Choose Transhumanism or Yahawahshi you cannot serve 2 masters

Choose Transhumanism or Yahawahshi you cannot serve 2 masters

Choose Transhumanism or Yahawahshi you cannot serve 2 masters Choose who you will serve


Light in the darkness John 1:5 who will you listen to? CHOOSE YOUR SIDE!

Choose Transhumanism or Yahawahshi you cannot serve 2 masters Choose who you will serve



  Well the genie is out of the bottle now and the reports are out, but its up to you now to choose Transhumanism

Transhumanism is here to stay

 or Yahawahshi you cannot have both. We are commanded in Isaiah 58:1 to cry aloud and don’t care about your feelings on matters of survival. Some you save with a kind word and some with fear Jude 23-25. Although this site is under constant attack by people trying to stop us from doing what the lord said we push on in hopes of saving just 1 soul in hopes they repent and stand strong against the wind. And just incase you are slow of mind and understanding these are the last minutes

 of the last days.

  WARNING if you cannot understand how serious this is from this article and are blind to biblical prophecy then I will refer you to James 1:5 fast and pray for wisdom in this matter.

But there are more than 3 articles on this site alone that deal extensively with various topics but especially the Jab Covid19 and Transhumanism also 5G and how they are ALL tied together. The scripture says after 3 admonishments leave them alone so this is my 3rd message on this topic and this is a hot one.

What is Transhumanism? What does that have to do with Covid19 Agenda and the bible?



These articles take time and research and our time is short so I pray everyone and I mean from the small to the great free and bond read and RESEARCH OUTSIDE OF GOOGLE, YAHOO and FB, because they are lying to you and censoring the real deal. Its the same with CNN, MSNBC and all other main stream media liars. The video above is a small drop of the plan of Esau and others tied to him the enemies of god written in Psalms 83.

Now back to the scriptures and the truth Lets go deeper.



The scriptures are clear when it comes to this matter of choosing a side take for instance  passages like Revelation 3:15 or Joshua 24:15. You have to make a choice true israelite no one can make it for you.

1. Transhumanism = The merging of Machine and man (Yes im not bullshitting via nanobots). This is a system of control like they TRIED to show you in bloodshot or Matrix. This is in an attempt to copy gods blueprint to create Gods on earth. Whats the purpose? 2 Esdras 3:8 gives you a clue but there is more to this Joel 3 also talks of a major battle.


2 Esdras 3:8-11


And after this I beheld, and, lo, all they which were gathered together to subdue him were sore afraid,

and yet durst fight.

And, lo, as he saw the violence of the multitude that came, he neither lifted up his hand, nor held sword, nor any instrument of war:

But only I saw that he sent out of his mouth as it had been a blast of fire, and out of his lips a flaming breath, and out of his tongue he cast out sparks and tempests.

And they were all mixed together; the blast of fire, the flaming breath, and the great tempest; and fell with violence upon the multitude which was prepared to fight, and burned them up every one, so that upon a sudden of an innumerable multitude nothing was to be perceived, but only dust and smell of smoke: when I saw this I was afraid.



OPTION 1 = Transhumanism, or trans-human, is the concept of an intermediary form between human and posthuman. In other words, a transhuman is a being that resembles a human in most respects but who has powers and abilities beyond those of standard humans.


  ((In other words you will become a god like being using technology instead of the holy Spirit. Both systems answers to a higher power))


OPTION 2  = Being transformed into an incorruptible power 1 Corinthians 15:38-52. ((This power is unmeasurable and comes free from Yahawahshi and Yahawah for those that are faithful unto death)). This war is going to happen and you have to be prepared to make a choice.

  Now 1 year ago many Israelites told you the absolute truth about what was coming via the Vaxx19 Jab or Nanobot Graphene particles in the shot but we were viewed as crazy or quacks. Even when the white man and the social media repated our truth it was labeled as “Misinformation”.

Are we bitter? Absolutely not we are sitting back watching God be true and every man a liar the Joke is on YOU all that pushed that poison into your arms.Banned from facebook and youtube for talking about Covid 19 and transhumanism

Ever since we started talking about this Plandemic (Yea I said it) we have been catching straight hell but its all glory to the father. When you choose Transhumanism over Yahawah you are placing lust over truth. You must understand this is the end game and this is the last time I reach out on this matter on this website. For the last time you have a 99.7 chance of resisting and recovering from ANYTHING related to c-19 why would you place Graphene Oxide Nano particles in your system that are poisonous, just to have magnets stick to you?

