this parable you will see gates again this is NOT talking about a fence or a physical barrier. Remember the gates In the bible sometimes is talking about the people in power or the leaders. (Matthew 16:19)


The reason Lazarus went to the leaders of Israel for help (See Numbers 18:21-24) but the rich man didn’t assist which is a leaders job. When it says the dogs came and licked his sores you need to go to Exodus 11:7 to see that sometimes the bible calls the other nations outside of Israel dogs. Just like today our leaders make our conditions worse.


The nations have no pity on the Israelites around the globe today and have no remorse for what they did in slavery our ancestors went through one Hellish condition, so is Lazarus in this parable. We have asked the UN for help and others but all they do is ignore as we are covered with sores of the past (Lamentations 4:17).  Here is another example if the poor of our people want to get a loan from a bank you need major credit. These other nations come and get whats called Federal Grants tax free.


How come the Chinese and the Arabs are in the hood selling Fried Chicken to the African Americans? Do they Live there? Whens the last time you heard of a Negro Town.? Why do we not have our own businesses? Do these other nations ONCE say hmm let’s build something for the community?


If you look across the globe the Israelites are in the worst conditions and beg for crumbs from our oppressors. In many cases they are our own people standing over you looking down on you,they forget they were on those same boats of slavery. Remember like it was said above “In hell they are in agreement”.


Lazarus dies (The elect of Israel) and now get carried away to Abrahams Bosom. What is this verse talking about? For this you need to know a little history if you want the short version go to Deuteronomy 11:20-25. Lazarus gets peace and rulership never to beg again and will never feel pain or have tears.


Now the rich man died also but in short he gets destruction or hell. We are going to prove what this means because just about all the Christian Churches get this wrong.  As you can plainly see from the text the roles have been reversed and now the rich man is begging. The flame in this passage is the key to understanding what this destruction is. Remember don’t lose the thought we are on the 3rd version of fire or hell in the bible. Let me show you something the bible says about the rich.


1 Timothy 6:17-18

Charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy;

That they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate


  Just like the rich man in this parable he didn’t listen, communicate or distribute so his judgement is just. The Most High gave you your fame and power not to glory in yourself but to help your people. What happens when you die? Your money cannot save you at the white judgement seat of heaven. The rich man is begging Abraham to send Lazarus from the grave to help his brothers understand before they fall into this torment or hell.  


  The Roles Shall Be flipped, the last shall become first and the first last. The rich man was in his kingdom of heaven not a care in the world. This is why at the end of the parable it says “They have Moses and the Prophets if they don’t believe him they will not believe someone that got resurrected from the grave.” The precept for this is John 5:46, and as you read this with the rest of the world us israelites are being risen from our graves or hell like Lazarus.

  It gets even deeper than that but there is another point I want to make about Lazarus and I haven’t forgotten the point about fire and hell. Now in John 12:9-13 this wasn’t a parable Lazarus but a real living man. Now this man was JUST resurrected by Christ and the leaders of the people wanted to put him 6 feet under again. By this time they were losing their grip on the people and many were following Christ they didn’t want a recently dead man walking around. Now look at Luke 16:29-30 again Christ was right they just cared about their power and not the people. They just couldn’t take it Christ was too powerful and he preached repent for the kingdom of heaven comes. The elect of Israel know this the rich in the world have no clue or don’t care.



Now the fire and hell scripture is Isaiah 34:8-10 this talks about after the missiles hit the condition of the USA and other countries. You see burning pitch and it shall not be quenched night or day. The fire will last forever and forever and never die, and you can see more on this in Isaiah 66:23-24, Isaiah 13:19. That’s right if you didn’t get the memo yet like Peter said in the New Testament Babylon is reserved under fire or destruction.

In other words the verse is saying, a smoldering, and burning hell on earth.  That will never be quenched forever. Some so called scholars will tell you that this verse is talking about modern day Iraq but all you got to do is go to google maps and look and see. Is modern day Iraq smoking without ceasing? Are people still living in Iraq today? That’s how you know it’s not talking about Ancient Babylon, because it’s a modern day prophecy. Remember as we talked about before precept must be upon precept. Hell in the bible has 3 top definitions that cover a lot of ground more than one article can unlock.



You want more proof? The connecting precept for this verse is Revelations 18:2 see where it says the cage of every hateful bird and foul spirit we JUST read this exact same thing in Isaiah 13:19-20. Now jump down to Revelations 18:8 look closely it says here “and she shall be utterly burned with fire” we just read this part in Isaiah 13:19 and in Isaiah 66:23-24 and 2nd Peters Chapter 3.


The book of revelations is a recap of the entire old testament and New if you do not know it you will be lost, because it is quoting it in parable fashion or as we called it in the streets SLANG. This is why you shouldnt touch this book of Revelation unless you have a grasp of the old testament. All of it almost is quoting things the prophets already knew.

In Revelations 18:9 you see where it says “The smoke of her burning” this was in Isaiah 34:10. Back in those days there was not a weapon created to do such damage nothing could move mountains or kill thousands in a blink of an eye.

Now today you have weapons like the Satan Missile that one of these can take out Texas Countries have MILLIONS of these weapons today. Yes when WW3 happens there will be a literal lake of fire in America and nothing can stop it. TMH is a genius and he is setting the stage for a second exodus that will trump the first one.