There are even gentiles telling you about the Nanobot, Transhuman, Covid19 inoculation that is it not safe but they banned them from speaking out of Facebook and Youtube.


    You cannot serve Yahawah and Man you have to choose Carnal or Spiritual because 2 temples cannot exist on the same foundation (Matthew 6:24). Look im done playing biblical semantics and the warning was given. Transhumanism Nanotech is part of the mark of the beast system. If you placed that graphene robot cocktail in your system you are FINISHED and will answer to the father very soon for your disbelief.

To the rest of you Israelites and Heathens world wide that have some sense the rest of this article is for you. If you have not taken the Covid19 Jab Inoculation then you still have a chance. But to be clear time is running out the test of your faith is knocking at the door will you stand strong? Speaking of knocking at your door you do know Biden is trying to pass a law that allows the military to go door to door to force Jab you?

  Before I continue showing you examples of those who stood strong against ALL ODDS to follow the truth I have to quote Yahawahshi for those of you that lack vision.


Matthew 15:13

For the hearts of this people have grown dull.
Their ears are hard of hearing,
And their eyes they have closed,
Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears,
Lest they should understand with their hearts and turn,
So that I should heal them.’




Isaiah 6:10
“Make the heart of this people dull,
And their ears heavy,
And shut their eyes;
Lest they see with their eyes,
And hear with their ears,
And understand with their heart,
And return and be healed.”



  We need to go back to understand this recurring issue with the Israelites. We are a stiff necked and hard hearted people and love to do our own thing and love Idolatry and worshiping of other things.

Examples of Disobedience choosing another God AKA Transhumanism


Example 1 MOSES WARNED YOU = Exodus 32:26 is clear the israelites earlier in the same chapter were building another idol like the ones that were in egypt and worshiping it. Moses told them ALL of you that stand with the lord come to my side. Now the Levites at that time represented the law keepers and teachers.

  Now you have already been promised as Israelites that the world and all that is within was made for your sakes (2 Esdras 6:54-58). Why would you choose to make you an idol when you KNOW its poison?

The Transhumanism Agenda has been in play for over 20 years. You think Nanobots are in the shot for no reason? When and if you place that crap in your body you are choosing another interface and their mark, so you can what buy groceries?

Your lust to get that shot for fear was so great you tossed gods laws to the side and sided with the wicked to make yourself dumb Idols. Like Moses said all those that have not had their minds poluted stand with us. The unvaccinated purified soilders of Yahawah the strong the True Israelite will not be moved. We believe Moses and the father and the son, in contrast you that have sold out to the devil now work for that system.

Elijah warned you about being of 2 minds but are you listening? Being Double Minded is Death.

Example 2 Elijah and the priest of Mahon or Baal = 1 Kings 18:21 Elijah said plainly to the Israelites and the priests of Baal. If you believe in God or Yahawah let HIM be true (Romans 3:3 James 1:8). You cannot have a double mind.

You KNOW what Revelation 13 is talking about and you know the word Mark in that verse is Charagma which means incision under the skin.

a stamp, an imprinted mark: of the mark stamped on the forehead or the right hand as the badge of the followers of Antichrist, STRONGS NT 5480: χάραγμα cháragma, khar’-ag-mah; from the same as G5482; a scratch or etching, i.e. stamp (as a badge of servitude)

((Where do you think the Nanobots go?!))

In other Words Luciferase Biomark Do I have your attention NOW Click the link see for yourself?


  TMH power of Israel told you and commanded all israelites to trust HIM. If your body is the temple of Yahawah and he lives in you why would you choose another God? If Yahawah is your power why choose another? Although we are a small number of unvaccinated heros of truth we know who we server and will NEVER bend the trust of the father and trim our ways to be able to have a Covid19 Pass.

For us that love Yahawahshi this choice is easy and straight forward but to those who do not study to show themselves approved its a stumbling block no matter how many scriptures we bring or how much crystal clear we make it they that have sold out have not been chosen to endure (Matthew 13:10). To those in the light we hear and see but those in darkness have chosen destruction.

We realize we are outnumbered but so was Gideon we realize we are not harkened to but no one listened to Jeremiah. We told you and showed you the Nanobot, Transhuman, Covid19 plan but just like the israelites of old a lot of you have tossed it behind your back.

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  Eleazar and the Rightous woman and 7 sons they were also given the choice to conform or die


2 Maccabees Chapter 6 & 7 Strength of Yah over conformity of the nations = Most of us know the term “go along to get along” but is that biblical? Did not the Israelites get separatated by the most high to be a holy nation to himself? Did we not have our OWN laws and commandments for our people? Was the book of Leviticus and Deuteronomy written in vain?

In Leviticus it tells you as an Israelite you cannot eat certain foods because they are poisonous. Now today we eat just about anything but that was not always the case.

As a matter of fact Eleazar and The Woman with her 7 children left us an example of resisting conformity and choosing rather to die in righteousness than to die in sin because they KNEW defiling their temples was a sin. They were told to eat pork and live and get gifts and other trinkets but they said absolutely not.

Some of us took the Jab to keep a job some of us took it to travel whatever the excuse did they tell you that the Spike Protien made from the shot not only is transmitable to others that are not Vaccinated but also weakens your immune system just like pork?

If you read the bible you would know this basic truth. Even the book of Barnabas tells you this. The book of 3rd Maccabees tells you the plight of these 2 heros of Israel a stand against tyranny and oppressions’. They resisted unto death where will you stand? Did you know that ALL the ingredients in the Covid19 Jab are against the commandments?



My family has chosen the Covid Jab but I do not want it what do I do?



When push comes to shove you have to stand your ground and tell whoever is trying to persuade you to take that madness to back off. They have religous exemptions and other protections you can do. For some of you it might mean moving out of Mom and Dads basement. Pray and fast should be the first thing on your list of things to do. TMH will seal your instructions while you sleep (Job 33:4).

If it’s your job ask them for a way to work remotely or if you can separate from everyone else so not to disturb them. If you have not taken the poison yet their is still hope. Some brothers and sisters have moved to states that have no mandatory mandates. Even some have moved to other countries as Ludacris once put it MOVE GET OUT THE WAY.

Again Christ said in the NT revelation 18:5 get away from her. That means the system the people who are a part of that system etc. Find like minded Hebrews that will stand with you (Ecclesiastes 4:9).


People are dying from the Transhuman Conversion via the C-19 Vax inoculation.

This is not Sci-Fi Mumbo Jumbo we are not crazy even in Spain they got the vials of fresh Vaxx bottles and what is in them is shocking and they are not telling you. Did you know people who took the Jab are Magnetic?

1. People are getting heart attacks
2. People are getting blood clots
3. Metallic objects are sticking to folks
4. Lightbulbs are glowing off injection sites
5. Spike Proteins is shedding to other people. Yes people with the Jab are making others sick (See Zombie Apocalypse)
6. You are replacing Gods Immune System with a Synthetic one so any new “Virus” you will need a new shot.
7. Pilots are dying while flying from brain clots and other complications.
9. Children are having heart attacks and other massive heath complications
10. Bells Palsy and paralysis, dementia and other neurological aliments

They hid these results from you on PURPOSE. But even more sinister than all of that even more critical is the Luciferase proteins that is in it need I say more? Dont believe me your local neighborhood Negro go to the Vares CDC website yourself and see the results, and remember thats only 10 percent of the reported cases Sirach 13:23. Let the rich that control this earth tell you so you might believe.

Us versus Them the Unvaccinated versus the Vaccinated the division and war has started


In this agenda of transformation to the beast there are 2 classes emerging the Vaccinated vs the Unvaccinated. The believers of Yahawah and the ones who believe in Science and that Esau can do no wrong.

We are called to be separate and not to join with those who choose wickedness. Remember the Devil and his followers can appear as the angels of light. Ask yourself why wont your congregation tell you that Nephilim exist? Why will they not tell you the real breakdown of Ephesians 6:10-11 and how these are not flesh and blood enemies we fight? Even Christ warned you as in the days of Noah (Matthew 24). Yes the fallen ones are back watch what happens when they activate the 5G towers and cern. That Nanotech will be activated soon but by then they will have activated the entire agenda.