Russia just announced it will test its allegedly

unstoppable new ‘Satan 2’ nuclear missile

Satan 2 Missile is Hell on Earth

Now in Revelations 14:8 you see where it says the “Smoke shall rise forever and forever”? This is the same thing again we read above in Isaiah 34:10. All and I mean ALL the prophets preached the same gospel and it’s coming to past as you are reading this.



Jeremiah 28:8

The prophets who were before me and before you from ancient times prophesied against many lands and against great kingdoms, of war and of calamity and of pestilence


But wait there is even more when we get done with this article you will know without a doubt what Hell on earth is talking about. In the book of Daniel 12:2 the connecting precept is 2 Thessalonians 9-12 (The him in this verse in Thessalonians is talking about Esau or Babylon).


This man of sin and all that follow his ways (Mark of the Beast) are damned and will awake to everlasting contempt and torment. Those who follow Christ and keep the commandments will awake to everlasting life or heaven like Lazarus.

Isaiah 54:16 talks about how TMH has created the smith or weapon maker to create a waster (See missile above). Just like the physician is made to heal the waster is made to kill. See in the old times the smith was the one who made the plans for siege weapons and armor, swords etc.


Now wars are not fought like this anymore they are fought with Missiles or Weapons of Mass Destruction. The smiths of today are the scientists. If you want a good precept to prove this Jeremiah 50:25, you will see what this is going into.

Psalms 91:1-12 (Precept Amos 3:7) is a heavy chapter and should make you want to cling to the bible even more it’s talking about protection from the hell fire that is coming. Those who are called to walk as Christ walked etc. They shall not be touched with that fire of death but their gift is the so called “Rapture” and will be pulled up to watch Babylon burn and all that follow their ways. This is a must read to avoid being placed into that pit of hell. Now here is something heavy go BACK to read Luke 16:22 to the end about Lazarus and you will see now what this entire riddle is about. Keep the commandments and you will be in Abrahams Bosom, keep sinning in Babylon the Great and get hell.


One last thing I need to go over with you all and that’s how do we escape this condition of hell that we are in right now. Some of you reading this are going through some hard conditions but the lord made a way for you to escape just some of you were never taught. Up above we learned how to avoid the coming missiles now you will learn how to dodge the fiery darts of daily life.


Ezekiel 14:13-14

Son of man, when the land sinneth against me by trespassing grievously, then will I stretch out mine hand upon it, and will break the staff of the bread thereof, and will send famine upon it, and will cut off man and beast from it:

Though these three men, Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, they should deliver but their own souls by their righteousness, saith the Lord GOD.

There are some helpful precepts to learn what god calls righteousness Deuteronomy 6:25 is a very good one but I know what some of you are thinking Christ said he did away with the law right? You see how deep the deception goes? If Christ went against his father said and commanded. That is called rebellion and that’s akin to witchcraft which is punishable by death. This means you need to relearn some of the basics and more Importantly why Christ Died. There are only 5 Catagories of Laws in the bible.

  • Sacrificial = The killing of Lambs and Goats Turtle Doves for sins this was our way to make payments for sins we did.
  • Ceremonial = This was the High Holy Days and Sabbaths.
  • Dietary = Our Royal Diet Habits what god said to eat and not to eat.
  • Civil = how we dealt with others.
  • Moral = How we dealt with one another examples thou shall not kill, steal, deal falsely etc.

Now when we get to the New Testament and Paul wrote this ……

Romans 10:4 For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believeth. This is where people fall off the horse remember the 5 Categories? Which one was canceled when Christ died? That’s right the Sacrificial because you cannot sacrifice anything better than the son of god. Therefore his blood canceled animal sacrifice once and for all.

The rest of the laws we must keep because Christ never said you can rob, kill, steal, commit adultery or any other sin and get the kingdom. This is why Revelations 14:2 says what it does and you cannot dodge this period. So how do you get out of your hellish conditions? Keep the commandments and the faith of Christ and you will be protected by TMH angels like it says in Psalms 91.



Words have different meanings sometimes like the term “heaven” there are different meanings to that word that mean different things to different people depending on where they are from. An example of this contrast is saying something like “Im gonna kick your ass”. Now to anyone in the modern world of USA would know that means a fight is about to pop off.

If you said it back in Christ time they would think you were going to attack a donkey lol. Let’s say someone heard that and they were from lets say China the “Ass” word at the end has not only slang meaning but also a term for an animal (Donkey), so they can literally think you mean you are going to kick a donkey.


When you read the bible and plan to teach others you need to bring to life certain words and make them plain in the understanding of the listener to not cause confusion. If you don’t do this chances are the entire chapter can be misinterpreted. We talked about language in this article when you get a chance it’s a must read.


So this concludes this article so I leave you with this. Moses gave the Israelites a choice before he died in Deuteronomy. “I set before you life and death, blessings and a curse therefore choose ye life.”. Is it clear now what he was saying? I set before you heaven or hell pick heaven you israelites. Just for all of you that still cannot get past the 9 levels of hell Checkout the chart below. Dante’s Inferno was a comedy poem such a thing is not biblical.



source of Inforgraph all credit goes to