  This fight is nothing new its Esau (The sword of War vs Jacob (12 tribes of Righteousness)  the final fight written about in 2 Esdras 6:9, Genesis 25:21-25, Amos 1:11-12. You have to ask yourself a question if all of what the Israelites have been saying was a why silence them if its a lie? Hell even Gentiles that are cleaving to Israel are seeing the Nanobot Transhumanism Agenda and are speaking out. In droves they are dropping tech for Yahawahshi and cleaving as it is written in Isaiah 14:1-5.

We are being divided into 2 teams for 1 final war for all the marbles and all the chips. They are trying to change you into Techno Gods when the scripture says that you are already GODS (Psalms 82:5) so what is the devil offering that you do not already have?

1. We are already promised the world This can never be broken even Daniel speaks of this Eternal Kingdom
2. We are already promised eternal life and salvation. And to be transformed 1 Corinthians 15:38-50
3. We are promised Eternal power the acts of Christ we will do even greater.
4. We are joint heirs with the Messiah with an eternal covenant Psalms 2 Romans 8:17.
5. Every place we set our foot on this planet or other ones belongs to us Deuteronomy 11:24, John 14:2.
6 The blessings in Deuteronomy 28:1-14 are already locked in stone for us.
7. The kingdom shall be returned to us never to be taken again.
8. THEY ARE TRYING TO MAKE YOU GIVE UP YOUR BIRTHRIGHT AS ESAU DID. If you take that shot you are trading everything Yahawah has promised you for a bowl of soup that will perish. Esau is trying to get his birthright back. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

((So what can the devil offer you that you do not own already?))


  Luke 4:1-13, Matthew 4:1-8 = Christ is tempted when he was at his weakest,  as we have been this day weakened by this system of oppression. If you have eyes to see everything the devil tried to give Yahawahshi he outright rejected because he is already a King and a High Priest. The devil was trying to recruit him then as the devil is coming after us as he did with Job so we will curse god.

  Now Mandatory Lockdowns and Vaccines are coming they will use their political power and influence through unrighteous laws (Daniel 8:25, Isaiah 10:1) to try to pass laws to get you Jabbed and working for Satan. They told you in 2020 2 weeks for this Covid19 nonsense to end we are now in 2021 whos the liar now? Your Vmat2 Gene will be destroyed Bill Gates and the Government along with big Pharma has been playing a shell game with you. You will be marked with the devils brand and when Yahawahshi cracks those skies their will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Does ANYONE know what a Lipid Nano Particle is? How about mRNA? Does anyone understand what a Spike Proteins is or how it will destroy you immune system? This is not fear its truth why would you place that shit in you unless the father has rejected you.

What would you trade for your eternal soul? Well you might say my friend/family member got the shot but they are OK.  The bible says NEVER trust your enemies (Sirach 12:10) what your friend is not telling you is that they got a placebo shot or a saline. When they go back for one of the real shot out of the batch that has the Graphene in it then you will see what we have been saying. You are in the clinical trial NOW they skipped the animal trials on purpose.

  In Matthew 10:37 Christ warns us that he was going to place family member against family member to CAUSE division. Now I see one method he is trying to see who is really about that life. He is willing to place his children through the fire as he was tested with the Devil.

Alot of us with our mouths profess we will do such and such for the faith but now the angels and the righteous one is watching closely. In my previous article I taught you about the Sorcerers in Revelation 21:8 that word is Pharmakia or workers of Poison (See Graphene Nano Particles) and its in the major vaccines.

FFS if you believe in the Messiah you at least need to look this stuff up go to Bitchute or NewTube or RumbleTube, and see what they have been hiding from youtube and why.

In closing I will leave you with some videos they have tried to scrub from the internet. Good thing the door of salvation is still open and Yahawahshi is coming. Will you resist unto death or take the deal Esau took. No more games no more Christianity Lies pushing this poison. You fake lying pastors of decite will be punished for leading Gods Children to the halls of Satan. The videos below are graphic but you must see the truth uncut and in your face. I am trying to save you from misinformation and give you a chance. WARNING THE VIDEOS BELOW ARE ADULT IN NATURE VIEWERS DISCRESSION IS ADVISED.

  They are Vaccinating, Inoculating Chidden without parents consent when they have a 99.99 chance of totally resisting Covid. People are dying from the shot those who got the double Jab. Choose Transhumanism or Yahawahshi you cannot serve 2 masters Choose who you will serve! SHALOM family world wide (James 1:1) Now the ball is in your court.